Transgender Olympian on Women’s Sports

Kaitlyn Jenner on transgender athletes

A year, or twenty years, on testosterone suppression does not erase growing up male. Anybody but a University administrator can see that.

The next governor of California is now being called transphobic.

Only in California

40 thoughts on “Transgender Olympian on Women’s Sports

  1. This story is a good example of “wokeness” collapsing from its own internal inconsistencies.

    For example, feminism is one of the ideologies of wokeness, but you can’t square the feminist ideal of empowering women with the woke ideal of empowering transgenders.

    Problems of this kind only occur because we as a society no longer value the laws of nature or the laws of man. Instead, we allow lawless people (here, a university administrator) to govern us.


  2. “The next governor of California”

    Well, Jenner is the perfect Republican candidate – a scandal ridden reality show celebrity with nothing but being famous for being famous to offer. But don’t get your hopes up. As a reminder the well-funded attempt to recall Governor Newsome could not have failed much more decisively.

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  3. Modern science and sports have an uneasy relationship. Performance enhancing drugs are a problem for the record books. And most sports have the records that define achievement.

    On the one hand, elite athletes can afford the best of the best when it comes to training methods, nutrition, medicines and both authorized and unauthorized drugs. For now, most sports screen for PED’s that are deemed illegal or dangerous.

    Like the effort to battle the elusive coronaviruses, trying to stay ahead of all the science is hard and fraught with legal entanglements.

    The same is true with transgender athletes. Unfair advantages seem to be the obvious complaint. A complaint that has merit in my opinion.

    I think what we are seeing is a backlash to centuries of abuse against LBGT, a community that has been a part of every society as far as records show. Now that most modern countries are accepting them as part of life, the effort to stay relevant among the LBGT is causing excesses and grief. And modern science has allowed transgender folks a route never really available before.

    This will be resolved…eventually. In the meanwhile, considering the size of the community, perhaps 5%-10% suggests we might want to save teeth gnashing for other inequities. Particularly with the transgender issue, which is really a small subset. And elite athletes changing sex even smaller yet.


    That being said, my opinion is that transgender males competing among women is inherently unfair unless, ironically, we permit women to “go East German” and let them use whatever PED’s they want. Which may be the end result with all athletics.

    Unhealthy? Dangerous? Yes, but we still box, play football, head soccer balls, and all kinds of sports that we now know are devastating to the human brain. And yet…

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        1. I can think of lots of “otherwises.” Should we pretend that men are women by sending male inmates to female prisons? How about in defining allowable health insurance benefits? I don’t think sports is the only social activity affected by insane pretenses.


          1. Neither be of your two examples are problematic to me. Do you think the transgender male wants a male prison? Maybe.

            My guess is that a transgender would be welcomed by insurance companies. Neither one could go through childbirth, a huge cost.

            I try to keep in mind that transgender folks don’t take it lightly. It is not a matter of wanting to wear a dress. Cross dressers are not the same. We are talking years of therapy, surgery, drugs, etc.

            I ask myself “why would someone go that route?”. There must be a damned compelling drive that I am glad I don’t have, but I am willing to empathize to the degree that I can.

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        1. Modern conservatism is all about what we can’t do and those that do are un-American.

          The GOP platform for 2022 is the same ad 2020, which was the same as 2016. Zilch.

          Oh, except for obstructionism. Yey, now so many GOP legislators are bragging to their constituents about the great infrastructure bill and it benefits.

          The bill they voted against, lobbied against and generally vilified.

          At least they could send thank you notes to Biden, Pelosi and Schumer for letting them look tough, but getting the roads fixed so their voters don’t fall off of collapsing bridges.

          Idiots and losers, one and almost all.

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        2. RE: “Hatred of the transgendered is one of the uglier aspects of modern ‘conservatism.'”

          No one expressed any hatred until you did.

          In any case, gender dysphoria is not the issue. The issue is pretending that men and women are indistinguishable.


          1. Not buying your shucking and jiving.

            No one said anything about men and women being indistinguishable. Obviously, they are.

            We are now discussing your hateful and, frankly, ignorant comments about people “pretending.”

            You really are a modern “conservative” through and through, and you exhibit ALL the traits that make them what they are.

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          2. RE: “We are now discussing your hateful and, frankly, ignorant comments about people ‘pretending.'”

            What is hateful or ignorant in my comments?


