The challenge of writing satire in the Woke Era

Babylon Bee satire that turned out to be prophesy

You just can’t stay ahead of the lunacy

32 thoughts on “The challenge of writing satire in the Woke Era

  1. If satire does not have some tiny element (at least) of truth in it, then it fails. So, it is not actually too surprising that someone who really, really wanted to scour the internet could find these obscure matchups so that un-woke people can engage in a little smug condescension. Look at the insanity of these “woke” people says the fellow with an arsenal in his “compound” to take down the tyranny of the U.S. Government.

    The problem in this country is that you people would prefer to dig up and ridicule silly and extreme manifestations of “wokeness” than deal with – or even accept – the reality that is causing people to be “woke” i.e., “alert to injustice in society, especially racism.” And the reality is that there is still plenty of injustice and racism in our society to be “woke” about.

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        1. You mean the fair honest election that the sitting President received the majority of the votes, both popular and electoral.

          Interesting you think that the TFG’s getting his ass handed to him by “Stumble Joe” is ridiculous. Too bad that is exactly what happened. Unlike 2016 where the winner of the the Electoral College got the MINORITY of the votes in the popular count.

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          1. I’m not the one who posted a literal list of grievances. I just know if the majority of my political ideology was being implemented I’d be very content and optimistic about the future. But there’s just something about you guys where the more you win, the more you feel the need to invent ways you’re being persecuted.

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  2. I don’t know about California but heavily liberal Broward county Florida has an annual take the 2nd grade kids to a gay bar field trip and the school board member that goes with them is proud of it. It’s frickin sick. Woke needs to be exterminated


  3. Um, check yours. It’s true but dig your head in the sand a little deeper.
    Honestly, being a sick liberal, I thought you would defend taking elementary kids to gay bars as necessary for “diversity” instead of reality which is manipulating and exploiting them for sick left wing ideology.


      1. The right is falling all over themselves with unabashed joy over the nutjob Archbishop denying communion to the Speaker. I wonder how many children he has screwed, or ignored while other perverts “of the cloth” screwed.

        The Catholic Church and apparently the SBC have lost moral authority. Better to save one’s donations and follow Jesus instead of the minions who lead in his name for money.

        Yeah, if I sound a bit strident, I am fed up.

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        1. The Catholic church is not a public institution.

          The Catholic church regards abortion as murder, and it is not a democracy. You can be some other kind of Christian if you want to advocate abortion, but you can’t be a Catholic.


          1. The Church is an abomination. Christianity is not. But the point was about this faux outrage about taking a field trip to a restaurant owned by a gay man.

            Groomers? Look at the Church, SBC and any number of religious atrocities that are tax exempt and shelter real groomers.

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          2. “Paywalled.”

            The headline tells the story. If you do not believe the NYT “fake news” Google it for yourself.

            FYI, there is no Catholic doctrine that requires Catholics to take a political stand against the “sins” that others may want to commit. None. The grandstanding Trump bishops ought to be defrocked.

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      2. Every organization can’t keep all liberals out. Some will still slip through. Afterall, liberaljellies. vast monopoly on playing in feces for jollies.


        1. I would not characterize all liberals as gay. or all gays as liberal.

          I know gay men who are Libertarians and Republicans.

          They face great pressure to hide their affiliation but they are there.

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    1. OK. SO what. I didn’t need field trips to gay bars as I was exposed to the gay community through my parents.

      The people as a whole, Black, White, Brown, Catholic, Christian Jewish, Muslim, Gay Straight, etc., make up a community. What is wrong with taking kids out to see some of that community?

      Your completely twisted logic is based in your hatred for others. Period.

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