Is self-defense still legal in NYC?

Bodega worker fights back 

The attacker does not display a weapon, but self-defense does not require that an attacker be armed in the case of a gross physical mis-match.

Two lessons to be learned, first don’t go to NYC, and second, don’t mess with old men, they do not have the stamina for a lengthy fight, so they will end it quickly.

17 thoughts on “Is self-defense still legal in NYC?

  1. Watching the video, it is clearly self defense. What in the world is the NYC prosecutor thinking? This is proof positive that liberals could care less abt the victim and only pander to their criminal hoi polloi. Nothing being done abt looters, arsonists, rioters, assaulters, etc tearing up and burning down cities has emboldened the dregs of society, the liberal BFF, to do whatever they want and self defense be damned. No wonder they want to disarm the law abiding citizen…


  2. I imagine charges will be dropped. One source said “new surveillance video” appears to support self defense. So it might be that it was not available when the man was charged. At the time of his arrest, the only witness was the assailants girlfriend.

    Eric Adams, the mayor has supported the man, but said that the DA office is independent so for now the mayor’s influence is on hold.

    The egregious part is that he spent a week in jail, and bail was set at 250k then dropped to 50k. For a clerk, that is ridiculous.
    Especially since he is well known and he has ankle bracelet. Add in legal fees if legal aid is not available or timely and the clerk will be out a lot of money.

    Low income people charged with crimes get screwed. A lot.

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    1. I agree the victim is being punished financially whether he is convicted or not(though I think there is a GOFundMe) But I disagree with the initial charge.

      The blood was all behind the counter so it was clear who the aggressor was video or not.

      I wonder what kind of ‘credit card’ was declined for a bag of chips?


      1. I read debit card.

        When police arrive they cannot really decide the case. One dead person, one wounded but possessing a knife and a girl who may have lied.

        I am afraid the norm is to arrest if in doubt and let the magistrates or courts sort it out. The complication of course is that the man sat in jail for a week while getting his bail reduced.

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  3. What isn’t mentioned by either one of you is that Democratic Mayor Eric Adams CHEERED the bodega employee for standing up to the attacker.

    The case will be dismissed.

    And as far as not going to NYC, SCREW THAT! I’ve been may times, taken my family and enjoyed everything that great city has to offer. From museums to theater to the Statue of Liberty, sports, etc. If you have deep seated fears, that is a personal problem. But having lived (for a brief time) and visited there, I still say it is the greatest city in the country.

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    1. The only time I have been to NYC is when I changed planes at LaGuardia on my way to Alaska. I have no interest in visiting a city that places criminals ahead of citizens.


      1. Your pre-conceived, critical notions of NYC are based on unfounded fears. Is there crime in NYC? Yes. Is there crime in Chesapeake? Yes. Is there crime EVERYWHERE? Yes. But your contention is bass ackwards.

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      2. Alaska has one of the highest murder rates in the US.

        “ Alaska has the third-highest crime rate in the United States of 3,777.89 crimes per 100,000 people. The state’s rate of sexual assault is 161.6 incidents per 100,000 people, nearly four times the national rate. The most common violent crime reported in Alaska is aggravated assault, followed by rape.”

        NY is well below the national average.

        Shoulda stayed in NY I guess😇

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          1. If AK problems are unique, the numbers are high, but red states in the continental are as high or higher. More “native populations” I suppose.

            NY looks great in comparison.

            The graphic in my link is eye popping. Maybe the Deep South should secede😇

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      3. Your statement, if true, is quite remarkable.

        You have lived almost an entire adult life a short drive or affordable flight from one of the greatest (and one of the safest) cities in the world and have never been there? Wow! You have denied yourself, your wife, and your kids theater, opera, world class museums, history, tall ships, ballet, zoos, architectural wonders, patriotic monuments, international cuisine, adventures, etc., etc., etc. All because of some nonsensical self-imposed ideological straight jacket.

        Remarkable and really kind of sad.

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