“…that’s wonderful…”

“I went in yesterday and there was a television screen, and I said, ‘This is genius.’ Putin declares a big portion of the Ukraine — of Ukraine. Putin declares it as independent. Oh, that’s wonderful,” Trump said. 


We are sending thousands of troops into potential war against Russia. Should the most prominent Republican be praising Putin while at the same time the Red Party (GOP so as not to confuse too easily with the other ”Reds”, although it seems it is hard to distinguish) calling our President the ”sign of weakness”.

“… I knew Putin very well,…” I’ll bet he did, and still does I would think.

“He liked me. I liked him. I mean, you know, he’s a tough cookie, got a lot of great charm and a lot of pride,” Trump said. “And he loves his country, you know? He loves his country.” So does our ex-president it seems.

26 thoughts on ““…that’s wonderful…”

  1. And the GOP keeps proving how truly un-American they are.


    They take a swipe at Biden for his moves against Putin and his oligarch buddies, while not saying a damned thing when Trump praises him to the hilt. Trump was cowed by Putin in Helsinki and elsewhere, admires and praises him, and the anti-American, anti-democracy party says bupkes.

    At a time when Congress and the Executive should be showing sings of unity, especially on the international stage, the GOP just continues on its “we’ll do anything and everything in our power to get back in power; America be damned!” attitude and rhetoric.


    “”Sadly, President Biden consistently chose appeasement and his tough talk on Russia was never followed by strong action,” the Republican leaders, including Reps. Kevin McCarthy (Calif.), Steve Scalise (La.) and Elise Stefanik (N.Y.), said in a statement.”

    How did Biden appease Putin? It wasn’t Biden who said he believed Putin when he said he wouldn’t be invading Ukraine. Or that Russia did not interfere in the 2016 election. Who was it that said he believed Putin? Who ACTUALLY is guilty of the appeasement accusation?


    1. If you have no dispute, you can’t have appeasement.

      If we weren’t going to do something effective to stop Putin, what’s the point of making threats you can’t back up?

      Aside from which, Putin has a legitimate point. The Soviets did deliberately break up the ethnic Russians by redrawing boundaries. Putin was once a Soviet, but he is and always was Russian. He takes pride in that. There was never anything short of war that would stop him from reclaiming the Russian portions of Ukraine.

      You have to pick your battles. Don’t pick a fight if you know you will eventually have to back down.


      1. …”Putin has a legitimate point. “…

        There is no legitimate point about attacking another country. Putin has lied to the world and his own people concerning these actions from the jump.

        But you are just fine with that because it ain’t our problem.


  2. What is it you think was the right course of action for Ukraine?

    I can see two.

    My choice would be to acknowledge that it was none of our business and stay out of it.

    But I guess you could woof and tweet and posture with threats of sanctions that you know will be ineffective and then watch as Russia reclaims the ethnic Russian parts of Ukraine while you sputter and stomp your feet.

    Before trying to conduct diplomacy you should first consider the other leaders motivation, and then, if you have nothing available that is sufficient to deter him, shut up.

    Trump is right that Putin does love his country. Russians are like that, if they weren’t, Hitler would have won WW2. There was never any economic penalty that could have overcome Putin’s love for the Rodina.

    So, Biden made a fool of himself for nothing.

    Perhaps he should read THE ART OF THE DEAL.

    BTW, Putin’s approval rating in Russia is in the 90s. Where is Biden’s?


    1. Putin is a brutal dictator who kills his toughest detractors and imprisons the rest. Of course he is going to get 90% approval. He also gets most of the votes, what a surprise. He loves his country so much that he has billions stashed for his personal fortune. Probably from oligarchs he hasn’t jailed…yet.

      Aside from that, when troops are possibly entering harms way in a delicate balancing act with NATO, we might consider showing at least some tacit support for them in lieu of the de facto head of the opposition party praising Putin as a genius and doing a wonderful thing.

      I wonder if Putin has ever tried to negotiate in good faith for a solution for the two regions in the southeast to actually help ethnic Russians who actually want to be part of Russia. That would make sense if his vision did not include absorbing all of Ukraine whether ethnic Ukrainians want to or not.

      As far as reading THE ART OF THE DEAL, Trump hasn’t even read the book himself more than likely.

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        1. Well Pompeo and Trump were certainly beating their chests on this crisis. Add in the fawning sycophantic praise for Putin from both and I wonder whose side are they on. Certainly not ours.

          We don’t want war with Russia, but our allies in Europe are certainly concerned about 190,000 troops to “rescue” a few separatists in a tiny part of Ukraine.

          Wait until the civilian death tolls hit the 10,000 mark and then we’ll savor the great respect heaped on Putin by the previous administration.

          Where is Manafort when we need him. His contacts might have helped. 😇

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      1. Not really.

        Putin is a corrupt thug, but then so are the Ukrainian oligarchs that own the Biden family.

