Praetorian Guard

Mike Pence was being led down into the bowels of the Capitol building by Secret Service agents to a waiting vehicle in a subterranean garage. He was told to get into the car. He famously said, “I am not getting into that car.” He was about to when he saw who was driving.  “I trust you, Tim, but you’re not driving the car. If I get in that vehicle, you guys are taking off. I’m not getting in the car.”

Those are not the words of someone who was refusing to leave out of civic duty. They are the words of someone afraid to entrust himself to strangers with his usual security detail gone. And this was at a moment when Trump had tweeted a further condemnation and the halls of the Capitol were ringing with chants of “Hang Mike Pence.” Good call!

Now, in light of the ILLEGAL disappearance of Secret Service messaging from January 5th and 6th it appears more and more likely that the SS had a mission that went beyond keeping people safe that day. Now they are covering it up. Biden needs to remove ANYBODY whose text messages have gone missing. NOW. He does not need the agents of the criminal Trump anywhere near.

35 thoughts on “Praetorian Guard

        1. If you weren’t afraid of learning the truth, you could have watched the hearings and heard the description of what happened in the parking garage from witnesses yourself. That’s what I did. But, per your usual bullshit, you asked for a cite as if what you are being told is a lie. Okay, I gave you one. There are literally hundreds more.

          As a supporter of Trump who literally does rave and babble, your characterization of what Raskin had to say is at best childish. But that is what you people do. Don’t like what he is saying but have no answer – slime him.

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        2. Rest assured, just because you aren’t interested, 10’s of millions are and have been watching, including Republicans and Independents. And last I read, the hearings will continue with or without consulting you.

          You may hate our government, but already there are some reforms coming from Congress to avoid another attempt at overturning an election and rejecting the peaceful transfer of power. That is probably going to be his legacy and it was a long time coming.

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          1. First, I agree that we should reform the electoral vote count.

            And I hope Trump gets the message and does not run.

            And I’m sure lots of people who were going to vote Democrat anyway are watching, Everyone else is watching Netflix.


          2. “Everyone else is watching Netflix.”

            Not likely. They just lost another 1 million subscribers. Funny. That was good news for Netflix because they were expecting to lose 2 million.


          3. “Everyone else is watching Netflix.”

            Not quite everyone. You yourself have wondered why Democrats are hurting themselves by exposing Trump’s crimes. And sure enough, what used to be a slam dunk for Trump to be the next GOP nominee, it is now looking much less likely.

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    1. “Grassy knoll”

      I have no idea what you think you are saying.

      The fact is that Mike Pence refused to get in the car as instructed. The fact is he explained his reason – I don’t want to go without people I trust. The fact is someone has illegally erased the Secret Service communications for that day.

      In my opinion, the SS whom Mike Pence refused to cooperate with were acting on instructions to remove him from the Capitol to “Stop the Steal.” What would happen to him next is unknown, but those messages were erased for some reason.

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      1. RE: “In my opinion, the SS whom Mike Pence refused to cooperate with were acting on instructions to remove him from the Capitol to ‘Stop the Steal.'”

        Then we have established that, for you, an opinion is indistinguishable from a wild ass guess.


        1. Unlike some of you people, I have been watching the hearings. I have heard some of the very chilling testimony on this subject. Therefore, I have offered an informed opinion that, sadly, is very far from a “wild-assed guess.”

          I understand your confusion though. You have little experience with “informed opinions.” No need for them in Trump cult circles. Whatever Dear Leader says will do just fine.

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          1. “There’s the proof: Fools always deny it.”

            I started this thread with a hypothesis that I think the evidence supports and which is worthy of discussion.
            Your response was not an alternative explanation for the facts, but an aspersion on my intellect with your reference to the grassy knoll conspiracy theories.

            I ignored the intended insult and simply repeated the known facts and my interpretation of what they might mean. Your response was a more vigorous aspersion on my intellect saying I cannot distinguish an opinion from a “wild ass guess.”

            So, I defended my opinion by noting it is an INFORMED opinion based on evidence. Something which you seemnot to get.

            Now, you are calling me a “fool.” Which, frankly, coming from someone totally conned by Donald Trump and someone who repeats absurd Putin propaganda as though it were holy writ is beyond ridiculous.

            In none of this have you addressed the issues raised by the facts as one would expect and hope to see from a non-brain-dead adult.

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          2. RE: “In none of this have you addressed the issues raised by the facts…”

            That’s because you don’t know anything. You are ignorant, for example, of the fact the Secret Service messages that form the basis of your conspiracy theory were destroyed by order of the DHS AFTER Joe Biden took office.

            If I wanted to be as silly as you I might claim that that proves the “insurrection” on Jan. 6 was really a false flag operation.


