Filter Team Is SOP

Trump cultists have their hair on fire about privileged documents, political intel, and the theft of passports. This story explains how the FBI deals with those concerns. As is their SOP, they have assigned a filter team to go through the materials seized. It consists of agents and other experts not assigned to the case. Materials not related to the case and any attorney-client documents are returned to the owner. In this case, there are likely national security experts to screen documents for classified information that may not be marked as such.

An example of how this works was the three passports found in one of the boxes. They were immediately returned to Trump but that did not stop him from playing his victim card.

Of course, some of you will immediately claim that the filter team is “corrupt” and will immediately run to DNC with any juicy stuff they find. It is what you people do.

27 thoughts on “Filter Team Is SOP

      1. Here’s what he wrote: “Of course, some of you will immediately claim that the filter team is ‘corrupt’ and will immediately run to DNC with any juicy stuff they find.”

        What do you think he said?


        1. Dr. Semantics at his worst.

          Like the lack of commas in the 2A, you just have to make a big deal about it.

          Yet you don’t deny that YOU believe the filter teams are already corrupt and have already passed everything they MAY have found to the DNC.

          Just like your lying post form Bacon, you just can’t resist.

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          1. “No joke I couldn’t make sense of your sloppy writing.”

            If it was too hard to follow I will certainly try to dumb it down even more next time. I would not want you to miss anything.


          2. RE: “The problem is not my writing, it is your poor reading comprehension.”

            How is anyone to understand a sentence you write that has two different, equally valid parsings?

            You could have just answered my original question, but you and Mr. Green chose to pollute the Forum with childishness.


          3. “How is anyone to understand a sentence you write that has two different, equally valid parsings?”

            From the context, of course. One parsing made sense, the other did not. And the truth is that the meaning was clear from the beginning. Your pretending it wasn’t was the beginning of the “childishness.”

            “You could have just answered my original question”
            I did. But you then proceeded to add a comment about “sloppy writing” to which I responded with the simple truth – the problem was with you.

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    1. Yeah, I like this twist. Who said go in and grab everything in sight and we will figure it out later with our “filter team”? Political hack Garland of course. This so resembles the 2016 hoax led by Loretta Lynch and James Comey who dove head first into a pack of Clinton and DNC financed hoax BS to investigate everything GOP and Trump and using the Media to proclaim “they are a danger and put the country at risk” for political gain. Just trust us…..


    2. Who assigns the filter team?

      I get it. Asking stupid questions is easier than admitting you have been full of shit.

      Contrary to your slanders, the FBI is not taking materials not covered by the search warrant and the use of filter teams is SOP to keep information they are not entitled to away from the assigned investigators. Duh!

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      1. RE: “The use of filter teams is SOP to keep information they are not entitled to away from the assigned investigators.”

        The filter teams may be SOP, but they don’t keep information away from OTHER investigators. That’s why Dr. Tabor’s question is relevant.


    1. Again, you show your lack of objectivity and critical thinking. If this fellow Auten has been the focus of the Durham investigation for three years as claimed, he may be the most thoroughly vetted cop ever. Is his career supposed to be over because a shithead President does not want the truth of his treachery to be investigated. I personally don’t think so.

      Then there is criminal stupidity of making any individual agents potential targets for the gun-toting crazies of Trump world. I hope Auten gets a good lawyer and sues their ass off.

      And, by the way, the headline is bullshit. In spite of years of trying and millions of dollars the Trump-Russia investigation has not been discredited. And, as a matter of fact, just the other week the manager of Trump’s campaign admitted to its collusion with Russia.


      1. Manafort was briefly Trump’s campaign manager, but so what?

        Polling data can be shared with anyone, or even published or released to the press.

        In any case, that wasn’t what the Collusion Hoax was about, and there is absolutely no doubt the managers of that case were highly prejudiced against Trump.

        In any honest law enforcement organization, that would permanently disqualify them from any future investigation of Trump.


        1. “Manafort was briefly Trump’s campaign manager, but so what?”

          Not too laughable.

          So what? This is one of the MANY ways that Trump’s campaign was PROVEN to have coordinated with Russia. Your constant claim that the Russia-Trump story is a hoax shows that you care nothing at all about the truth. You have made it your mission to blow smoke for Trump on ALL of his many crimes.

          If the “Collusion hoax” wasn’t about collusion, what was it about?

          The one person who was found to have fudged a request to the FISA court was removed and prosecuted.


          1. So even though the hoax has been proven to be a joaxand the FEC fined the DNC and the Clinton campaign for creating and pushing the Russia collusion hoax, you still claim the hoax was real? Talk about laughable BS.


          2. The Clinton Campaign was fined $8,000 for how they reported the money spent on an FEC filing. It was not clearly labelled “Opposition Research.” It was reported as “Legal Services” maybe because it was billed to the campaign by a law firm.

            Such a finding says NOTHING about the research that was done. The FEC in the same action exonerated Orbis and Christopher Steele saying in essence that he had acted in good faith in his opposition research.

            Whether or not the various allegations of Russia having compromising material on Trump in the dossier are true, the entirety of the Mueller report shows without any doubt that there was extensive collusion between the campaign and Russia. It is not a “hoax.”


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