Ann Coulter Dumps Trump?

Ms. Coulter, a right wing firebrand talking head, who wrote a book entitled “In Trump We Trust”, now says he is “done”.

I don’t buy it. If he were, there wouldn’t be a line of candidates at Mar-a-Lago BEGGING for his endorsement.

But to Ms. Coulter’s new view: Is she saying he’s “done” because she really means it or has she been left out of the limelight for so long, she’ll do anything just to be remembered? I lean to the second posit.

Some on this forum said several months ago that Mr. Trump was irrelevant. I didn’t buy it then, and I sure as heck not buying it now.

14 thoughts on “Ann Coulter Dumps Trump?

  1. Hopefully, Trump will decide it is more useful, and more fun, to be a kingmaker than an embattled king.

    Then he can sit back and send mean tweets all he wants and let someone younger and less egotistical do the work.


  2. Trump won’t decide, but the GOP will slowly go that route. And I think they are. Youngkin is a decent example. He kowtowed carefully during pre-election time, but distanced himself enough to seem a good bet for office. And now, as a one term guv he can goes his own way.

    The old saying in NY when I grew up regarding the Mafia and that was you never leave their embrace except on a slab. They made their neighborhoods safe and “helped” businesses with loans, but it was hard to leave their influence.

    I think the GOP is learning because the recent actions of the leaders is pathetic. And conservatives are noticing.

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    1. “And conservatives are noticing.”

      Not enough and not loud enough. There was another piece in The Hill where Laura Ingraham said she wasn’t sure if she would support Trump in 2024. I seriously doubt her on that. She has been shilling for him since 2016. As has most of the Fox talking head class.

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          1. I think Kennedy would have to lead the ticket. DJTJ just does not have the old man’s swag.

            Also, Trump Sr. would probably only endorse Ivanka.

            Ivanka-Barron ’28


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