63 thoughts on “Polls show 67% of women disapprove of Roe ruling.

        1. And I responded with a fair question. Do you want to tell two thirds of the woman who responded that they are incapable of understanding the ruling?

          Now, does MY question deserve the same respect as yours?


    1. “My dear, you have the vapors. No need to worry your pretty little head about politics, that is men’s domain.”

      Yes, I do think that women are capable of understanding political issues very, very well. But, I agree that perhaps Republicans should dismiss women’s concerns and accept what is best for them. How could it hurt?

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      1. The question is whether the respondents to the survey understand the ruling, or whether their answers to the survey questions are even based on the ruling and not something else. Do you not find that a valid question?


          1. Yep, the question was pretty straight forward about approval of the ruling overturning Roe.

            Tha actual questions are on the site.

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          2. RE: “Yep, the question was pretty straight forward about approval of the ruling overturning Roe.”

            Where is the evidence the respondents understand the ruling? If they don’t, then their opinions are of no interest.


        1. …”their answers to the survey questions are even based on the ruling and not something else.”

          Your implication in that question is that women are overly emotional and should not have an opinion worthy of consideration.

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    2. “Do the members of the super majority of the majority gender [sic] understand the ruling?”

      The ruling is clear. Abortion can now be legally punished. It is not hard to understand.

      But, I get it. You want to suggest that the legalistic argle bargle these perjurious Theocrats employed is somehow profoundly correct but beyond the limited understanding of the little ladies.

      Do you ever think before you post?

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      1. RE: “The ruling is clear. Abortion can now be legally punished. It is not hard to understand.”

        Under the ruling, abortion can be legally permitted, as well. The methodology of the poll doesn’t allow us to know whether the respondents know this. They may have been as shallow and inflexible in their assessments as you seem to be.


        1. I guess I should have been more precise when I said “Abortion can now be legally punished” since I knew that Dr. Semantics would be reading it and diverting attention from the point with silly nitpicking. Yep, I should have known. So, I will now restate the point…

          “The ruling is clear. Abortion at any stage of pregnancy can now be punished.”


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      2. It could have been legally punished before the ruling. What kind of smoke are blowing but typical extremist babble? It is now correctly up to states to make the determination of at what point it is illegal or not, not extremist democrats.


        1. ” It is now correctly up to states to make the determination”…

          You mean the gerrymandered in to a majority, while receiving a minority of the vote legislatures?


  1. The questions are scare tactics, the noise i spoke of earlier. The ruling didn’t limit anything or make anything bad for women like the questions imply including same sex marriage or contraception (??). It only stated that abortion is not protected by the constitution and now states have to legislate it. Granted some will ban it which would be bad but that is a state issue not federal. The better question would have asked women their opinion on when abortion should be curtailed. I am willing to bet a super majority would choose somewhere between 15-20 weeks.


    1. RE: “The questions are scare tactics…”

      I agree. This story is a good example of using polls to gaslight the public. Something I notice in the commentary here in the forum is that our liberal friends seem to rely quite a bit on secret knowledge or hidden truths that need never be spoken, but which only they perceive. Thus, for example, it was obvious to them (but not to me) that my question about the poll is insulting to women or that the Dobbs decision has only one interpretation (albeit one that is never stated).


      1. Right wing elitism is glaring.

        67% of women disapprove of the ruling. Now if you think none of them understand the question or the ruling or Roe itself, that is your opinion.

        You may dismiss the link, your prerogative.

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        1. After looking it over, I don’t think the poll is definitive. I have also heard it said that the vast majority of likely women voters are pro-life. Before I believe that to be true, I would want to examine the methodology.


      2. Your question WAS insulting and demeaning to women. There is no reason to ask it. It is pure misogyny. The truth of why it was demeaning is not hidden. Any question that implies that any group cannot understand simple concepts is insulting.

        You people say this poll is a “scare tactic” with loaded questions. Here is the question that this thread is about. I invite you to share what is scary about it and why it needs a superior intellect to answer…

        “As you may know, the U.S. Supreme Court has ended the constitutional right to abortion by overturning Roe v. Wade. Do you approve or disapprove of the Court overturning Roe v. Wade?”

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        1. RE: “There is no reason to ask it.”

          The reason to ask it is to gauge the validity of the poll. As I have already said, the approval/disapproval of the respondents is meaningless, of no interest, if, in fact, the respondents don’t understand the ruling.


          1. Why would they not understand the ruling?

            You are obviously so deeply immersed in male chauvinist piggery that you think challenging the intellectual ability of women to decide whether they approve an impactful court decision is a legitimate question.

            You called the questions a “scare tactic.” You did not answer the question as to what makes it scary. I am not surprised. Those characterizations were bullshit.

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    2. The actual weeks was not listed, but there was a question that addressed all or most cases:

      Women were split 32% for legal abortion in all cases, 32% in most cases. Hard to tell without actual weeks, but 64% for approval in all or most is interesting.

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      1. So now you are shifting the goalposts. The poll isn’t about the ruling, it is about opinions of abortion.


  2. Interesting that all the conservative posters (even Bob?!) seem to be pro-choice to some extent, yet they’re all bending over backwards and exerting all the mental gymnastics available to them to defend this activist court’s decision.

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    1. I would describe myself as pro-choice but anti-feticide. Men and women are certainly free to choose to commit a crime, but they have no right to get away with it.


