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  1. I once read that the fastest way to get an American to do anything is to tell them they can’t do it. I’m hoping all of this voter suppression will have such an effect that voters will turn out like never before and totally overwhelm those who are trying to prevent them from voting.

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  2. Perfect.

    We just had the most scrutinized, analyzed, audited, recounted and recounted again, audited again and reports of little or no ballot fraud. By republicans. Even voters, registered voters, those who moved, those who ordered ballots and those who didn’t still added up to clean elections.

    Except a few Trump voters who tried to get their dead mothers counted. And a recount in AZ that turned up more votes for Biden. And, I am sure, there are some more minor cases of screwups, miscounts, etc.

    So what went wrong? What can we do to improve our voter security and transparency?

    Nothing. Nothing that is, unless your side lost, then rearrange to rules to see if you can win.

    Interestingly enough, if the electoral college were scrubbed, we would not even be considering all these asinine maneuvers by the minority party. Hard to “find 8 million votes” even if you are a GOP operative and get a call from the president.

    You can probably bet decent money that if the GOP loses again, they will change the laws again…and again, and again… until they win.

    Right now the ace in the hole that some states have palmed is the right for top election officials to declare a fouled election, then just pick their own electors and to hell with the voters. I can see now that some unscrupulous officials might foul the ballots themselves. For example, the “hidden suitcase and broken water main” fiasco, proven to be not just wrong, but a concerted effort to cast doubt. Before honest folks knew what was happening, the election gets scrubbed, the voters screwed and, my oh my, look who got the new electors.

    Question: will the GOP operatives throw out voter preferences except the down ballot candidates. After all, the GOP did gain a lot in House and damn near held the Senate. No one has yet to explain that phenomenon as the by-product of a fraudulent election.

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    1. The electoral college isn’t going anywhere. A Constitutional Amendment would be required, and I can’t imagine any way you could get 37 States to agree, as for most that would mean they would never again have any say in who becomes President.

      The GOP is not the party that changes the rules till they win. It was the Democrats who exploited COVID to change the rules so they could use ballot harvesting and selective mass mailings of ballots.

      If you’re a government employee, do you want your union steward, or office supervisor, to show up at your door long before the election with a ballot and an offer the help you fill it out? Do you want to tell him ‘no’ and then wait for your performance review?

      How about your child’s teacher, or your case worker if you get government assistance?

      That’s what ballot harvesting invites.


      1. 7+ million votes nationally. Do you have evidence that harvesting on such a grand scale took place?

        Down ballot GOP votes on ballots marked for Biden. Was that part of the grand scheme to make it look legitimate?

        Do you have any evidence of what you are saying? Or are you just positing what might, coulda, possibly have happened. 7 million times nationally. Or 10’s of thousands in the tighter state races.

        In at least one case brought by team Trump, the judge said you can’t wait to see spin-off wins, then sue. In other words, the Republicans did little to oppose pandemic accommodations until they lost.

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          1. I am saying that it is pitiful that you are obsessing over Big Lie nonsense. Whatever actual cheating was done by individuals had no major impact and was done by people of all parties.

            Emergency voting procedures changes that were made so that people could vote without risking their lives applied to people of all parties. The idea that it was part of a plot to steal elections is bullshit. And very obviously so.

            What is especially pitiful is you get all worked up over this imaginary corruption while the Republican officials are openly abusing their authority to make it more difficult for non-white voters to participate in the process. I could list dozens of practices that had far more effect than your “vote harvesting.” But why bother? You don’t mind those practices at all.

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          2. So, you just aren’t concerned about corrupting the elections as long as it’s done by your side.

            The changes made using the pandemic as an excuse invite corruption and coercion, but then coercion is the basis for your entire theory of government.

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          3. And the changes being proposed in the several state legislatures that will allow election officials to overturn the result because they don’t like the outcome is just as dangerous.

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          4. Not in VA…yet. But Georgia, Texas and Arizona have passed laws allowing local officials to overturn results or for the legislature to take the power away from local officials if they don’t “play ball”.

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          5. I have read of new laws allowing the state to oversee elections if the local officials won’t follow the law but I have not seen any allowing them to change the results.



          6. already have read those, none of them allows for the state to change vote totals. They can in some circumstances require a revote or throw out districts with very large proven fraud.


          7. “So, you just aren’t concerned about corrupting the elections as long as it’s done by your side.”

