4 thoughts on “The Letter ‘Z’ is Cancelled

  1. Here is an idea. Why not stand up for the poor persecuted letter “Z.” Maybe get some armbands with a bright red “Z” in a white circle to let people know where you stand.

    By the way, “Z” is not a letter in either the Russian or Ukrainian alphabet. Russia is using it as a SYMBOL not a letter. It is their version of the swastika. You like British sources here is a story from an actual news organization talking about its use. Note the video in the story of Russian black shirts supporting the “Z” and accusing Ukraine of Nazism. Now THAT is something in the category – “You can’t make this stuff up”.


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      1. “What in the world are you trying to say?”

        Okay. I will.

        Your video was childish and silly. The letter Z can still be freely used. So, don’t worry.

        The Russians and those supporting the invasion and attempted dismemberment of Ukraine have adopted and use the symbol Z in the same way that the Nazis used the swastika. You strongly support Putin so you can show that support by wearing his symbol – maybe on an armband. It goes good with a brown shirt.

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        1. RE: “The letter Z can still be freely used.”

          Not in Latvia or parts of Germany. Not in certain business logos.

          The letter “v” is also under threat.


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