Sitrep: Operation Z (April 9)

Source: The Saker.

Note: If you are unwilling to be exposed to pro-Russia-sounding commentary, don’t read the source article or this post.

Over the last few days there has been a lot of speculation about military operations in Mariupol. The last remnants of Ukrainian forces in the city are holed up in industrial facilities along the waterfront. There have been numerous daring but unsuccessful attempts to evacuate someone or something from the Azov Steel factory, but the target of the rescue efforts has remained mysterious. Today, Russian sources claimed that NATO military instructors and foreign fighters are trapped in Mariupol.

If true, public perceptions of the war may change dramatically on both sides. NATO boots on the ground fighting for Ukraine could force an entirely new narrative about the nature of the conflict.

Apart from that, the source offers an interesting comparative analysis of NATO/US and Russian military capabilities, especially as it relates to the encirclement of the main Ukrainian forces in the upcoming Donbas battle.

Finally, the source shares some links to videos that show Russian citizens supporting their troops headed to the war. Yes, the source is biased, but the images still challenge our assumptions about the Russian people. The images remind me of us.

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