Why not trust the FBI?

Federalist compilation of corruption

It’s breathtaking when you see it all in one place.

26 thoughts on “Why not trust the FBI?

  1. RE: “It’s breathtaking when you see it all in one place.”


    What should be done?

    If the FBI was a business, replacing the management might help.

    It might be worthwhile to survey the rank and file to learn what they can report about problems and solutions.

    Also, I’d look for tasks and activities that can be reassigned to other agencies or simply curtailed. For example, it is probably unwise for a law enforcement agency to also perform domestic intelligence.


    1. Whether materials were stolen or not is yet to be determined.

      I am more concerned with what materials the FBI might make disappear, like they did with Hunter’s laptop for over a year.


      1. “I am more concerned with what materials the FBI might make disappear, like they did with Hunter’s laptop for over a year.”

        Still ridiculous. Trump steals and squirrels away very sensitive documents. Hides the fact. Ignores requests and subpoenas, lies about what is in his possession and finally gets caught. But But But Hunter Biden!

        The entire contents of that laptop have been in the hands of right wing zealots for more than two years. There are no crimes in evidence. So what do you expect the FBI to do with “evidence” of nothing? You people should stop believing your own bullshit.

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        1. No crimes in evidence?

          There are multiple videos of Hunter using crack and providing it to others. He perjured himself on a Form 4473. The emails show he sold access to Joe while he was VP and that the Big Guy knew about it. The DOJ just chooses to let it slide. The corruption goes to the top.

          Even Democrat pundits are telling us the raid was unjustified unless something else is found.

          But not to worry, it will all get sorted out in court,

          The warrant authorizes a narrow search but the FBI took many boxes of documents not related to the scope of the warrant. The warrant did not authorize political espionage.



          1. Your accusation is that the FBI buried evidence against Hunter Biden from the laptop.

            You are STILL full of shit. There are no hidden crimes or corruption for the FBI to prosecute in evidence on the laptop. Hunter traded on his father’s name. Not a crime. His father had courtesy meet and greets with business associates of his son. Not a crime. The “Big Guy” reference was when Biden was out of office. Not a crime to discuss business opportunities. The “pejury” accusation has nothing to do with the laptop.

            Nice twofer. You slime Hunter Biden, then use your slime to slime the FBI.

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          2. The point remains that Hunter is protected.

            Further, the evidence on the laptop is more than enough probable cause for a warrant for a forensic audit of the Biden family.

            Yet nothing is done.

            Equal treatment under the law?


          3. “Further, the evidence on the laptop is more than enough probable cause for a warrant for a forensic audit of the Biden family.”

            Putting your bullshit in different words does not change what it is. Bullshit.

            There is no evidence of crime on that laptop much less probable cause evidence of a specific crime. You want to suspend the Rule of Law to go after political adversaries without evidence that would warrant even a search, much less a “forensic audit” of an entire family. Not surprising in a partisan of the mindless “Lock her up” crowd.

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          4. Trump’s lawyer cannot convene a Grand Jury. The FBI has had it even longer, and buried it as Russian Disinformation for over a year. In spite of Hunter committing felonies in his own videos, and the Form 4473 perjury, no action has been taken.

            So, Trump is to be prosecuted on process violations that no one has been prosecuted on in over 100 years, but Hunter can dispense Crack on video and perjure himself but get no notice.

            But that’s not corrupt.


          5. “The FBI has had it even longer, and buried it as Russian Disinformation for over a year”

            Utter nonsense. They did nothing with it because there is nothing to do. You keep dodging the question – if there is some sort of PROBABLE CAUSE of a prosecutable crime on it, why has they never come to light even as right wing activists have had it for years?

            The so-called perjury and the video of Hunter supposedly using crack are things that sick people are almost never prosecuted for. Suicidal, sick people get mental health referrals. Not jail time.

            As far as Trump being prosecuted for “process crimes” that have not been prosecuted for 100 years goes – a classic “alternative fact.” Simply false. These laws have been used repeatedly against people stealing and publishing government secrets.

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          6. Trump published or transferred something to an enemy? When has simple possession with no intent to divulge anything, by a person who came by the documents lawfully been prosecuted?

