American Who Lived 8 Years in Ukraine Speaks Out on Russia War

The interviewee in this video is an independent American journalist and U.S. Navy veteran. He has his own YouTube channel:

I was particularly interested in the speaker’s comment, referring to the last eight years of the conflict in Donbas: “What I’ve seen here with my own eyes is indiscriminate shelling of civilian areas year after year by Ukrainian forces.” I find his eyewitness testimony credible and his criticism of western media valid.

9 thoughts on “American Who Lived 8 Years in Ukraine Speaks Out on Russia War

    1. I don’t expect much in this life except hardship. But maybe people of good nature will hear what there is to hear.


      1. …” people of good nature”

        People of good nature don’t go looking for BS excuses for one country to invade another. People of good nature have an idea of the truth and who is telling what story.

        People of good nature do not find ways to support an autocratic thug who’s army is committing war crimes on a daily basis.

        People of good nature think you are full of it.


        1. RE: “People of good nature think you are full of it.”

          I must be very important to them. Why, I don’t know.

          Do you have anything to say about the video?


        1. …”pundits who couldn’t find Ukraine on a map”

          Did you or di you not type those words? Did Paul mention the fact that a leading POLITICIAN, who should actually understand better where a country is (especially if he is attempting to extort the leader of that country), could reportedly not be able to find Ukraine on a map hurt your feelings of Trump-love?

          A lot of the pundits you decry are actually IN Ukraine, or have visited it a time or two. But then again I don’t think Carlson or Hannity have left the confines of their Fox desks in a very long time.

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          1. Again, nothing Trump does or did, or anything Hannity or Carlson says(neither of which I have heard for months) makes lies by Biden true, or corrupt acts OK.


          2. What “corrupt acts” are you constantly referring to? You have been repeating this generalized slander for about two years and have yet to cite ANY actually illegal or unethical act committed by President Biden.

            The proven corruption of Donald Trump says absolutely nothing about whether Joe Biden is corrupt or not. You are right about that.

            But what it does do is demonstrate how fundamentally unserious and hypocritical you are with your baseless hyper-partisan slanders. It is hard to imagine what kind of psychic satisfaction you get out of playing a partisan troll but – given your addiction to it – it must give you some sort of joy.


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