The basis for today’s populist conservatism.

“To really understand the GOP’s hard-right turn, look to L. Brent Bozell Jr.”

An interesting look at how we got where we are today with “conservatism”.

Often times, we on this forum have pointed to certain times and individuals who have started the downward spiral of the modern GOP and ideas embraced by today’s “conservatives”. Newt Gingrich gets a lot of props due to the “Contract with America” when he was Speaker.

This well written piece goes back even further and explains who and how we got where we are today.

27 thoughts on “The basis for today’s populist conservatism.

  1. Do you even know what the Contract with America was?

    It was a promise to bring to the floor of the House a number of issues the Democrat majority had refused to debate and to correct a number of procedural abuses the Democrat majority used to prevent them from coming to a vote.

    Not a promise to pass them, but to debate them and bring them to a vote and to run the House fairly and transparently

    Contract With America

    What’s wrong with that?


    1. So, according to you these planks in the “Contract with America” were not things that the proponents intended to pass. They just wanted to talk about them. Hmmmm. Verrrrry interesting.

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  2. Good article that I hope the righties will read.

    As an aside, I’d like to introduce Chandler’s Law: Always be wary of an adult convert to Catholicism. You have to be born a Catholic and eased into it. Jumping in headfirst leads to, well, this. There is something deeply wrong with a person who converts as an adult. (I’ve been working on this pet theory with a friend of mine.)

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    1. You saw Don’s reply. Maybe he read it and was attempting to deflect from the article by pointing out my “origin” point.

      Deflection is a BIG tool used by the right.

      And you shouldn’t pet theories. You might get accused of something nefarious.😇

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  3. With the author’s snobish and callous assertion in the very first paragraph that conservatives embrace radicalism destroys any credibility this left wing tripe tries to promote leaving the reasonable reader to assume the rest is vomit not worth ones time. The article is proudly brought to you by the left wing master of tripe Politico after all. Rolling eyes again….


    1. …”conservatives embrace radicalism”

      In the real world, where people think for themselves and can read between the lines, today’s conservatives are embracing radicalism. As an example, look in the mirror.


        1. Let’s try this.

          Was it radical for a group of self-proclaimed, conspiracy believing, violent protesters that stormed the Capitol on 1/6? That is one definition of radical behavior.

          The other is offering nothing but personal attacks and insults towards those who disagree with you.

          I suggest you climb out from under your bridge, open your eyes, and … Why am I wasting my time.

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    2. There is NOTHING conservative about the Republican Party that Trump has created. It is radical and extremist in every possible way. Real conservatives – RINOS – have been driven out based on one radical and destructive litmus test – support for the Big Lie.

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        1. I have not advanced any political or policy preference that is not shared by a majority of my fellow citizens. That, by definition, is NOT radical.

          In this case, my statement about what has happened to actual conservatives in the Trump GOP is the simple and obvious truth. They are labelled RINOS and forced out.

          You remind me of the adage – an empty barrel makes the most noise. All you have is personal attacks and alternative facts. You are ignorant, childish and uncivil. In the past I have tried to respond to your nonsense as if you were a thinking adult. It has proven to be a waste of effort every time.

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    1. ANd Fonzie called to tell you that it isn’t Spanish; it’s Italiano you idiot. He also suggested that you keep his catchphrases outta your mouth. HEEEEEYYYY!.


        1. Apparently you are easily offended when others use similar tactics that you use regularly.

          Of course I could say that you are a hypocrite, but I doubt you even understand what that means.


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