End of the Republic

Source: Frontpage Mag.

The writer’s prediction that the republic has ended strikes me as premature, but his substantive analysis will no doubt resonate with many Americans. How, for example, are the powers that be going to square their lack of concern over Hillary Clinton’s improper possession of classified documents with ordering the FBI to raid Donald Trump’s home for the same alleged offense?

I expect the classified documents question will turn out to be a tempest in a teapot. I’ll be watching to see whether it turns into something real, or whether kabuki politics has truly become the last reality of our system.

42 thoughts on “End of the Republic

  1. Even if they found documents that should not be there, it wouldn’t justify gunboats and machine guns to conduct a search that Trump’s lawyers were waiting to receive.

    This is either incredibly bad theater or a desperate fishing expedition hoping to accidentally stumble on something unrelated and embarrassing for political fodder.

    But the contrast with the lack of action on Biden’s corruption exposed by the laptop and White House visitor’s logs is obvious enough that even honest Democrats are hanging their heads in shame.


    1. Laughable.

      You are the champion of a leader whose main campaign slogan was “Lock her up” over supposed violations of the Presidential Records Act in the early days of email.

      What “Biden corruption exposed by the laptop” are you referring to? I have never seen anything on ANY media that was anything but supposition and innuendo based on literally nothing. You have been challenged on this silly bullshit time and again and have NEVER been able to substantiate ANYTHING. But, as always, lack of evidence does not slow you people down in the least.

      As for the FBI security measures you deride, better safe than sorry. Trump is surrounded by armed agents and who knows what private security. Given the Secret Service role in covering up the crimes of January 6th, treating his current protectors as neutral observers would have been folly.

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      1. So, the FBI needed a gunboat bristling with machine guns to protect them from the Secret Service? While Trump was in New York? And his lawyers were alerted and waiting to open the doors for the FBI?

        Biden told the nation he knew nothing of Hunter’s business dealings, but the meetings mentioned in Emails on the Laptop match with visitor logs while Biden was VP. It is obvious that not only was Hunter trading on his Dad’s influence while VP. but that Biden Sr. was present at those meetings. This is certainly grounds for a subpoena of Biden’s financial records for the period.

        But the weaponized FBI will protect the Biden’s and trample the rights of the Trumps


        1. Buzz!

          Another fail.

          I will stipulate the obvious. Hunter Biden was trading on his father’s name. Not a crime.

          I will also stipulate that as a favor to his son, VP Biden took meet and greet meetings with some of Hunter’s business contacts. Not a crime.

          The use of the term “weaponized FBI” is a good example of how gullible you have to be if you are going to continue to defend the criminal Trump. It is doubly laughable from somone constantly bloviating about respecting the rule of law. Ignoring the evidence of Trump’s many crimes would be the path to undermine the rule of law. Duh!

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    2. RE: “This is either incredibly bad theater or a desperate fishing expedition hoping to accidentally stumble on something unrelated and embarrassing for political fodder.”

      There’s another possibility. Should Trump announce he is running for president, the AG could seek to tie him up in court during the campaign.


    3. When are you going to realize that the tactics employed by the FBI are the same tactics used by them all of the time. It is not new. It had nothing to do with the who. It is what they do. I don’t necessarily agree with it. But your constant drumbeat of not understanding how they operate is becoming tiresome. Get over it. It has nothing to do with Trump.

      Besides, Wray was appointed by Trump, so the assertions that you are making are just so much fertilizer. Yet here you go spreading it again.;

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        1. “The normal process for such records is a subpoena.”

          Sure, Trump would comply with a subpoena and fully submit incriminating evidence. Sure he would.

          I saw the picture of the “machine guns.” It was an officer with an assault rifle. So much more menacing spin than your usual take on the display of weapons.

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          1. Wrong picture. I’m referring to the boat with 2 mounted machine guns fore and aft.

            And the records examination was a cooperative process with the Archives. The lawyer working with them was surprised by the raid as the materials sought were already available.


          2. …”the materials sought were already available.”

            Smokescreen deluxe. If they were “already available” why had they not been turned over to the Archives? Just another attempt to delay and deflect form the miserable administration of our government by TFG and his cronies.

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          3. The documents requested are intermixed with newspaper clippings and other private documents which are being examined. You might remember that Trump packed in a hurry.


          4. If it takes over 18 months to provide the documents, that is indicative of NOT cooperating. And if they were interspersed with other detritus, then they weren’t “readily available”.

            And if he had followed TRADITION, he would have been packed and ready to move BEFORE Jan 20th.

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          5. So Si said he daddy was cooperating. Yeah, that’s an unbiased opinion. It’s a Trump defense strategy. And not effective if it is Eric that is doing it. Not that Don, Jr. would have been better.


          6. He’s a Trump; I question anything he says. What is bothersome is you believe him out of hand.

            And do you have any evidence that what he said WAS true? It’s a two-way street, Don.


