Thoughts and Prayers

Ted Cruz is by far the leading recipient of gun money in Congress. By far. No wonder he blames the latest tragedy on doors. And gets mad when asked a simple question – Why does this only happen in America?

17 thoughts on “Thoughts and Prayers

  1. Good for Cruz. Thank you for posting this as I would not have known Senator Cruz said the right thing to that predictable hack reporter.


      1. Not 1 of 19 officers would step forward and approach the door with his gun in hand to try to save some kids. WHICH WAS THEIR JOB!

        Kind of makes me think they were all shaking in their boots for over an hour, way too scared of THE PARTICULAR weapon the guy on the other side of the door was holding.

        That makes the argument of why these weapons shouldn’t be on store shelves. Even officers (supposedly) trained to protect children in that very situation weren’t about to step forward since they had a good excuse NOT to -.

        • no key.

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    1. I do not usually bother to respond to anonymous trolls however it is worth taking a moment to call this nonsense for what it is – bullshit.

      There was ZERO evidence that the reporter politely interviewing Senator Cruz was a “hack.” The questions he asked and his refusal to be sidetracked by Cruz’s dodges and pretended umbrage mark him as an intelligent and capable journalist.

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  2. RE: “Why does this only happen in America?”

    It doesn’t. The real question is, Why does this happen in America at all?


        1. There is no “false premise”. Except maybe in your head.

          Two mass shootings in 10 days and you think there is a false premise to the question of “Why here?”


          1. I already have. Just because you choose not to believe it is your issue, not mine.

            Quick question: Outside of Ukraine, how many mass shootings have thgere been in the last 5 weeks OUTSIDE of the US?

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          1. “I count 17 countries with a “firearm-related death rate per 100,000 population per year” greater than ours.”

            Count again. There are Eight. (You can sort on any column). And they are ALL third-world, crime ridden countries.

            El Salvador

            in that order.

            Our overall rate is 12.21 firearm-related deaths per 100K. You have to go way down the list to find the next first world country – Austria – whose rate is 2.75. We are about 4.4x WORSE than the next worse first world country. You can go further down the list and find the UK who dealt with this problem headon in 1996 after a school massacre. There rate is 0.2 making us 61x worse than this similar country with lots of inner cities, unassimilated minorities and drunken violence.

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          2. RE: “Count again. There are Eight.”

            That’s enough to show your assumption is erroneous.


          3. “That is enough to show your assumption is erroneous.”

            It is NOT an assumption. It is a hard and proven fact. We are BY FAR the outlier in the comparison that matters – a comparison with reasonably similar countries – 4.4x Worse than the nearest industrial democracy.

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