            And your hypocrisy in excusing violating the Brady Act while constantly advocating more restrictions on those of us who do follow the law is breathtaking.

            As far as probable cause for a forensic audit of the Biden family, there is more than enough when you look at the favoritism James Biden got and the foreign money flowing in to the family through Hunter. Tie that to the access given to those foreign interests while Biden was VP and you almost don’t need the audit for indictments.


          7. “When has simple possession with no intent to divulge anything, by a person who came by the documents lawfully been prosecuted?”

            The law is clear. Trump violated it. At least there is probable cause for believing that he did. I grant you that there is very little history of people stealing NDI just for the joy of having it. Trump – assuming it is not being offered for sale – may be the first. It is still a very serious crime.

            Calling me a hypocrite does not change the fact that suicidal drug addicts are never prosecuted for perjury. It is not a winnable case. They are sick. Not hard to understand.

            Your suspicions that something untoward COULD have happened with James Biden or with Joe Biden is NOT probable cause. It is missing that little something called EVIDENCE. Duh!

            The only family I know of who was ever subjected to the “forensic audit” of your dreams were the Clintons and for similar partisan manufactured evidence-free reasons that you are pushing. We all know the result of that. NADA.

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          8. WSJ, Washington Examiner, Washington Times, NY POST, Breitbart, FOX, National Review are all MSM.

            Add in almost all talk radio.

            So which ones are not running with the contents or pressuring DOJ?

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          9. “The point remains that Hunter is protected.”

            The REAL point is that YOU believe that because of your blind and complete hatred for all things Democrat and your BLIND fealty to TFG who can do nothing wrong in your eyes.

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      2. Hunter’s laptop. It is the new holy grail for some people. Hunter never has held a public office, never even run for an office, but you keep bringing up Hunter’s laptop. Meanwhile, the former president had nuclear bomb materials in a location they weren’t supposed to be in.

        At worst, Hunter’s laptop is more like the Trump Organization tax evasion case. Allen Weisselberg has pleaded guilty. More to come on this.

        Hunter used his last name to make money in the open market. As have many other children of famous people, just like the Trump family.

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          1. “ Do you have any evidence of nuclear bomb information found?”

            Do you have evidence of what was found, period?

            As far as I know, no information about what the TS/SCI documents contain has been released. And I would guess that when the time comes, you are not cleared to see it.

            There has been some speculation about nuclear secrets since those are the highest levels.

            There has been speculation that the documents could be Crossfire stuff, based on right wing wishful thinking and nothing else.

            Trump took documents he wasn’t supposed to take, wouldn’t return them after repeated efforts over more than a year, so we took legal steps to get them back. Is it that hard to understand? Really?

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          2. “Do you have any evidence of nuclear bomb information found?”

            How about this tweet by Mr. Trump. . .

            “Obama kept 33 million pages of documents, much of them classified. How many of them pertained to nuclear? Word is, lots!”

            It is not a stretch to see this as a tell. It says in effect, “Obama can carry away nuclear secrets, why can’t I?”

            Never mind that it was dishonest nonsense, still a tell.

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        1. So just how do you know exactly what was taken? You just throw out “nuclear bomb material” without one spec of knowledge what was taken like a good socialist sensationalist with no clue. I hope you never intend to be taken seriously or was that your intention all along? Laughable really.


      3. RE: “Whether materials were stolen or not is yet to be determined.”

        That’s important for two reasons. First because of the presumption of innocence. Second, because none of the laws cited in the Mar-a-Lago search warrant can be used to prosecute simple theft.

        But these factors inspire a third concern: Was the warrant itself an unconstitutional “general warrant”?

        The post is correct to ask, “Why not trust the FBI?


        1. “Was the warrant itself an unconstitutional “general warrant”?”

          Prove anything that you say with facts and not right wing pro-Trump propaganda. You throw as much bs against the wall as Trump’s lawyers have and you come up with nothing but a crap covered wall.

          Your insinuation is that Garland approved and a judge approved a “general warrant” with no verifiable information to even make that accusation stick. Calling into the integrity of the current AG is ludicrous. If he were as bad as you seem to imply, the warrant would have been isuued months ago.

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