Maybe we won’t have to wait for November

Democrats censure Sinema

Keep pissing her off, and go after Manchin too.

The sooner they push one of them across the aisle, the sooner we no longer have to hear from Schumer.

26 thoughts on “Maybe we won’t have to wait for November

  1. Sinema was censured by the AZ Democrats, not Congress.

    Just like all the patriots in the GOP who voted for impeachment, including Cheney and Kinzinger, both Republican stalwarts. Except they were trashed also by Congressional Republicans.

    Why would they cross the aisle? They have more power and influence now than they ever had or probably have in the future.

    Joining the GOP with its state of disrepair over who is most loyal to the ex-president would be like Trump leaving Mar a Lago to live under a freeway overpass.

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      1. And Cheney isn’t getting primaried in Wyoming? By A Trump aligned sycophant? ANd other GOP members who supported impeachment are getting primaried or retiring.

        Once again, your concerns are a one way street.

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        1. If you think I’m going to defend Trump’s vindictiveness, you’re going to have all long wait.

          I am a believer in Reagan’s 11th Commandment.. But then that goes for Cheney too.


          1. It is not just about his vindictiveness, while that does play a big part of his plan. It is about him wanting to be King and “prince/princess” maker. If you don’t kowtow to his theories on the 2020 election, you are a RINO and not worthy of representing your constituents. The number one constituent being Trump himself.

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          2. “But then that goes for Cheney too.”

            No room for conscience or principle?
            Of course not.
            That would involve some sense of right and wrong.
            And patriotism

            You defend everything about Trump – vindictiveness included – as you busy yourself with your never-ending bucket of whitewash.

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    1. Where do you extremist liberals get this weird view that Republicans are beholden to Trump? I see ZERO evidence of such. In fact, it would be correct to say Republicans are trying to appease Trump voters and other conservatives with a unifying message but Democrats have the same dilemma with moderate and extremist liberals. Thats just politics. Republicans don’t have to try very hard though as Trump policies that Biden scrapped for spite proved to be spot on. Look south to the border for proof!! Democrats are too busy fighting each other over how to destroy America to notice.


      1. Alaska’s governor had to beg Trump NOT to support his primary opponent.

        Ted Cruz BEGGING Carlson for forgiveness for going against what Trump said.

        That is just two of the most recent, easily come to mind, instances of Trump’s sway over the GOP.

        Denial is NOT just a river in Egypt. Thank you for proving it bigly.

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          1. I have to think you are smart enough to get the point but pretend not to be.

            AOC, like Trump, influences enough people that she can’t be dismissed. but the adults in your party wish she would just sit down and shut up and stop embarrassing the party.

            The same problem Republicans have with Trump.


          2. The problem with the Republican Party is not enough of them wish OUT LOUD that he would go away. And they aren’t doing a damned thing to give him a reason to do so. Not that he would listen; he believes he is bigger than any party, or the country even.

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          3. AOC comparable to Trump?

            That is a dog that will not hunt.

            Being influential is one thing (AOC) but being deferred to unquestioningly by everyone in the party is quite another.

            AOC is one of the most talented, hardworking and honest people in politics. I expect her to be a U.S. Senator in the not-too-distant future. Maybe President someday. She does not embarrass me and, for what it is worth, I am a well-educated adult. The people like you who hate, fear, and mock her are NEVER going to support a Democrat. Your continuing to support the criminal Trump makes that painfully clear. So, really, who cares what you think?

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          4. Wait. You mean that one of the leading Libertarian websites thinks AOC is wrong about something? Let me catch my breath.

            Disagreements are common. Calling someone a “loon” based on that disagreement is low hanging fruit and requires little to no thought. It also adds nothing to the discussion.

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          5. Did you read the article?

            The numbers come from the IPCC and the EPA’s Climate Assessment.

            So, what difference does it makes who reports them? Does it change the numbers?

            Note that AOC calls an increase of 1.5C above pre-industrial temperatures catastrophic. We’re already !C above that, so 1/2 of a degree over the next 100 years is doom?

            As I said, no grasp on reality.


          6. “She had no grasp of reality.”

            I have tried many times to let you know how truly clueless and out of touch with the world as it actually is you are. This statement makes it clear that I have failed.

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          7. ” . . . she is a total loon?”

            You mean she does not agree with you about the importance of serious action on climate change?

            Virtually every policy idea incapsulated in the “Green New Deal” that you people love to mock enjoys widespread and often strong majority support and yet you sit there apparently believing that she is out of touch with reality?

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          8. The National Climate Assessment is cherry pricked? It is on the alarmist side, not skeptics.

            A worst case outcome of less than a 2% decline in GDP is not an existential threat.


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