Take a moment to think about the staggering counterintelligence issues in the crazy Dec 18, 2020 WH meeting.

If British Intelligence’s less-than-favorable review of Russia’s war efforts poked a bear, I can’t wait to see what Peter Strzok’s post about Russia’s influence in the White House will do.


28 thoughts on “Take a moment to think about the staggering counterintelligence issues in the crazy Dec 18, 2020 WH meeting.

    1. Yes! That’s why having him present the facts makes the article so maddening. All of this information was presented by the Jan 6 Committee, but got very little notice. Having Strzok say the same thing should pull a few triggers. I thought throwing in a picture of a grinning Trump, in the Oval Office, with the Russians, where he gave away Top Secret intelligence that compromised Israeli agents, was a nice touch.

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    1. What smoke and mirrors are you referring to? These are just facts. The three people named snuck into the White House and tried to meet with Trump without the presence of people like the White House counsel. All of them are demonstrably linked with Russia. Russia is our enemy. Duh!

      What happened that merits our attention? Too bad you people are not watching the Select Committee presentations. Their presentation on this particular meeting was extensive and interesting. Some highlights…

      1. The White House counsel got wind of the meeting and literally ran through the building to barge into it to keep the President from going off the rails. There followed an “unhinged” shouting match that continued for hours between “Team Crazy” lawyers and “Team Normal” lawyers.

      2. During that meeting, Trump tried to appoint Sidney Powell as a Special Counsel with special powers to attack the election. Think about that – a literally insane conspiracy theorist with broad subpoena powers! Although Trump “appointed” her on the spot, the White House Counsel and others just ignored him so it was never implemented.

      3. After the meeting ended, Trump issued his “Will Be Wild” tweet that was a major step on his path towards jail.

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        1. It is pointless to discuss this with someone who chooses to remain ignorant. The “unhinged” meeting was extensively covered in the Select Committee public hearings which you refuse to watch.

          But I will say that it was a very significant meeting where options to upend the election were presented to the President by “Team Crazy”. It being populated by known agents of a foreign power is troubling in and of itself. Which is all that Strzok is saying.

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          1. Trump’s refusal to accept defeat is certainly embarrassing and disappointing but trying to construct a coup from his desperate flailing is almost as bad.

            I don’t know why the Democratic party is destroying itself with this ‘sore winner’ thing, Trump running in 2024 would be the best thing that could happen to Democrats.

            If Trump were to win in 2024, he would be 82 by 2028, and the voters have had enough experience now with a President past his ‘best if used by date’ that they won’t let that happen unless it were a chouce between him and Biden.


          2. “Trump running in 2024 would be the best thing that could happen to Democrats.”

            Well, that is certainly true. Many Republicans are afraid he will announce his run before this year’s election. And Democrats hope that he will.

            Your being mystified about this “sore winner thing” is easy to explain – you do not understand putting the country ahead of party. Nobody you support ever does that.

            As for Trump’s “desperate flailing” – again I agree. They were desperate and incompetent. That does not negate the fact that his desperation led him into seditious conspiracy or that he committed many other crimes in his flailing. No one should be above the law. It is NOT in the best interest of the country to let Trump just fade away. Accountability is a crucial dimension of the Rule of Law.

            You constantly tout your respect for the Rule of Law. Your willingness to sweep Trump’s many obvious crimes under the carpet put all such claims into disrepute.

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          3. I talk to my dad once a week, unless he is travelling out of the country. And even then he was staying in a place in Italy that VOIP set ups and he called me.

            Epochtimes suckers another member of the forum.

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          4. …”but trying to construct a coup from his desperate flailing is almost as bad.”

            Let’s count the ways:
            1) Scheme to send a slate of fake electors from states that were LOST by popular vote with audits galore showing ZERO fraud to the extent that would change the outcome.
            2) Consideration of the military seizing voting machines.
            3) Prepping and pushing an angry, armed mob to stop the Constitutional duty of the VP and Congress
            4) Asking Georgia officials to “find” just one vote more than his opponent received.

            These are just the easy ones off the top of my head. There are many more showing it was more than just “desperate flailing”.

            But, hey, Judges.