            Back at you. The ONLY significant “corruption” proven has been done by Republicans with their voter roll purges done by their operatives, their closing polling places needed in urban areas, their pointless voter ID restrictions, their poll taxes on legal voters, etc.,etc.

            Personally, I am not concerned about imaginary corruption pulled from your ass or that of Dear Leader.

            “Coercion” by making it possible to vote without risking your life or spreading disease? That does not compute.

            “Pitiful” was clearly an understatement.

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          8. So why did down ballot Republicans win? Vote harvesting gave you that?

            Or is the truth that the election was fair and transparent still in your blind spot?

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          9. The election turned on about a 100,000 votes over a handful of close races.

            Cheating on every ballot was not required.

            But you haven’t answered on the concerns over coercion and fraud made possible by ballot harvesting. I know from family experience that it happens in nursing homes.


          10. “The election turned on about a 100,000 votes over a handful of close races.”

            Same thing happened in 2016,. Or did amnesia kick in?

            And let us not forget that Cyber Ninjas fond nothing in AZ (except more votes for Biden) and then folded. Literally. They filed bankruptcy because they failed in their mission to find what wasn’t there.

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          11. We had valid recounts in 2016, you have no way of knowing what happened in 2020, because you have no way of knowing what happened to 100s of thousands of votes while they were in the possession of ballot harvesters.


          12. …”no way of knowing what happened to 100s of thousands of votes while they were in the possession of ballot harvesters.”

            Because it is some fantasy you have concocted from “what-I-know-happened-to my-
            family” hysteria and did not happen. Unless you have absolute proof that it occurred, I would suggest you keep it to yourself until you can PROVE it. Unlike Trump, who keeps saying the same lies over and over, and you refuse to call it out, I cam calling you out to provide absolute proof of what you THINK has occurred.

            Besides, every single recount, audit, investigation and peek-under-the-skirt on the 2020 election has proven that nothing that would affect the outcome of the election happened. Just ask the Cyber Ninjas. You can find them in bankruptcy court.

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          13. And you should ‘keep it to yourself’ if you can’t prove it didn’t happen.

            This is not a criminal trial where burden of proof is on the accuser. This is a matter of public confidence in the elections.

            Our previous election laws were expressly crafted to maintain that confidence,

            It is the loss of that confidence that opened the door to Jan 6. Do you want that every election, regardless of what side wins?


          14. “It is the loss of that confidence that opened the door to Jan 6. ”

            That loss of confidence began even before the first ballot was cast when Mr. Trump said the election was rigged if he lost.

            THAT is where the loss of confidence started and you defended it. Or at least took it seriously.

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          15. It was very clear the election was being “rigged” before the ballots were cast.

            By rigged, I mean conducted other than by the law of the legislatures.


          16. Bull Feathers! Trump said the same kind of things in 2016. TO say that confidence in the elections was caused by anything other than Trump and his sycophants saying rigged rigged rigged (Similar to Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi). the confidence would not have been called into questions.

            And your argument still holds no water. If it were truly the case the GOP would have sued in court. Instead they waited to see what the outcome was and then started screaming about changes to make voting SAFER.

            And stand by for a Constitutional update wrt to federal oversight of elections.

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          17. And you haven’t even touched on down ballot votes for Republicans while voting for Biden?

            How does that show fraud?

            Plus, MI alone was 150,000 votes more for Biden. PA was just shy of 100,000.

            Remember that Trump’s victory turned on 77,000 votes in the states that Manafort sent polling data to Russian intelligence. And yet, Clinton conceded and we moved on.

            So some nursing home in LA, arguably the most corrupt red state (or state, for that matter) in the union, harvested a few votes. Did it turn the election?

            I would be much more concerned that a sitting president threatened and extorted election officials who refused to commit fraud. GA is getting close to filing charges, BTW.

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          18. “The election turned on about 100,000 votes”

            Yep, those “corrupt” voter roll purges and voter suppression tactics in 2016 did the trick. Funny thing, there was no insurrection on January 6th, 2017. Go figure.

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          19. “It is the loss of that confidence that opened the door to Jan 6.”

            You have really jumped the shark with that silly observation. There was ZERO objective reason for anyone to doubt the outcome of the election. The doubt came 100% from the incessant lies of the con man you idolize.

            It is worth noting how you are STILL trying to justify the seditious terrorist violence perpetrated by Trump’s minions on January 6th. Even as the evidence mounts that it was part of a massive illegal effort to overturn the election.


  3. 1 picture of extremist democrat crap. 1000 words of reality…bullshit (1000 times). You people are just sick whiney children.


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