Different strokes for different folks?


Chris Cuomo got fired from CNN (rightly so, I might add) for assisting his brother in a crisis (of his own making).

Fox News Hosts provide assistance and guidance to Mr. Trump, WHILE IN OFFICE, and they probably WILL get a raise. If they already haven’t.

For those who regularly blast the so-called MSM on this forum, I wonder what the excuses are for this being OK at Fox, but not OK at CNN.

34 thoughts on “Different strokes for different folks?

  1. RE: For those who regularly blast the so-called MSM on this forum, I wonder what the excuses are for this being OK at Fox, but not OK at CNN”.

    If one assumes that all major media are unreliable, the comparison doesn’t seem very important.


    1. What about “minor media”, AKA “I saw it on the internet”?

      “He said, ‘You know why I do it? I do it to discredit you all and demean you all so when you write negative stories about me, no one will believe you.’

      In revolutions of years gone by, the rebels often attacked and took over the radio and TV stations. Harder to do today with the proliferation of media, main and minor, that is available with a few mouse clicks and relatively inexpensive rates, even free.

      So just say everybody is lying, then turn to…hmmm. Oh, yeah, the government will tell us.

      So far Hannity says he is not a journalist and Carlson admits he lies. Yet, here they are.

      The First Amendment was first for a reason.

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      1. RE: “What about “minor media’, AKA ‘I saw it on the internet’?”

        What about it?

        God forbid that anyone think for themselves and develop judgement.


        1. You can think for yourself, but you have no idea what happened in Afghanistan, or if the EPA has issued a new regulatory item. Or if your hospital is still doing elective surgeries. Or if the mayor is shoving jobs to his own company.

          You get the idea.

          Without boots on the ground media, with contacts, sources and cred that comes from being able to publicly expose wrong doing to a major audience, you have nothing to think about. Unless you spend your days going to DC, Afghanistan, VB Municipal Center, invoking FOIA and waiting forever.

          So yes, most of us can think for ourselves, but hard to do without some facts or reporting about what is happening, with sources, etc.

          Most of what we see on the net that is not either MSM (left and right) or direct sourcing if available like CDC policy statements or research papers or Congressional minutes, is just punditry using MSM facts.

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        2. That’s a nice speech. I have two reactions.

          a) Just because media can be useful doesn’t mean it is.

          b) I make a point to share primary sources here from time to time, meaning web content that is not derived from or based on mainstream media materials. I notice that primary source material gets little attention or commentary. This tells me that the Forum audience does not, in fact, do a lot of thinking for themselves or that without mainstream media guiding their thoughts they have little to say.


          1. “Just because media can be useful doesn’t mean it is.”

            The very same could be said about the internet. And that proves to be more true than any MSM bashing you can come up with. – IMO.

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        3. “This tells me that the Forum audience does not, in fact, do a lot of thinking for themselves or that without mainstream media guiding their thoughts they have little to say”

          The guy you are insulting is an order of magnitude better informed and more thoughtful than you are. Let me remind you of the old adage about glass houses and throwing stones.

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        1. Cuomo actually tried to dig up dirt on the accusers. He actually avoided the issues his brother was having because there was no easy way to do it as a family member. He did address that one evening during the middle of everything. He still deserved to be fired (which I have acknowledged several times already.)

          Fox heads begged Trump to stop the violence on Jan 6th, for one. Oh wait. there was no violence, right?

          Standards are different and that is the point. Right wing pundits can do or say whatever, but those on the left are automatically vilified.


        2. “We know Cuomo killed valid stories about his brother.”

          Uh, if we know that, then maybe you could say how we know and provide some evidence. All the evidence I could find showed that he gave his brother advice on PR strategy and used his journalistic contacts to try to stay ahead of the story. I could NOT find where he was accused of killing stories on CNN.

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          1. “He dug up dirt on the women who complained”

            Yeah, that is slimy.

            BUT it does not change your FALSE statement into a true one.

            As a reminder, you have claimed here that Chris Cuomo killed stories about his brother when he did not.

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  2. There are clearly two sets of standards. One party expects some degree of probity in its leaders. One doesn’t. Guess which one doesn’t. Hint: The party that has a serial sexual predator as its Dear Leader.

    Compare, for example, Al Franken and just about ANY Republican – such as Roy Moore – accused of similar behavior.

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  3. Again, other than a snarky cartoon, you give no information as to what you are talking about.

    For example, suppressing a newsworthy article would be very different from say, giving some advice on improving public perception.


    1. But writing policy for a sitting President? As a journalist?

      Cuomo was fired for advising his brother. Rightly so. But you have NO issue at all with talking heads like Hannity, Carlson, O’Reilly (until he got caught with his hand in someone’s cookie jar), and the others there basically writing policies and advising him what to do or say? He has a press team for that. Fox News is supposed to be a news outlet. It’s talking heads should stay out of BACKDOOR policy proposals.

      The hypocrisy is thick enough to cut with a chainsaw.

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          1. So, do you really think that journalists have no professional responsibility to disclose their involvement with the public matters they are discussing? We are talking about journalistic malfeasance, not criminal behavior. Unless the advice you refer to was how to best overthrow the election. That would be a different matter.

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      1. RE: “The hypocrisy is thick enough to cut with a chainsaw.”

        And yet it is only important to those choosing sides. That’s the real problem.


    2. Keep in mind that Cuomo was a CNN talking head, just like Hannity. Cuomo did NOT suppress stories about his brother’s actions. HE did the right thing but NOT talking about the story on air because even he knew that stunk to high heaven. Almost impossible to appear objective when talking about one’s family as a talk show host or journalist of any ilk.

      Keep in mind, I am NOT defending the actions of Chris Cuomo. I am questioning similar actions by those at Fox News and why they are not held to the same standard by the right-leaning members of this forum.

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        1. “FOX dug up dirt on sexual assault victims to pressure them into remaining silent?”

          You want to go there?

          How do you remember Fox reporting on the MANY women who came forward to accuse Trump of sexual crimes? Let me help – they threw all the mud they could.

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