War in Ukraine Cuts Fertilizer Supply, Hurting Food Prices and Farmers

I suppose one could say, “Farmers? We don’t need no stinking farmers!” What’s a few loaves of bread when we can get regime change in Russia?

15 thoughts on “War in Ukraine Cuts Fertilizer Supply, Hurting Food Prices and Farmers

  1. Go home Putin. Visit your mistresses, take a little time at the spa in Sochi. Then send about $50 Billion to repair the damaged cities, pay the widows and children. Open up trade with Ukraine like a civilized person.

    You will get your yachts back and even the billions you invested overseas…for the good of Mother Russia, of course.

    You will feel better, trust me.

    (I tried.)

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      1. If Putin did what I suggested, and what most of the world would probably agree with, would avert a food crisis too.

        It is in his hands to stop the invasion. That is no joke.

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      2. It is in our hands to prevent a food crisis. Sending weapons to Ukraine instead of finding ways to produce fertilizer is foolish, possibly even immoral.


        1. What is immoral is the attack on Ukraine.

          The only joke is the way supposedly freedom loving people think what happened to Ukraine is a whole lot of nothing, yet continue to bring up all of the bad things that are happening because of it and BLAMING UKRAINE!

          Wait. The “freedom loving people” of whom I speak only want freedom for themselves, the rest of the world be damned.


        2. RE: “What is immoral is the attack on Ukraine.”

          That’s nice, but now credible sources are predicting hunger after the next harvest, and possibly beyond.


          1. If the immoral attack on Ukraine hadn’t happened, there wouldn’t be this issue to discuss.

            Missed boat on your part. Let me say it slowly so you can understand:


        3. And Putin was a major source of grain, fertilizer and oil for Africa, among others. He could quit his murderous adventures, and get back to supplying goods needed to avert or temper famine.

          I would say it is much more in Putin’s hands than ours. The supply lines were already there.

          Prices and shortages have been building since long before the invasion. Putin just makes it worse.

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          1. RE: “Putin just makes it worse.”

            Do you think it is more important to hate Putin than to feed the hungry?


          2. Do you think it is more important to deflect form your constant drum beat of support of Putin, while trying to bring up effects of what he did?


          3. No, not hate Putin, but defeating him should be the goal. That will feed the hungry.

            Putin is trying to destroy the breadbasket of Europe and Africa. Do you think that is a good thing? Or should he just pull out, repair the damage he caused and get back to running a country?

            Ukraine makes a good buffer against Putin, protecting Southeastern Europe. And now we can see how necessary that is. Moldova was next probably.

            Hanging Ukraine out to defeat by a murderous dictator may appeal to some, but national sovereignty is an important part of global stability and its breach should not be acceptable.

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