Ho Hum. Just another day in America – 70 Rounds 7 Dead

There is no polite way to put this. The NRA and everyone who has fought against the banning of assault weapons has even more blood on their hands.

Once again, the maniac LEGALLY bought a “high powered rifle similar to an AR15.” With such firepower he was able to get off 70 rounds, killing 7 and injuring about 30 more. He fled the scene dressed as a woman. The weapon he left behind was in a database which led to his quick identification and capture.

The media has been headlining the site of this tragedy as “Chicago.” It is not. It is Highland Park, a prosperous middle-class town near Chicago. The fact that the town is approximately 30% Jewish may also prove relevant when the motives of the killer are made public. So far, no motive has been reported. We do know that he is 21, white, heavily tattooed, a nascent rapper fascinated by violence, attended several Trump rallies, and had posted a picture of himself wrapped in a Trump flag online.

There is no valid reason for weapons of war with no purpose other than killing people to be readily available to almost anyone in a supposedly civilized country. None.

12 thoughts on “Ho Hum. Just another day in America – 70 Rounds 7 Dead

  1. There were more than 220 people shot and killed in gun violence over the July 4th weekend. There were 6 people shot in an incident in Richmond and I haven’t seen a word about it in the news. Mass shootings have become so common, they don’t even make the front page of the newspaper anymore. Nuts with guns look for crowds so they can kill as many people as possible with weapons that fire automatically. Personally, I am avoiding crowds of any sort, at the grocery store, shopping malls, parades, beaches, holiday events of any sort. The “Supreme” Court gave nuts the freedom to own guns and in doing so, took away everyone’s freedom to feel safe in public.


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    1. But Lois, please thank your stars for the idea that you can shoot the jack booted census takers, per Rep. Greene. Or if the EPA says you are screwing up our water supplies with dung, you can take hostages.

      Let freedom ring with the crack of AR-15 gunfire.😇

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      1. Len, anyone who wants to live like that should move to Somalia. They have no government. Whoever is the fastest shot, with the biggest gun, wins. No police force needed or wanted. Walk down the street at your own risk. Everybody who survives is free as a bird. Average live expectancy is 56 years. (Reflexes tend to slow down after that.)

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  2. Terrorism, planned or random, works. People get wary, change plans, blame government, and protest. (Thoughts and prayers are getting stale.)

    This was a terrorist attack, just like all the mass shootings are designed to be. But hard for us to deal with because the enemy is us, not some foreign entity that we love to hate.

    “A good guy with a gun” would have been either useless or dead in this last mass murder. Or in most of them, for that matter.

    No worries. We are prepped for stopping jack booted thugs from the EPA and the price is only 40,000 lives per year.

    Honestly, I am getting weary of the excuses while gun sales skyrocket, and so do mass shootings. We can’t keep guns out of the hands of our insane losers so long as the gun lobby runs the show. I suggest that 2nd Amendment zealots find another country to destroy and let the rest of us who care about America get to work without looking over our shoulders at the mall. Thank you all in advance.

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      1. Consequences of my philosophy?

        Whatever it is you think it might be, I am curious as to why you think gun violence victims are so necessary for yours.

        After all, it is easy to “deal with mass shootings” to support your ideals, whatever they are, so long as they don’t affect you.

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        1. RE: “Consequences of my philosophy?”

          Yes, as stated in your own words, which I quoted. Your philosophy is to get rid of people who won’t let you do as you please.

          Such thinking doesn’t solve problems and in fact causes them.

          RE: “I am curious as to why you think gun violence victims are so necessary for yours.”

          I believe the problem of gun violence can be solved, but it won’t be solved by repealing the 2nd Amendment.


          1. “ Your philosophy is to get rid of people who won’t let you do as you please.”

            It was a suggestion, not a philosophical tenet.

            Besides, my wants are simple: I’d like to go to venues for shopping, learning, and entertainment without wondering what the gun lobby through its insane surrogates has in store for me and the others.

            For the 2nd adherents, that is a bridge too far plus it cuts into profits for gun companies.

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