        I doubt Putin wants to have to control a bunch of Ukrainians so I expect he will limit any permanent presence to the ethnic Russian sections.

        He might temporarily occupy more for a while to discourage any thought that Ukraine wants to be part of NATO.


        1. “ I doubt Putin wants to have to control a bunch of Ukrainians so I expect he will limit any permanent presence to the ethnic Russian sections.”

          Well he sure is spending a lot of munitions to do that. He has invaded the whole nation.

          This has been his intention for a decade. Remember the exiled president who Manafort consulted and was jailed for not reporting taxes on the fees, among other things. He was a Putin lackey.

          Timing? Who knows. My own suspicion is that once we left Afghanistan, Putin rightly assumed Americans would not want another war.

          Plus, Putin knows now that he has lots of friends in the US. Just look at the comments from Republicans and the ex-administration.

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          1. Came across this interesting little take from an article in Mother Jones, concerning amnesia or hypocrisy from the GOP:

            “Now the Trump cult glorifies the despot who assaulted American democracy. Or they condemn an American president for being weak in the face of Putin’s aggression. Or both. There’s a Russian proverb: Hypocrites kick with their hind feet while licking with their tongues. These days, Republicans and conservatives are quite busy with both ends of that equation.

            “Hypocrites kick with their hind feet while licking with their tongues.”
            Gotta file that one away for future use. It comes in quite handy on this forum. 😇


        2. “Putin is a corrupt thug, but then so are the Ukrainian oligarchs that own the Biden family.”

          You have never proven that assertion because IT AIN’T TRUE.

          But keep up the BS. It is fun to watch you try to justify an attack on an ally.


  3. Give us a break with the Trump derangement fixation. For insight into the current situation, Russia invaded and annexed Crimea from Ukraine during Obama/Biden in 2014 and nothing was done. THAT set a precedence for future annexation of Ukraine which is where we are now. Biden/Harris will do nothing but bloviate for politics. As an aside, aren’t these people ethnic Russians anyway who want to be part of Russia? Are these breakaway regions really that valuable?

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    1. Breakaway regions? Missiles are hitting Kyiv, at the other end of the country. Putin wants a Russian empire, like the good old days.

      Manafort got into legal trouble with his millions he was paid to support a Russian puppet in Ukraine. That failed.

      So here we are and some folks here are praising and cheering for Putin while we have troops in the region.

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    2. …”aren’t these people ethnic Russians anyway who want to be part of Russia?”

      Some, but they are a minority. A SMALL minority. Russian backed separatists are leading those regions in question.

      But why attack Odessa? Kyiv? If they want to attempt to annex the breakaway regions, there are diplomatic means to do so. The issue is there are not enough of the separatists in those regions for Ukraine make that deal.


  4. The defense of one nation attacking another on this forum is baffling to me. Ukraine is an ally to this country. We should be supporting them as best we can with arms and sanctions against the aggressor. Moving troops into NATO countries in the region is prudent to prevent further spread.

    Putin said he wouldn’t invade; he did. He has said he won’t occupy Ukraine; looks like he will until he gets the regime change that he desires so badly to bring Ukraine back under Moscow control. (More money for the oligarchs?)

    Funny how a country that DEMOCRATICALLY threw out the Russian stooges that were leading them is now a pariah in the eyes of so many here.


    1. I’ve seen no “defense” of this action, just questions about our place in the matter and what we can logically do. Biden’s only interest is Hunter’s further future employment with Barisma. He pushed Ukraine around then as VP and doesn’t want to lose a whipping boy to Putin.


      1. Well, at least Republicans are siding with Putin, so we know that much.

        I think all the praise for the Russian dictator should play well in campaign ads. Especially if this drags out and thousands die, million more become refugees. And the European chauvinists must be either livid, thrilled or clueless. Pick one.


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      2. Nice attempt to bring back the lies and mistruths of the Biden-Ukraine link.

        …”about our place in the matter and what we can logically do. ”

        Completely abandoning allies is now a good thing? Your boy did it to the Kurds and would have done the same thing in Afghanistan. Funny how everyone blames Biden for executing the plan and timeline that Trump put into place.

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  5. Amazing shtick. Take a wisp of a claim and scaffold it up to an entire dogma, Our media and education have self-destructed from lies and sophistry. What’s left of them?

    Praise for the Russian dictator Putin? There is none, except in Shticktown. As the great Jimi Hendrix said, stop acting so crazy.


    1. The usual insults?

      “Genius”, “savvy”, “wonderful”…I guess in another dimension’s rabbit hole these are not praise.

      Alas, coming from the usual sources, I think we can call them praise, even a bit of envy, no?

      Crazy? Yep!

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    2. Once agian your idiocy and lack of awareness is on FULL DISPALY.

      Carlson, Cruz, etc., have praised him. But that’s OK with you because they are on your side of the idiocy.


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