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          5. Can you get any more pathetic? Or is this another of your jokes that I just don’t get?

            “[Hunter Biden]” held dozens of talks with his father” over an eight-year period. Oh My! I “held talks” with my father several times a year when he was alive. I must be a criminal too.

            I wonder if you actually read the piece or are you just too dumb to understand that it offers absolutely nothing in the way of evidence of ANYTHING criminal? These jackasses have been mining Hunter’s laptop for a couple of years and THIS is what they come up with – he often talked to his Dad. Wow!

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    1. Patrick Byrne HAS been interviewed by the January 6th Committee. That was on Friday.

      We will see what he has to say under oath. The video you linked to by someone from “Team Crazy” who may be part of the seditious conspiracy to keep Trump in power cannot be taken at face value. It is CYA stuff after the conspiracy failed.

      Personally, I doubt that he will be able to contradict the record established by the testimony of the White House Counsel.

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      1. RE: “It is CYA stuff after the conspiracy failed.”

        CYA or not, Byrne was an eyewitness. Strzok is just spreading gossip.

        When the transcripts become available, I expect Byrne’s testimony will match his video. You are going to need a lot more superglue to keep your tinfoil hat in place.


        1. Uh, what is Strzok’s brief article do you take to be “gossip?”

          Actually, don’t even try to respond. You are full of shit again. I have read and re-read. It is not speculative or gossipy in the least. It is nothing but facts.

          Your “tinfoil hat” jab is a total swing and a miss and coming from a diehard conspiracy theorist such as yourself, it betrays an astonishing lack of self-awareness.

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  1. As I read this, hoping to see something of substance, alas, all I could muster was “Where’s the beef?”. There’s nothing there and he wasn’t there so there…

    I hope you weren’t really expecting a reaction to that.


  2. I find it hysterically funny that people, who became apoplectic over Hillary Clinton compromising national security by using a private email server, are perfectly fine with the President of the United States meeting in person with three totally compromised security risks who were suggesting things like “declaring martial law” and “having the US military seize voting machines” in order to overturn an election that everyone in the room knew he had lost.

    I’m sure there’s an email on Hunter Biden’s laptop that can convince them that the whole meeting was planned by Hillary Clinton in order to set Trump up for charges of sedition.

    And Maria Butina was just Chelsey Clinton in disguise, sent to trap poor Patrick Byrne. He felt so bad about it, he has sent the real Maria Butina money, now that she’s back in Russia, to run for office… which she won… and has proceeded to attack Navalny and promote the war (excuse me, the “operation”) in Ukraine.

    The organization I pity most is the “Onion.” They can no longer write satire because if it supports Trump, Q-nuts will believe it.

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    1. Because neither you nor Strzok were in the room you therefore don’t know squat and are only spreading fantasy misinformation. Hillary, on the other hand, got caught red handed with actual evidence. There is a difference.
      This guy was central to the debunked illegal Trump/Russia hoax in 2016 and even gauged how much pre-election effort to expend to go after Trump based on his chances of winning against Hillary. Can you say election interference? https://apnews.com/article/11921146c7f447f1b03eee32afbccbbc



          I could not have said it better.

          This poor sap exhibits each and every intellectual and emotional pathology that Trump has capitalized on throughout his sorry business and political career.

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  3. I enjoy watching them trying to ignore and invent evidence. It’s a weakness of mine. It began with the O.J. Simpson trial and I never got over it.

    Did you ever try to convince an O.J. defender he was guilty? My favorite reply was “BUT THE GLOVE!” “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.” Anyone who has ever owned a pair of fine leather gloves knows, if you get them wet, you’d better wear them until they dry or they will shrink too small to ever wear again. And that includes getting them wet in blood. There was no one else on the planet with a motive to murder O.J. Simpson’s wife except O.J. Simpson. O.J. was so guilty, the slow motion white Bronco chase went on for hours when he got caught trying to leave town. Even to this day, if O.J. Simpson himself stood up on national television and said, “yes, I did it,” his defenders would call him a liar.

    That’s exactly who Trump defenders are. Trump has shown them over and over and over again who he is. And they still don’t believe it. All you can do is laugh and wait for the Darwin theory to kick in.

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