18 thoughts on “George Soros Pledges ‘Unprecedented’ $125 Million To Help Democrats Win In November

    1. Of course there is. He is a liberal, he is in finance and he is Jewish.

      “Jews will not replace us.” The Rothschild cabal. Synagogue attacks. “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” was Red propaganda last century and it appears to appeal to some “Reds” today. Ironic, no?

      There is political traction for anti-Semitism.

      Those folks vote, too.

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      1. What is it about Soros that you find so sinister, I wonder? There have been several much larger contributors to both parties in recent years, but you people always come back to Soros?

        It can’t be because he is Jewish – you people loved Sheldon Adelson when his money purchased the Mideast policy he wanted and his wife a Presidential Medal of Freedom. So that’s not it. What could it be?

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  1. Of course he can donate to whomever he wants, but every dime should be followed, no matter how many shells it passes through, and the voters should know how indebted to Soros the candidate is before the election.


    1. Gee, shouldn’t that be the case for every donor, no matter the party.

      In our country, average voters support their candidates, the rich buy them.

      Now that is real slavery.

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    2. “. . . but every dime should be followed”

      Of course, they should. As should every contribution from every source to every candidate. That is one of the vital reforms that the Republican Party has stymied at every turn for many years.

      BTW, you don’t get to pretend that there is something special about Soros money that makes it more sinister than any other contribution from any other source. It isn’t.

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  2. $125 million in political donations is certainly an enormous sum. However, it is NOT “unprecedented.” In the 2018 non-Presidential election, Sheldon Adelson made known political donations to Republicans totaling $123,244,400. And, he was BY FAR Donald Trump’s largest donor in both 2016 and in 2020. In the 2020 campaign Adelson’s total funding of Republicans came to $173 Million.

    So, NOT “unprecedented.”

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  3. Full display of right wing hypocrisy by Mr. Roberts once again. If the money supports his beliefs, it can be unlimited; if it supports things he disagrees with, it is criminal.

    Prove my observation wrong, if you can. But you can’t!

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