How and Why Men and Women Differ in Intelligence

Source: The Unz Review.

In my household the superior intelligence of women (over men) is a fact of life. The observation is validated by experience, which is to say that the scientific method applies in my home.

The article at the link seems to suggest that my familial experience is false. The article claims that men as a group have higher measurable intelligence than women.

I have my doubts. As an evolutionary strategy, it is probably better for women to be smarter than men, and not tell us.

4 thoughts on “How and Why Men and Women Differ in Intelligence

  1. I suspect that male and female intelligence differ not so much in quantity as in qualitative measurement.

    Natural selection is ruthless, and ‘cares’ only about one thing, getting your DNA into the next breeding generation. That path is different for men and women as we are not very different from our hunter-gatherer ancestors. The male and female roles that shaped our intelligence required different kinds of thinking.

    The classic example is monogamy. For men, impregnating women supported by other men is an advantage, but that path is not open to women. So, women tend toward monogamy more than women.

    Our ancestors hunted dangerous, large animals, and needed teamwork to succeed. But women. as gatherers. had little incentive to help their neighbor find more roots and berries but in other parts of life social cooperation was an advantage. A man who was risk averse and didn’t participate in the hunt might be safer, but his children would starve. Being risk averse was an advantage to women.

    Those kinds of things shaped our intelligence and the remnants persist today.

    So, it is likely we are more differently intelligent than more or less so.

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  2. “I have my doubts. As an evolutionary strategy, it is probably better for women to be smarter than men, and not tell us.”

    Like you, real life experience says otherwise. While I may be able to answer a majority of questions on JEOPARDY, my MUCH better half is a lot smarter in other things.

    The line I quoted from you seems to indicate that women are not only smarter, but are smarter NOT to tell us. I’m onboard with that.


  3. As a measure of intelligence, women as a whole tend to think with feelings and men typically think with logic. Each carries its own benefits and liabilities under different circumstances. For example, men tend to be more mechanically inclined and women are much better at conniving and planning.

    So after fixing the car, always keep one eye open, even when sleeping!!


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