          3. What is hateful and ignorant?

            Your accusation that people born with a conflict between their bodies and their psyches are “pretending” for some perverse reason that exists only in the “conservative” imagination.

            That this condition is real and not some “pretense” is documented to a fare-the-well. And those who seek relief through a long and unpleasant process of behavior modification, counselling, drugs, and/or surgery deserve a little empathy, not the scorn and ridicule heaped on them by the likes of you and Mr. Smith.

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          4. RE: “Your accusation that people born with a conflict between their bodies and their psyches are ‘pretending’ for some perverse reason that exists only in the ‘conservative’ imagination.”

            Quote the words I used to make the accusation you claim. You can’t.


        3. The ugliest aspect of liberals is trying to convince everyone else boys are girls and then subjecting real girls to forced indecent exposure. You people are SICK bastards!!!


    1. To make it even, you’d have to start those PEDs on the girls when they are about 6.

      By the time puberty comes along, the male body is so far ahead there is no catching up.


  4. You can stick a diamond up a pig’s butt but it will never be a wedding ring. Boys can never be girls no matter how much you mutilate the body. The best therapy for sick people is learning to accept reality. Period.


      1. So, why do you have a problem with reality? Expecting everyone else to accept fantasy as reality is…wait for it….fantasy.


        1. Your obsessive comments concerning the LGTBQ+ community makes me think it is YOU who needs some sort of therapy to deal with society. If you don’t wnat to alter your physical sex to align with your mind, then don’t.

          Why can’t you just allow people to be who they are? They are no threat to you or your kin. Catholic priests are more of a threat to children than a homosexual.

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          1. It is kind of odd how often this fellow comes back to this subject. Today it fits the topic. It usually doesn’t. But every time he goes off on this subject, it reeks of drooling hatred. Very odd.

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          2. I can’t speak for others, but I’m pretty tolerant of people being different,

            But even so, I have a problem with a biological male going into a restroom with my granddaughter, and I have a problem with her having to compete with him in women’s athletics.


          3. If a transgender male wears a dress and uses the girls restroom, how would anyone know?

            If he attacks your granddaughter, how is that different from a straight male donning womenswear to enter a restroom to attack your daughter.

            In other words, it doesn’t happen.

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          4. Not really. The two went into the girls restroom as they had done before for a little heavy petting and he raped her.

            Not even close. The big scandal was that he had been a problem before at another school. And that the county was not forthcoming.

            Nothing to do with transgender issues at all.

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          5. ” I have a problem with a biological male going into a restroom with my granddaughter,”

            You’ve never taken your granddaughter to a restroom? Your wife has never taken a child or grandson to the women’s room?

            Your fears are unfounded and based in ignorance.

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          6. The bathroom fear is nonsensical. Purely imaginary.

            I agree with you about serious competitive sports. No amount of surgery or hormones is going to make the musculature of a man transform into that of a woman.

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          7. This commentary reminds me of something that happened several years ago:

            As a work outing, we went to a Tides game. We sat on the visitors side and during warmups, my boss, started heckling one of the players that he throws like a girl. My son, who was about 10 at the time, tugged at my boss’s shirt and said “Mr. Fernandez, you’ve never seen my sister throw a ball.”

            My daughter was one of many young ladies that I coached in softball and I would say two thirds of them NEVER threw “like a girl”. Some of them had serious cannons for arms.

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          8. Your
            idea of being who they are is THE big LIE. I have daughters and have zero time for female impersonators using the same restroom or competing in girls sports. Why are you so partial to sickos? You a closest he/she?


          9. Let’s not speculate on other people’s sexuality.

            The Libertarian Party of Virginia was the first non-gay organization to join Equality Virginia to oppose(unsuccessfully) the Defense of Marriage Amendment as a matter of principle. (the second was the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom)

            You do not have to be directly involved to support freedom on principle.

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          10. Why are you so hateful of people being who they are.

            As far as my sexuality goes, its nunya business. If you could just get over the fact that there are good people who know who they are and just want to be able to live their lives without hateful ASSHOLES such as yourself questioning if they are criminals…or in your case claiming they are criminals.

            I have a daughter, a granddaughter and a future daughter-in-law. All three of them have zero concerns about what scares you so badly.

            And now I have to ask you, as you are so adamant about things, is it you that is a closet transsexual, homosexual, or cross dresser? The paraphrased Shakespeare quote, “Me thinks the asshole protests too much” comes to mind.


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