28 thoughts on “It’s Time To Die

  1. So many lies it’s hard to list them.

    First. being wrongly informed is not a lie. The things Gov Abbott said that were wrong were because he was lied to by the Uvalde Consolidated School District police. He corrected that as soon as he knew.

    But Lawrence is so determined to malign Republicans that he skips over that.

    Was it a Republican who failed to lock the exterior door, or the classroom door, both of which by policy should have been locked?

    Who ever heard of a school district having its own police force, separate from the County or City? Is the Uvalde Consolidated School District Board of Trustees Republican? It was the school district police chief who held back the police response.

    Lawrence also lied about Texas’s policy on arming teachers. No teacher is required to carry.

    Texas allows local school districts to designate teacher “guardians” who receive additional training and have concealed carry permits to be permitted to carry on campus. Uvalde chose not to participate.

    Lawrence, like so many ignorant liberals, fixates on the kind of forearm the shooter used. Again, would the outcome have been different had the shooter used a pair of handguns with extra magazines or a shotgun with a shoulder bag full of shells? If not, the AR is irrelevant.

    We still don’t know the shooter’s juvenile record, beyond that he was ‘known to the police.’ Did he have issues that should have been reported to NICS but were withheld by local officials?

    Lawrence doesn’t want to fix the problem, he wants to exploit it for partisan ad\vantage.


    1. RE: “So many lies it’s hard to list them.”

      That’s my impression, too.

      The main lie Lawrence O’Donnell told was his conceit that it is “Republican policy…to make sure America’s mass murderers are the best equipped mass murderers in the world.”

      My big objection to the video, however, is O’Donnell’s use of argument from emotion. This is a common technique of propaganda, and clearly marks the video as a manipulation.

      Talk about dangerous speech! (Maybe we should go out and shoot us some Republicans, Brother.)


      1. “This is a common technique of propaganda, and clearly marks the video as a manipulation.”

        Coming from a man who posts more propaganda than most. (As far as emotion goes it worked to get “Hang Mike Pence” as the war cry of the right.)

        No, this opinion video was rooted in truth and reality.

        The gun lobby is scrambling to spin this as best they can before all the slaughtered children are even buried. And they just yesterday buried the last victim from the Buffalo shooting a couple of weeks ago, if that long. Alex Jones thought this tragedy was mighty “opportunistic” just 5 months out from the election. Jackass just keeps on trying to rouse hatred for the families of dead children.

        Meanwhile another mass shooting in Tulsa.

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          1. “What truth and reality?”

            The overarching truth is that we cannot rely on good guys with guns to stop bad guys with guns as the primary idea for keeping our schools safe. A little common sense should have already told us that. Now we have this dreadful experience to confirm it.

            A secondary truth is that the architects of this idea do not want to report truthfully about how it played out when the rubber hit the road.

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      2. “Maybe we should go out and shoot us some Republicans, Brother.”

        Go right ahead. The country will be better off without many of them anyway. Need to balance the scales since most victims have been gay, Black, Hispanic or Jewish.
        ( Except maybe concert goers in Las Vegas.)

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        1. RE: “The country will be better off without many of them anyway.”

          Maybe this country would be better off without you.

          Do you really want to have conversations like that?


      3. “The main lie Lawrence O’Donnell told was his conceit that it is “Republican policy…to make sure America’s mass murderers are the best equipped mass murderers in the world.”

        That is not a lie. It is the truth.

        Republican policy is to resist any attempt to restrict the availability of weapons. That makes the characterization of their policy you object to fair and accurate. It is obviously their intention that only “good guys” get their hands on these things, but that is not reality. If the Republicans had not forced the cancellation of Brady Bill restrictions, this maniac (and many others) would not have had such easy access to the very powerful weapons used to slaughter these children.

        The truth may be ugly and you may not like it, but it is the truth.

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  2. “So many ignorant liberals?”

    Our gun policies are ignorant, period.

    Arming teachers and fortress like access to schools. What about malls. Concerts. Churches. Hospitals.

    Republicans and the gun lobby have made our problem so horrific, that armed guards at every venue where people gather are seeming like a good idea. Metal detectors and extra secure doors, too. Good guys with guns were absent in those places. Not just because they weren’t armed, but not willing to get killed by a man with high powered rifles and body armor.

    The problem is access to high powered guns by anyone with cash. And at this point, the success of saturating the country with firearms to where reducing that access is difficult if not impossible.

    I want to thank you for your efforts to get us here. You must be so proud.

    “Was it a Republican who failed to lock the exterior door, or the classroom door, both of which by policy should have been locked?”

    We don’t know because they are dead. Chances are they probably were, living in small town Texas.

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  3. So many lies?

    As a courtesy to you I have listened to it again. There were no LIES in Lawrence’s presentation. Not one.

