Another view on masking kids too long

WSJ Hygiene hypothesis

Masking kids too long may be setting them up for future immune problems.

17 thoughts on “Another view on masking kids too long

  1. You gotta love the desperate scramble to justify the anti-science druthers of modern “conservatives.”

    One day kids wearing masks is pointless because they don’t actually block viruses. The next day kids wearing masks is dangerous because they block the viruses kids need to challenge their immune systems. You can’t make this stuff up.

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    1. You really need to work on your reading comprehension.

      Masks, at least the cloth ones kids wear, don’t work to block COVID, but they do work to block bacteria, molds, pollen, and spores, all of which stimulate the immune system.

      And it is not just masks that were covered in the article. The social distancing, obsessive wiping of surfaces and altered interactions between kids that deprive them of the immune stimulation needed.

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      1. I saw not to long ago that families with dogs that are allowed indoors have healthier children. Exposure to bacterial, fungal and viral elements that the pups bring in after rolling around in the dirt outside is apparently good for building immunities.

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      2. If I need to improve my reading comprehension, then you need to quit making things up. The article does not say anything about what masks do EXCEPT that “the evidence that masking reduces spread is stronger, but it also limits the exchange of other microbes, which may be deleterious, especially to children.” This author is not trying to have it both ways. You are.


        1. RE: “This author is not trying to have it both ways. You are.”

          How is Dr. Tabor trying to “have it both ways”?

          He agrees with the article that masks limit “the exchange of other [non-Covid] microbes. He says, “Masks, at least the cloth ones kids wear, don’t work to block COVID,” which happens to be true according to the CDC, even if the article doesn’t mention it.

          Are you looking for people to beat up, just because you don’t like the true things they say?

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    1. I can report the same on my grandkids. Plus, they both tested positive for the virus a couple of weeks ago. About the same time of year they would get the flu or a bad winter cold.


          1. They caught it from a child?
            You know that how?

            The child was wearing a mask?
            You know that how?

            Of course, this is just more of your silly grasping at straws.
            Masking is not foolproof, and nobody ever said it was.

            You have shown your true colors by being unable to accept the compelling evidence that your categorical claims that the vaccines do NOTHING to slow the spread of the Omicron variant was just plain wrong. But you take this anecdote as evidence that you were right about something.


          2. Nope.

            I don’t need to know the details. The point is that the kids were infected while the mask mandates were in effect and it didn’t make any difference.

            Whether its because they are useless in school or because there are other places to get it the fact remains that the mandates didn’t make a difference.


          3. “The point is that the kids were infected while the mask mandates were in effect and it didn’t make any difference.”

            Is that a good example of how your science mind works? You hear of a case where some kids got the virus and that proves that mask mandates don’t help. Interesting!


          4. Certainly? No. We have no information about the particulars. Were they infected at school? Did the school properly enforce the mandate? etc.

            But probably? Sure. Uh. so what? If masks were touted as perfect protection, then an anecdote might have some weight.

            Here is an anecdote for you. My grandson goes to full time primary school in a Chicago suburb dominated by “leftists.” His public school strictly enforces mask wearing, requires available vaccination, sends children home at the first sign of a sniffle, requires testing to come back, tests everyone weekly. They have been in full time session since late August with no outbreak even as Omicron rages. Your heart can bleed for the poor little tykes FORCED to wear masks, FORCED to be tested, and FORCED to be vaccinated, but they are healthy and happy and not spreading disease.

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