DHS watchdog says Trump’s agency appears to have altered report on Russian interference in 2020 election in part because of politics


“The April 26 Homeland Security inspector general’s assessment provides a damning look at the way DHS’ Office of Intelligence and Analysis dealt with intelligence related to Russia’s efforts to interfere in the US, stating the department had deviated from its standard procedures in modifying assessments related to Moscow’s targeting of the 2020 presidential election.”

“The IG also followed up on a July 2020 meeting mentioned by the whistleblower, who claimed Wolf had asked for the product to be held because “‘it made the President look bad.'”

Right. No issue with Russia to be concerned with.

20 thoughts on “DHS watchdog says Trump’s agency appears to have altered report on Russian interference in 2020 election in part because of politics

  1. So, in a single report a Trump appointee ‘appeared to have’ participated in the review of the document ‘possibly in part for political reasons’ resulting in a report that ‘did not appear to be well written.’


    Getting kind of desperate.


    1. The usual poo-pooing of TFG’s and his administrations malfeasance. If this had been a Democratic President, you would have posted it as soon as it hit the wires. (Yes, I’m old enough to remember newswires being the source for our news.)

      And the APPOINTEE is question was the ACTING head of DHS, covering up material that would make the President look bad. Not to mention the Russian interference attempts that were NEVER a HOAX.

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    2. Not desperate, just pointing out business as usual during the last administration.

      Russian parked themselves in our State Dept. and other department from March 2020 for about 8 months.

      I guess when the president said he “knew” Putin, he probably told the truth for once in his life. Or it was in The Biblical sense😇

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      1. Business as usual in the last administration?

        Business as usual in every administration as long as you have been alive.

        And considerably less so than in the current administration, which with the help of a partisan press has been able to hide gross corruption by the President’s family.


        1. Quit deflecting from the fact that the Trump DHS did everything in its power to hide interference by Russia during our election.

          THAT is the issue; not your extremely unhealthy obsession with UNPROVEN corruption.

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        2. “Gross corruption”.

          That, Don, is the Trump Family in a nutshell.

          But it is pointless to debate until you take a peek through the bubble and see another viewpoint.

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          1. And just because you cover your eyes and stick your fingers in your ears doesn’t mean it isn’t right in front of you.

            At the very least, Hunter and James are corrupt, and that they could be that corrupt without Joe’s knowledge would confirm his senility.


  2. Blah, blah, blah.

    So Russia tried to influence a U.S. presidential election. What methods did they use? How effective were they?

    Answer me those questions, and maybe I’ll take this topic seriously.

    To anyone who really wants to address the issue of Russian/Soviet influence in U.S. politics, I recommend learning about Yuri Bezmenov:



    1. “What methods did they use? How effective were they?”

      We don’t know because the Trump-appointed TEMPORARY head of the DHS CHANGED what was reported due to political reasons.

      It isn’t so much the Russian actions are the issue, but the fact that Trump’s cronies covered it up. To PROTECT he President POLITCALLY, not protect the Homeland.

      Interesting how you people tend poo-poo DHS malfeasance when performed in service to ONE MAN, but your hair gets all on fire when DHS actually works to protect the country.

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  3. Oh EURIKA, NOT…this Trump narrative has dust all over it but Democrats are banking on it along with a last second Jan 6 TRUMP DID IT revelation, oh my, to turn a drubbing around in midterms. Good luck with that as Biden, cackling Kam and congressional democrats have tons of incompetence baggage. It’s just politics not hate…


    1. “It’s just politics not hate…”

      What hate are you talking about this time? AN IG report shows malfeasance by ANYONE and I pointed it out. That’s all; not hatred, just facts. (You know, those pesky little things you tend to ignore)

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