Strange Snow

I’ve seen hundreds of snowstorms in my life, but never one like today’s. Not a single snowflake, nary a flurry, yet hour after hour the landscape outside my windows turned whiter and whiter.

Invisible fall, visible deposit. I blame the president.

3 thoughts on “Strange Snow

    1. Growing up on Lake Erie, I too, saw hundreds of snow storms. THe early part of this one, where businesses and schools closed, would have made us laugh.

      However, this morning, while shoveling out my driveway, I was reminded of Christmas Eve 1984. I had to shovel out the same area repeatedly to allow a place for my grandparents to park in the morning. Shovel for 30 minutes, go inside for a scotch on the rocks. Repeat until it was too dark to shovel safely. Get up early and start shoveling again. No scotch in the morning. THAT was Bloody Mary time!

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