Price Inflation Hit a New 40-Year High in February. No, It’s Not “Putin’s Fault.”

Source: Mises Institute.

Using BLS data released last month, the writer explains today’s inflation as a consequence of monetary policy. He worries that the war in Ukraine may be used as an excuse to do nothing about it.

8 thoughts on “Price Inflation Hit a New 40-Year High in February. No, It’s Not “Putin’s Fault.”

  1. Flooding the market with new money does indeed cause inflation. My 17 year old even understands that over supply of cash cheapens the value of cash.


    1. You all realize the first “flood” of money came while TFG was still in office, Right?

      The history of pandemic spending did not start in January 2021. Amazing how TFG-ites attempt to rewrite history to ignore ALL of the facts.

      Does your 17-year old also hate everyone who doesn’t look, love, pray or vote like you?

      You Have to be Taught to Hate – Rodgers and Hammerstein.

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      1. You are the one who keeps on harping about hate. Do you hate yourself or just everyone who doesn’t agree with you? Honestly, what you incessantly and falsely claim others say, do or think is ridiculous and a sIgn of closet paranoid schizophrenia.


        1. Don’t try to practice psychology on me; you are woefully out of your league.

          Disagreeing is one thing, It is good for reasoned debate. You however, are a hateful human being who displays regularly his personal hatred in his posts.

          I used the hate comparison to show you how stupidly hypocritical you and many on the right are. To say I falsely claim about your words can be seen as you being totally and truly schizoid.


    2. RE: “You all realize the first ‘flood’ of money came while TFG was still in office, Right?”

      I trace the recent history of monetary expansion back to the 2008 financial crisis. The Mises writer is concerned that Federal Reserve policies enacted then (e.g., “quantitative easing”) need to be reversed.


      1. At the time, the quantitative easing and the other policies enacted then, were necessary to prevent a collapse of our economy. That they have been maintained is up for debate.

        This is similar to the 2001 OU allowing PResidents to “declare war” without Congressional approval. It has been used since then and should also be discontinued. Tim Kaine has been fighting for that since early in the Obama administration.

        HOWEVER, my point to Mr. Smith, and now to you, is that the claims of Biden’s economic policies is the ONLY cause of inflation is disingenuous and, what’s the word, WRONG! Your comment supports my assertion.


          1. Really. All I see from you is “It’s Biden’s fault”…. If you want me to believe that you understand that you take into account the other effects on the economy, then include those.

            You have accused me in the past of attempting to read your mind; now if I don’t, you say that my accusations are inaccurate.


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