13 thoughts on “Is he a jerk?

  1. Now this is truly rich. You resort to a national enquirer style gossip magazine for a cite on calling Musk a jerk? Oh your little squeaky teenage girly side exposes itself. Ask me, not only does Musk employ a ton of people, you know, the producers you hate so much, but he could easily do stand up to sell out shows. So he insulted Pocahantas and the annoying prune…good, those jerks deserve it…bigly.


      1. Teeny bop decency and civility standards are unrealistic child’s play. Next you’ll want to don a plastic princess tiara and start wishing for world peace while calling Elon Musk a big Ole meanie and a big bully including sticking out the tongue….lol..yes rich indeed.


  2. “Teeny bop decency and civility standards are unrealistic child’s play.”

    To our illustrious moderator. Isn’t this the kind of thing you said was unacceptable? Or is it OK because he agrees with you 100% of the time?

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    1. I avoid intervention. I guess, like Musk. I am a free speech absolutist.

      Sadly, unlike Musk, I don’t have my own space program better than NASA’s/

      I ask for civility but so long as people don’t threaten violence specifically, I don’t moderate.

      I have never banned anyone or blocked a post.


      1. You are right. However, the point I was making is the kind of language used by Mr. Smith is a lot worse than anything Paul or I have said and then been THREATENED with moderation (usually by Mr. Roberts).

        A simple admonition from you or Mr. Roberts, or Mr. Rothman (your appointed assistants) would have been nice. But you and JTR WON’T because Mr. Smith so often agrees with you, and Len won’t because he’ll be accused of something that is so far off the wall it doesn’t make sense.

        I guess what I was requesting was consistency.


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