4 thoughts on “For Winsome Sears, Education Is the Key to Black Success

  1. “… when we’ve had a black president elected not once but twice, black secretaries of state, and black billionaires…”

    True enough. Consider this, however. So long as we are still pointing to the handful of examples, that means the integration in society is not even close to complete.

    On education, we fund schools through property taxes. Which means wealthy sectors get the best schools and teachers. We should figure out some way to fund the poorer schools to bring them up to better standards.

    Public schools were once touted as the great equalizer. Whether that was ever a reality or not is not as important as to whether they are today. And they are not.

    And today, good education is critical for anyone to succeed. No longer can a person with just a strong back make a decent living in the industrial world.

    Not long ago, our armed forces could not fill the ranks. Bad health and bad education were among the issues. Same with technology sectors. We depended upon visas to get educated workers from India, etc.

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