Deplorable on Steroids

Thank you, Senator Cotton, for your auditioning to replace Trump.

We will get back to you.

18 thoughts on “Deplorable on Steroids

  1. Amazing how Judge Jackson was questioned about here work as Court Appointed Defense Counsel for GITMO detainees. The backbone of our judicial system is to ensure fairness to perpetrators AND victims alike.

    She did the job she was assigned to do, to the best of her ability as a LAWYER, and she gets attacked for doing her job.

    And the pro-pedophile attacks that have been coming out are ridiculous. If the GOP, who is so hellbent on derailing this nomination, can’t even look and compare her sentencing with those of other judges is lazy, idiotic, and just plain stupid. Too bad the base is just loving it. Their apparent taste for fertilizer seems to know no bounds.

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  2. If she were still a lawyer, defending them would be appropriate, and courageous. Much like John Adams defending the British soldiers in the Boston Massacre. Everyone deserves the best their lawyer can offer, within the bounds of the truth.

    Letting them off easy as a judge, not so much.


        1. And defending a client, no matter how reprehensible, was her job at the time. Her time as a judge has been different, but with the perspective of having been a public defender.
          It’s not about sypmathy or empathy; it is about being able to see the WHOLE enchilada.


    1. Well, of course the heinous deserve representation but that is too complicated for the people that Cotton is pandering to with his ignorant attack. He is the same sorry PoS who did his best to sabotage the Iran nuclear deal. He thinks he is a potential heir to Trump, and he is right. And, he even seems immune to bone spurs.

      As for sentencing, there is no objective measure that says Jackson is out of line with other judges. If you believe that there is, then you are one of the “gullible” whom you say dominate in our body politic.

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          1. Congress set the sentencing guidelines in consultation with a commission established for the purpose. If Jackson, and any number of other judges, deviate from them other than under unusual circumstances, they are usurping the powers of the legislative branch.


          2. FWIW I think Jackson will be a terrible justice who will place woke liberal policy ahead of the law, but it is the prerogative of President to appoint terrible justices, and barring any disqualifier I have not yet seen, she shold be confirmed.


          3. Congress makes the laws, if you don’t like them, elect someone different, But the Constitution gives the Congress the sole authority to make law.


          4. “Congress set the sentencing guidelines …”

            Your dishonesty – or is it stupidity – is off the charts. The world does not work in the ways you think it should. In this case, Congress does NOT set sentencing guidelines. An easily disproved FALSEHOOD. Again.

            Promulgating sentencing GUIDELINES is the work of the United States Sentencing Commission – an independent agency in the JUDICIAL branch of government.


            Judges are bound by statutory minimums and maximums should they exist, but not by sentencing guidelines. If you have evidence that Judge Jackson violated the statutory minimums in any case, then cite it. Obviously, you don’t because she hasn’t. Just more of your hot air full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Literally. Nothing.

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