Bitty Bug®Soft Packer

Source: Stitchbug Studio.

This way madness lies, certainly.

One seriously might ask: Why is “gender affirmation” so important when gender itself is merely a social construct? My guess is that gender affirmation is really code for social enforcement.

Little girls need chrochet penises because their parents want them to become imaginary little boys. Pay what you can.

10 thoughts on “Bitty Bug®Soft Packer

  1. Who is it that is constantly raising the subject of gender dysphoria in this forum? Is it Len? Is it Adam? Is it Russell? Is it me?

    The answer is that it is none of the above. It is one of the “conservatives” who is fed this stuff by right wing media (or did you go searching for this?) and regurgitates it. Why this obsession? I dunno. Check with your psychologists.

    Parents do not force children to switch gender identities. That WOULD be madness. But that is not what happens here in the, you know, real world. Wise and loving parents deal with reality and take heed of what this store says. . .

    “The number one factor in reducing the astonishingly high suicide and suicidal ideation rate in trans and non-binary youth is the support of even one close family member. ”

    Go ahead. Mock that some more.

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    1. Ad copy is always mockable. But to your original question, it was Russell who most recently made gender dysphoria a topic in the Forum.


      1. I stand corrected. Russell did bring up the subject of egregious government overreach in Texas as it relates to the parenting of transgender children. But unlike you “conservatives,” his post was from the point of view of empathy and not emotionally driven disdain such as your post today.

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        1. His post was from the point of view of Texas “terrorizing” trans gender people. Disdain for hyperbole on that scale is entirely justified.


          1. The “disdain” I referred to was your attitude towards people dealing with gender dysphoria as evidenced by your constant ugly and/or smirky comments about the transgendered. Today’s post is one of many in the same ugly vein. What is behind this obsessive interest?

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  2. At least the crocheted penis isn’t an AR-15 which was sold (expensively to the tune of $73 Million) as a man license.

    Maybe if gang members wore these instead of guns and body armor they would be just as happy. After all, something is obviously missing among Proud 1% Oathkeepers or whatever they call themselves.


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