          3. The Trump-appointed IG of DHS knew about the deleted messages from February 2021 and did nothing about it until now. Trying to blame this SS cover-up on Biden is a lame old dog that will not hunt.

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    1. “A bit of conjecture.”

      Sure, I do not know for certain that the SS were acting as agents for Trump’s attempted coup.

      However, I do know that the leaders of the SS – particularly Mr. Ornato – were extraordinarily loyal to Trump. I do know that several SS agents have been vocal in support of the “patriots.” And now I know that the SS has illegally destroyed evidence of their movements and communications that day. These things I know make me feel comfortable with the idea that there is something seriously rotten going on.

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  1. You are so full of crap it isn’t funny but typical Paul Trump babble is par for the course. The vice president has permanently assigned secret service detail agents just like the president and detail agents are routinely rotated to prevent the manure you are claiming. Secret service are unbiased government employees ASSIGNED a job. If you read your link, it doesnt support any of your conspiracy theory cow dung. What an absolute imbecile to post this idiotic nonsense. But considering the asinine history, I expect nothing less.


    1. The link I provided was in response to a cite as to what Mike Pence said.

      I know what the Secret Service is supposed to do. So do they. I think that is the likely reason that they have “lost” their messages around these events.

      You can spew all the bile you want. It sounds like a cry for help. Get some.

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      1. The person that needs help is you. You trying to make a cow out of a hotdog proves it. The link doesn’t support your conspiracy trash. It merely paints Pence as not wanting to leave due to civic duty while you try to paint it as Pence’s life was in danger by some rogue Trump Secret Service detail. What a load of crap. Stop with the donuts and think for a moment. Of course you and the commission believe in fantasies so the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. What waste of human flesh…


        1. Simply put, Pence did tell his SS chief that he trusted him, but he wasn’t driving the limo. So he said that he was not getting in that car.

          That is not conspiracy, that is what transpired according to many witnesses who testified under oath.

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          1. I don’t disagree with that. The reason that Paul pushes of some rogue Trump SS detail endangering Pence’s life is pure crap.


        2. “The person that needs help is you. ”

          I am not the one seething with irrational anger as the truth of Trump’s crimes gets a public airing. It is you people. I suppose that is a natural reaction to someone who has been conned for years and now just can’t admit it.

          As for me, I have merely put some facts together. I think it is a better than an even chance that Tony Ornato – pulled from the ranks of the SS because of his loyalty to Trump – was acting on orders to get Pence out of the Capitol to end the counting of the votes. If the purpose had been to protect him, Trump could have called off the mob several hours earlier than he did. The facts that Ornato could not remember much about January 6th in his testimony and that now the SS messages have disappeared I take to be evidence to support that truth of that illicit mission.

          Disagree and wail until you turn blue. I am fine with that.

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          1. Stop kidding yourself. Yes you aretheone seethin g with irrational anger. You suffer from extreme TDS and claim others are seething? That’s a laugh and delusional. Trump, Trump, Trump, that’s all you post abt.


          2. There is nothing irrational about opposing a leader and a party who want to overthrow our government and install an unelected con man in the White House. What is irrational is the anger you exhibit every day on every issue.

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  2. Vice President Pence was in a position to know more about what was going on inside the administration than most people. I saw the video of him being hustled down the steps that day. When I heard that he was refusing to get into a car, it was chilling even then. Now that the SS has erased all of their correspondence from that day, it’s even more chilling. I agree, anyone who’s phone records from that day were erased should be automatically fired, their security clearances removed, and they should be barred from any government job forever.

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    1. Yeah, tell that to the CIA, NSA, FBI, DOJ or any other federal law enforcement/national security agency in the US and they will kindly tell you to piss off. As in nunya….


      1. They might tell Lois, or any other American, to piss off, but not so easy to blow off Congress. With enough pressure, whistleblowers will rise to the top. The committee has interview an excess of 1000 witnesses, about 10 times or more than the 2nd impeachment trial. People do jump a sinking ship and Trump is not looking nearly as potent, even among Republicans who are tiring of him.

        Now MAGA Republicans might pick up the fallen cape and try for superman status, but Trump was Trump. Most who try to imitate him have flopped. And now that the curtain has been tugged aside, people are abandoning him to his fate. Essentially, because he treated everyone like crap if they even tempered the lies, he has enemies in all camps. Heck, even he was booed at rallies when he even hinted at vaccination. And that was one his only legacy issues he could boast about.


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        1. Blow smoke all you want but even partisan Merrick has said that DOJ investigations are not public. Meaning nunya. Exempt from public disclosure or confidential infotmation even to Congress.


          1. It took a year or so for the Republicans in the White House aides and toadies to come out and act like patriots.

            Time will tell.

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          2. It seems that the more information concerning the events of that day comes to light, the more defensive and desperate you seem.

            Not an attack; just an observation of watching a man have a meltdown on this forum


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