    Your mind was obviously closed tight. You were hearing what you wanted to hear. Governor Abbot was not called a liar. It was noted that he gathered every leading Texas Republican for a press briefing and then presided over the telling of a story that was either totally false or misleading. For example, the story of good guys with guns left out one of the most central facts which HAD to have been known by then – that nothing was done for more than an hour while kids were being slaughtered. THAT truth did not fit the preferred narrative.

    You cite only one specific LIE – that teachers are required to be armed in Texas. There is no such claim in the presentation. This one thing which is the only LIE you identify was something that was NOT said. You accuse someone of LIES and your evidence is a LIE?

    “Lawrence doesn’t want to fix the problem”
    Uh, that is obviously not true. It is just that YOU do not like the way he thinks the problem should be addressed which is NOT by turning schools into armed camps and turning teachers into Dirty Harry. It is by getting serious about weapons control and restrictions.

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  4. Do you really expect anyone to take a babble mouthed MSNBC hyper liberal jackass like this guy seriously? That’s like asking people to take heed of what Paul Trump says only worse. Geeesh….blah blah hyper partisan blah…


      1. Need I comment further on ignorant MSNBC word vomit? Since you seem to enjoy hyper left wing MSNBC word vomit so much, Bon appetit…but I won’t buy that trash. Sorry for being sane and not woke…


        1. Sorry,jack rabbit. I haven’t watched MSNBC in over three years.

          You claim to be sane and not woke? Fine. You come off as batchit crazy and in denial about a lot of things.

          Enjoy your utopian brain with the unicorns.

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    1. RE: “Do you really expect anyone to take a babble mouthed MSNBC hyper liberal jackass like this guy seriously?”

      Mr. Murphy posted the video without comment, so there is no way of knowing what he expected us to make of it. In fact, there is no way of knowing whether Mr. Murphy had any thought in his mind at all.


      1. Maybe Mr. Murphy believes the video speaks for itself. You have done similar things with some of your postings. (Posted without comment is often used as a way to comment without commenting.)

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        1. RE: “Maybe Mr. Murphy believes the video speaks for itself.”

          And maybe the Moon is made of green cheese.


          1. “And maybe the Moon is made of green cheese.”

            It is self-evident that I posted the video because I believe it tells some important truths. I could have repeated the main points but since we are presumably adults here I felt that there was no need since Lawrence O’Donnell makes those points crystal clear.

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    2. BobR, I don’t believe that someone with your intellect is capable of telling the difference between reality-based analysis and reporting versus horseshit. So really, anyone with any sense would not expect you to do anything but parachute in with insults. With that realistic expectation, you never disappoint.

      In fact, O’Donnell is spot on. The events in Texas were – without a doubt – an epic fail for the silly Republican theory that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to have “a good guy with a gun” on stand-by. And, as he pointed out, the behavior of the GOP leadership team tells us that they knew that truth very well.

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      1. It is so refreshing to witness a hyper liberal insulting liar, you, who admires a hyper liberla insulting liar, do what hyper liberal insulting liars do, insult and lie. Wow, how novel….


  5. A take on the “good guys with gins” idea.

    I have a customer where I work who buys light bulbs 2-3 cases at a time damned near every month. I asked how he is going through so many bulbs (4 foot fluorescents, to be exact; won’t convert to LED for obvious reasons to follow). His bulbs keep getting shot out. Not by ricochets, but people actually hitting the light fixtures on his range and not the targets. The floor, the wall AROUND the targets and a lot of other stray shots that are nowhere near where the user is supposed to be aiming. He was just in for 2 more cases. He is amazed that trained gun users ( all of the users have to show proof of some training or go thru the in-house program before using the range.) have such a hard time hitting the targets .. or even being in the VICINITY of the targets.

    These are, allegedly, the “good guys (and gals) with guns” that are supposed to protect others in the event of an attempted massacre. They can’t hit targets with no fire being returned. How on this Big Blue Marble we live on are they going to take out a shooter that is firing back at them?

    I asked the customer if these were “the good guys with guns” we hear about all of the time. His answer, sadly, was “Yeah” 😇 (his sarcasm, not mine)

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    1. You are very generous characterizing this problem as being the result of poor shooting. Drive down a rural road and count the bullet holes in just about every deer crossing sign. Bad aim or the work of childish dickheads who should not be allowed to own a gun?

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    2. So a liberal department store peon has some Facebook story to relate and everyone is supposed buy it? Yeah, sure, what ever…..


      1. I do not work in a department store; it’s a specialty store dealing in commercial (primarily) lighting. I am also NEVER of Facebook. Got off of that 9 yeas ago and haven’t looked back.

        When I tell a story such as the one above, I don’t make up facts. That is something reserved for Trumpists, right-wing trolls, and hateful individuals who wouldn’t know the truth is it walked up to them and kissed them full on the lips.

        If you choose to not believe the story I related, that is your choice. IT makes you blind and stupid. But that is also your choice.

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