Another warning that will be ignored(good)

Trans swimmer dominates women’s swimming

All across this nation, Moms are getting up early to drive their daughters to practice for one sport or another where they excel. Dads are working overtime to cover the costs of supporting their daughter’s passion.

And they are seeing it all come to naught, and their daughter’s heart broken, as transgender athletes obliterate the women’s record books and soak up all the scholarships and wins.

They are watching this, and they are not amused. The left is going to pay.

8 thoughts on “Another warning that will be ignored(good)

      1. So, my serious response to this is:

        Trans women, and particularly black trans women are murdered at a staggering rate in this country. It is therefore puzzling to me that most of the mainstream advocacy groups tend to focus all their effort on making sure wealthy white kids at elite institutions get to compete in sports. Calling someone a bigot for raising an eyebrow and a trans athlete destroying collegiate records seems, to me, to be detrimental to their ostensible cause.

        You say “left,” but this is liberal 101. They love to hyper-focus on identity issues so that they can avoid any talk of structural issues–which they don’t want to change.


        1. I think that when you look at everything through the lens of race or class, the distortion is greater than the information.

          That Black trans women are murdered or commit suicide at a high rate is irrelevant to the issue at hand.

          There is a backlash building to ‘wokeness’ and it is nowhere more clear than in the realm of women’s athletics. Allowing biological men to dominate women’s sports due to their physiological advantages will result in suburban women, who the Democrats rely on for a margin of victory, to hand them their heads in the coming election.

          You arouse the Moma bears at your peril.


          1. I’m agreeing with you. I’m questioning the motivations of ostensible trans advocacy groups. They’re taking the Right’s bait and doing culture war stuff and that’s a field where they won’t win.

            Now I’ll answer my own question: Liberals are just as conservative as you are, just less so, socially.

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    1. RE: “Just pretend the trans women are inheritors of generational wealth and the other swimmers are people born into poverty and the race is life.”

      I’d put the economic analogy differently: The wealthy and the poor pay the same price for a can of soda or a gallon of gas. Transgender athletes pay less for their sports victories than their competitors.


      1. “The wealthy and the poor pay the same price for a can of soda or a gallon of gas.”

        Not in relative terms they don’t. Which is the entire point if you’re arguing that a six minute mile is different if done by a man vs a woman.

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      2. I’m arguing that the economic analogy should reflect sexual dimorphism, which is a given, natural fact of our species. I wouldn’t argue that a six minute mile is different based on the sex of the runner (what would be the point?), but I would argue that men generally run faster than women, which is why it makes sense to keep running competitions segregated by sex.


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