          7. Just watched two different stories on the NBC News website concnering the “raid”, and saw nothing of the gunboats you mentioned.

            And Paul made a very valid point. Because of the location of the former President (on the waterfront) and his protection by the Secret Service, those boats are there for his protection. But no armed insurrectionists want to harm him. Just ask him.

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          8. So what PROOF do you have that the boat in the picture is related to the search warrant? It could just as easily (and more likely) be the Secret Service detail’s boat tasked with protecting the former president.


          9. “Wrong picture”

            So, the boats constantly providing security off the coast of Mar-a-Lago should have removed their normal weapons?

            Are you sure you have not been duped by a file photo of those security boats? Were they even FBI boats at all?

            As for what the archivist has to say, surely you jest? That organization has no way of knowing that the returned stolen materials are (1) complete or (2) have not been ILLEGALLY copied.

            There is ZERO excuse or legal reason for Trump to have removed ANY classified records or unclassified Presidential documents from the White House. But you can’t stop pretending the criminal is a victim when he gets caught.

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          10. “Are you sure you have not been duped by a file photo of those security boats? Were they even FBI boats at all?”

            That is why I requested his source for the picture he is touting as an amphibious assault by the FBI

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          11. “The examination of Trump’s records was ongoing and cooperative at the time of the unexpected raid.”

            Oh, so Eric Trump says there was no need for the FBI raid. Okay case closed. Or not. Does it really take eighteen months to return stolen documents?

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          12. “1 gunboat”

            That is there all the time anyway. But I get it. You would rather whine about the optics rather than discuss that Trump is a scofflaw who needs to be prosecuted for every crime he has committed.

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          13. “Do you have any evidence anything he said was untrue?”

            What part of Eric TRUMP did you miss? There is no reason to believe any of them on anything. They are a family of hucksters, con men and criminals and have been for generations.

            But, yes. That would be the fact that a federal judge found probable cause that there is a crime to be investigated worthy of a search warrant. And the fact that a claim of “working collaboratively” does not stand up to the fact that it has taken 18 months and counting to accomplish something that (a) should never have been required, and (b) should take no more than a few days.

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          14. @Tabor

            Uh, the photo of the gunboat that you have shared is a stock photo taken in 2021. It is identified as such in this story…


            Whether it was actually patrolling while the warrants were being served is not clear and matters not in the least, but it is obvious you have been duped yet again into spreading “alternative facts.” Don’t you ever get weary of being hoodwinked?

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        2. And the normal procedure for an IGNORED subpoena is to execute a search warrant.

          Where is the ignored subpoena for Hunter Biden,. You’re way ahead of yourself here.

          Law and order my. Great Aunt Fanny. You only believe in it when it benefits you.

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          1. Perhaps they can’t come up with enough information to secure one. Or a search warrant. Or maybe the material requested was turned over in a timely manner.

            Your speculative skills continue to diminish.

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          2. It is not a question of access. It is a question of documents that should have never left DC in the first place. If they had access, but could not removes them, as provided under LAW, then it means nothing.

            Desperate attempts to defend him even from the smallest of indiscretions is very telling.

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          3. “Yeah, where is that subpoena for Hunter’s records?”

            What the fuck are you talking about? Hunter Biden has been subpoenaed many times over by both DOJ and by the Senate committee that dug for dirt before the 2020 election. Here is a small sample from a simple Google search.





            And, as we all know that GOP Senate witch hunt was a bust. They came up with ZERO criminal behavior.

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          4. “Well, then, why raid for what the archives had access to?”

            I do not know who dreamed up this talking point, but it is obvious bullshit. There is no way for the Archive to know whether ALL the stolen materials had been made available to them. There was no catalog of what Trump scooped up to compare against.

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  2. Even Pence is pissed at this blatant partisan abuse of power and he isn’t any friend of Trump. The sheer arrogance of a Democrat controlled FBI to pull such a monumentally aggregious stunt is a sure sign of the true bully haters of the US. Time to ditch these derelicts and open the real investigation against every congressional Democrat and especially Garland.


    1. “The sheer arrogance of a Democrat controlled FBI “…

      I’m still waiting for the “Lock Her Up” chants to stop….

      You do realize that the Head of the FBI is a gentleman named Christopher Wray. Appointed by Mr. Trump himself.

      As far as questioning the integrity of Merrick Garland in this matter, I say go for it. If he were a hot headed, partisan hack prosecutor, Trump would have been indicted already. His deliberate actions in all things related to his job are one reason you shouldn’t get your Trump humping panties in a bunch.

      At the appropriate time, I am sure we will all find out what we are wondering. But then again, you have GOP members of Congress calling to Defund the FBI. Worked real well for Dems who ran on similar points. But most of them were NOT in favor of it. In fact, the head of The Democratic Party made it pretty clear that defunding law enforcement is a BAD IDEA.

      One other point I would mention. It is the voice we haven’t heard from yet. What say you, Mr. McConnell?

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