Maybe THIS time?

Quick read with a link to the Reuters story.

David Jolly, Christine Todd Whitman, and Andrew Yang are making the attempt. An interesting mix of a former Republican who lost his Florida seat after redistricting, a Centrist GOP Governor, and a seemingly Progressive business man turned politician who started the PAC that is becoming, potentially, a third party alternative.

Not saying yay or nay. Just opening the discussion on the possibility of a viable third party forming due to the terrible tribalism and fractures in the country due to the two-party system we are suffering through.

I certainly hope Santa Clause stays with the Libertarians. (Sorry, Don. Couldn’t resist.)

12 thoughts on “Maybe THIS time?

  1. Kind of early to say anything about it as they don’t have any specifics in their platform message. Typically when I hear “fair” anything from Democrats, it means freebies for votes. We will see what these people say first before getting excited.


    1. “Typically when I hear “fair” anything from Democrats,”…

      Who said anything about freebies? Three seemingly pragmatic politicians looking to find a way back to the MIDDLE for all of us.

      And the only “Democrat” listed is Yang. And he left the party shortly after the election in 2020. UBI is a concept that won’t gain traction, so it is unlikely it will end up part of any platform this groups comes up with. It’s already an improvement over the 2020 GOP platform: “If Trump says so, that’s what we’ll do.”


      1. “Reinvigorate a “fair” and vibrant economy”. We will see what they mean by “fair” and hope it isn’t the Democrat definition of “fair”. Does that clear it up for you?


        1. I get it. You hear things that may or may not be true.

          That is why I said let’s wait and see how this plays out. I was not endorsing, directly, this new idea of a party; I was just opening it up for discussion. Your Don-level of hatred for Democrats is noted. But that is kind of the point of a CENTRIST party that can appeal to conservative Democrats AND Liberal Republicans. Voters, not politicians.


  2. Effectively, we have three parties now. The GOP is split between those who are loyal to the Constitution and those who are loyal to Trump.

    Democrats have a similar issue with progressives, but they are a much smaller segment of the party. And they are not trying to over throw our government.

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    1. …” progressives, but they are a much smaller segment”

      They just tend to be louder. Or at least the ones that the Right pings on to condemn the entire party.


  3. Santa Claus?

    Let’s see.

    Highly efficient operation, brings joy across the world, doesn’t use force on anyone, and gets no government handouts.

    Yep, Libertarian.


    1. …”doesn’t use force on anyone”…

      Have you asked the elves about that? Seems like slave labor to me. And if you are saying that Libertarians are pro-slavery…. 😇

      Also, the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy feel left out of the party.

      Or is it because they are all FICTIONAL characters?


        1. Was he or was he not on the list of potential Presidential nominees for the party in 2020?

          The elves are “volun-tolds”, not volunteers. Slave labor is not made up of the willing.


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