15 thoughts on “Neo-con Assesses Putin’s Splendid Little War.

  1. I find the following observations from today’s The American Conservative more compelling than Fukuyama’s predictions:

    Not actually on the menu is another Afghanistan-like (U.S. or Soviet version) insurgency. What Putin is doing is an old school war to grab territory, not changing allegiances among the Taliban. This time his supply routes are short, his troops fighting the modern battle they trained for, albeit outside Kiev and not in the Fulda Gap. Unlike Afghanistan, Ukraine has cities dependent on modern infrastructure, and cities are easily encircled, starved out, or just leveled.

    Also not going to happen is some sort of regime change inside Russia. Putin has been in charge for 22 years and controls the media, the military, and the intelligence services. Those were the people who brought Putin to power in Russia’s last coup. There is no means to the end the West wishes for, and no clear evidence the people of Russia want such an outcome in the first place. After all, a million pink hats in Washington accomplished…very little. A few protests scattered across the vastness of Russia are exaggerated for a Western audience. And what could make life more interesting than one of the world’s largest stockpiles of nuclear weapons having no one firmly in charge?

    Anything can happen, but Putin “losing” in Ukraine seems among the most unlikely of scenarios.



    1. Why would I root for Fukuyama’s predictions if I don’t think they are any good? His claim to fame was predicting the “end of history,” but the Ukraine war itself disproves the premises of that line of thought.


      1. Uh, I was not refering to rooting for Fukuyama. Obviously.

        I was referring to my fervent hope that this barbaric and anachronistic invasion of a neighboring country fails and that the person responsible answers for his crimes. Every decent and patriotic American would like to see that outcome as well. People who love this country are going to hope for the succuess of democracy and freedom and the failure of fascism and slavery.

        I cannot say that I am surprised that you dodged the easy question nor that you seem not to join in the hope that Putin’s criminal enterprise fails utterly.

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        1. RE: “Every decent and patriotic American would like to see that outcome as well.”

          I doubt that you are the legitimate spokesperson for “every decent and patriotic American.” On the contrary, the sentiments you express remind me of a scene in the movie Cabaret:


          1. Cute. A fascist accusing other people of being a fascist. That is what fascists do.

            Doubt what you want about my bona fides, but no actually patriotic Americans are rooting for the fascist dictator to successfully crush the people of Ukraine. It is worth noting that even Sean Hannity did his best the other day o get Donald Trump to say that Putin and his aggression are evil. He failed.

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          1. There goes that projection again.

            The party that advocates for personal freedom and minimal government intervention in the economy is not the one drifting into fascism.

            That belongs to the party advocating mandates over personal choices.


          2. I am projecting nothing.
            You Putinistas are the fascist sympathizers around here.
            You have to be. Trump is your Dear Leader and he told you that Putin is a genius righteously defending his country from American aggression.

            Referring to traditional public health measures such as mandatory vaccinations against a dangerous and contagious disease as a manifestation of “fascism” only demonstrated how intellectually bereft you people are. Words have meanings and there is nothing “fascist” about the Democratic Party, its leaders, or its programs.

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          3. It is deeply fascist to suggest that there is a morally correct/incorrect way to understand the war in Ukraine. It is evident in statements such as, “Every decent and patriotic American would like to see that outcome as well.”


          4. “It is deeply fascist to . . .”

            Let’s add “fascist” to the list of words you throw around without any idea what they mean.

            Condemning a dictator who has invaded another country on phony pretexts, killing thousands of people, and systematically committing war crimes is NOT a hard “moral” call. For people with ANY morality.

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          5. Is that why you introduced morality into this thread, because you want to only deal with easy questions?


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