    2. There is no bending of anything. You are trying to conflate approval of abortion with the ruling like the extreme left is doing. They are 2 completely separate issues. The ruling simply says abortion is not protected by the constitution period. It doesn’t side with pro or con. The only difference between most conservative and most liberals is deciding at what point abortion should be illegal.


      1. First, it’s not the “extreme left.” It’s like 70% of the country. Second, you know full well there are (I think) 22 states that have already or are working on banning it outright.

        It’s the exact same states rights drivel that has been used to justify slavery and stripping people of their rights. This is an activist court that is intent on rolling back the expansion of rights over the last century.

        I am glad to hear you’re not for a full ban. But this ruling ALLOWS for a full ban.

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        1. It’s not enforceable or protected under the constitution. What are you missing or intentionally missing to blow extremist smoke?


    3. As an aside, most liberal posters in this forum appear to be at least somewhat anti-abortion unless your stance is abortion should be legal until the baby pops out of the womb.


      1. That whole partial birth crap is just that. Virtually the only reason for late term abortion is serious medical problems.

        But that sells better than aborting zygotes.

        Countries that ban all abortion have a big problem with treating women who have serious pregnancy issues or other diseases which treatment might kill the fetus. Or require terminating a pregnancy. Easier for a doctor to pass on a decision that might drag him into court, justified or not. That is what happen in Ireland a decade ago and prompted legalizing abortion after the woman died while doctors dithered.

        And with vigilante enforcement like Texas has, every nosy neighbor is looking to cash in when a pregnant woman might lose the fetus due to unforeseen circumstances.

        It is complicated when a sweeping decision changes everything in a few hours.

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      2. And that is a common right wing trope. Northam was accused of it recently. Most abortions are done with pills now—MONTHS before any kind of viability.

        But activists have to get people frothing with lurid tales of adrenochrome harvesting.

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        1. So, even though the decision has nothing to do with it, you are open to a compromise on when abortion should be illegal, like “months before any kind of viability”. It’s a start….


        2. Here is a sign from a protest about the Court ruling. It hits home, in my opinion.

          “Forced birth in a country with no universal healthcare, no universal childcare, no paid family and medical leave, highest rates of maternal mortality. This is not about life. It is about control.”

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  3. Considering the degree of misinformation they are getting I’m surprised it isn’t 90%. But as they live their lives and see how little has really changed, they will see they have been played.

    And, of course, that 67% is likely close to 100% in deep blue districts and well under 50% in red leaning districts. It doesn’t have anywhere near the electoral impact you are hoping it will.


        1. Gee, you don’t have a high regard for women do you?

          Right now 13 states have immediate trigger laws. A few more will enact triggers in 30 days.

          There are 26 red states. Not to say that all will enforce draconian versions, but certainly expect major restrictions.

          Ok, I knew that. You know that. And you think women don’t know that also. Particularly since men are not affected nearly to the degree that females are…obviously.

          Conservatives are keeping an eye on swing states, close to swing as in purple and shifting.

          It would be really hilarious if Texas went blue. Not likely, but oh the uproar would be fun. And the recounts. The powers in Texas would be sending armed folks to every voter demanding info.

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          1. If abortion were going to turn TX blue, then why did its legislature just adopt a strict law?

            This is going to have a lot less political impact than you are hoping for,


          2. Why? Texas won’t turn blue now. It takes an election. But the redistricting is so egregious, it would be a tough call.

            Right now the conservative anti-abortion folks are still wetting there pants with joy and overreach.

            Give it a month.

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  4. I have refrained from commenting anywhere on social media for the last few days. My blood pressure meds can only do so much.

    Yes, dear brethren, I do understand what just happened. The Navy-blue cloud that now surrounds my TV set is witness to the fact.

    Now, let me womansplain the situation.

    I am reminded of Christine, my nextdoor neighbor when I was growing up. Christine was married to Benny and they always seemed like the perfect married couple. They must have been in their 80s when I knew them. They were always holding hands and sitting together on the front porch swing on warm summer evenings, Benny with his arm around Christine’s shoulder. My mother once asked Christine the secret of their happy marriage.

    Christine admitted it wasn’t always perfect. Not long after they were married, they started to argue a lot. Finally the arguments progressed to the point that, at the end of one particularly violent argument, Benny hit her. (This was in the days before divorce was an option.) Christine didn’t say a word. Benny marched off to bed, sure he had won. But he didn’t know the fight wasn’t over.

    Those were also the days before fitted sheets. During the night, Christine silently untucked the bottom sheet. She took the top right corner, crossed it over Benny’s body, and tied it tightly to the bottom left corner. She did the same thing with the top left corner and the bottom right corner. Then, she took a cast iron frying pan and proceeded to beat the sh!t out of Benny.

    When Benny came to, Christine sat him down and explained very calmly, “You can hit me again if you want to, but remember this: you have to eat what I cook, and you have to sleep some time.” Their marriage was ideal from that day forward.

    The “religious” Court can disrespect women all they want, but they should remember this: the majority of cooks in this country are women, and the majority of hands-on medical care is done by women. One of us will get them.

    It is neither up to the federal government nor the state government to decide what happens to a woman’s body. It is up to the WOMAN and her doctor. Abortions will not stop because of any court. Safe abortions are the only thing a court can stop.

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