Tis the Season

Be ready out there.

96 thoughts on “Tis the Season

  1. Tiger Valley is a firearms training facility in Texas. The video caption at YouTube reads, “A Tiger Valley student finishes up her Christmas shopping.”

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, Dr. Tabor.


      1. Why are you commenting with complete disregard of what I was trying to say?

        Christmas Eve and Dr. Tabor posts a video concerning what is WRONG in the world, instead of finding something uplifting and hopeful.

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  2. I’m sure for the bed-wetting liberals on this site that wouldn’t be considered a fitting conclusion. Thanks Doc for reminding us it is an evil world and we are responsible for our own safety.


    1. As one of those “bed-wetting liberals” you refer to I can say that you are wrong. I have no problem with a mugger/rapist coming to such a bad end.

      However, not being a child and believing in evidence, I am certain that the lady in the cartoon would be far more likely to harm herself or a loved one with her little friend than she would be to kill a mugger.

      My comment above [“Sad”] was my reaction to how totally inappropriate to the Christmas season this silly little video actually is. But, it does fit in with the mindset of people who fantasize about violence on just about every issue [e.g., bomb the FDA] and make heroes out of the “patriots” who employ violence in defense of . . . uh . . . “European civilization” and to overturn elections where “real Americans” got out-voted.

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      1. I doubt your “evidence” applies to persons who complete a high-quality firearms training course. But aside from that, antipathy is out of character for the season.


        1. PSA – a VERY generous characterization.

          Violence fantasy porn for the weak-minded would be more accurate. Kind of like Deathwish without the production values or acting. Different strokes for different folks.

          But it is sad that anyone would think that this is an appropriate message for the Christmas season.

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    1. What is the problem?

      It is traditional for families in the midwest to pose with their firearms. My family album is full of them from back when they were single action pistols.

      In any case, they didn’t shoot anyone. If someone commits rape, is everyone with a penis guilty?


      1. Yeah, right.

        It is a Christmas card. Or supposedly one. Have you no respect for Christmas at all? I am not religious myself, but I do respect the sentiments of peace and tranquillity at this time of year.

        The right wing is pissed because they did not get what they wanted so now they will threaten violence in “cute” ways.

        “Merry Christmas” and let’s make January 6 another celebration of violence to destroy America. That is what you want and probably what you will get.

        You support the gangs. “European Chauvinists” is a sorry excuse for those yellow bellied losers. You laughed off the attack on the Capitol. “They felt they had no choice” was your sentiment. Tourists who were led astray. BS, they felt like spoiled brats and they had weapons. And they were also brainless suckers for the con man and his minions of treasonous bastards.

        If these are your principals, then that says it all.

        If I sound angry, it is because I am. If you can’t participate in a democratic republic like ours, then your touting the rule of law is pure BS.


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          1. Fake news!
            Not a Christmas card at all. Just a Christmas greeting sent to thousands.
            In front of a Christmas tree with the Christmas wish “ps. Santa, please bring ammo.”
            But not on card stock!

            So different!

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          2. A Congressman has constituents and what is says is no joke.

            I stick by my assertion that it was a sick symptom of what is wrong with conservatism in America.

            Enough folks believe Trump, and others in on the con, about the Big Lie. Pretty hilarious, no?

            Well this congressional twerp is just a microcosm of the same violent vein.

            I would suggest maturity, but that ship has sailed.

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          3. His family apparently enjoys recreational shooting. It’s a lot of fun.

            If his family enjoyed tennis, would you object to a picture of them in shorts with tennis racquets?

            The only difference is YOUR PERCEPTION of guns. There is nothing inherently sinister about guns any more than tennis racquets.


          4. Forget it. Your rural elitism is blatant.

            You are incapable of even considering viewpoints other than that of guns, guns, guns.

            Get real, please. That thinking is leading us down a rabbit hole. The hole you and the right wings wants.

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          5. GOOD!!! Now what we need is a gun shortage.

            Look, I fully support 2A rights. But with that right, as with others, comes responsibility. The timing of the post by the gentleman is really the issue, IMO. Right after a school shooting? It is disgusting.

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          6. A BIGLY part.

            Besides, the idea of using guns as a prop, Christmas card or not, is a sign of weakness. Nor is it keeping with the ideals of this holiday season.


          7. “Very different. People who follow you on twitter choose to do so.”

            Uh, whether people chose to follow their local Congressman on Twitter or not has NOTHING to do with whether this holiday greeting is a “Christmas card” or not. Your pretzel logic to defend your silly distinction without a difference is a funny example of how you people have abandoned common sense.

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          8. “The only difference is YOUR PERCEPTION of guns”

            There is another difference. It has nothing to do with perception.

            Tennis racquets are not instrumental in a massive ongoing tragedy of death and injury. If there are ANY tennis racquet deaths each year, they would be few and far between while guns take a toll in the tens of thousands year after bloody year. Gun violence is a pressing public policy issue and this callous and tasteless display by a member of Congress does not help. And this just days after yet another school massacre.

            “Recreational shooting?”
            Uh, take a look at the choice of weapons in the hands of these people. Assault weapons. Tommy guns. Look at the Congressman in particular. That M60 machine gun may be the weapon of choice for some “European Civilization Chauvinist” militiaman, but it does not appear to be the kind of weapon fairly called “recreational.”

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          9. Recreational shooting has nothing to do with gang violence or school shootings using guns. The only connection is in the minds of hoplophobes. There is no inherent difference between a gun and a tennis racquet.

            I can’t afford the ammo, but if you can, machine guns are a lot of fun to shoot. There are places you can rent one for that purpose.

            You just seem to think that others must adhere to your idea of recreation. That makes you a lot more dangerous than they are.


          10. There is a very, very real difference between a tennis racket and an M60 machine gun. One is designed for playing a game. The other is designed to kill as many people as possible in the shortest amount of time. Your inability to simply acknowledge this obvious truth is very telling. It is literally and figuratively bloody minded.

            The Congressman grinning like the Cheshire Cat while cradling such a weapon as his message for Christmas was in extremely poor taste. That is my opinion and having it does not make me a wannabe tyrant – a stupid and insulting response that is a poor substitute for simply acknowledging reality.

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          11. Machine guns can be used to kill people, which is appropriate in battle, or they can be used to punch holes in paper or bounce tin cans around.

            Firearms are not inherently malevolent, it is the user who is good, evil or neutral.

            Your attribution of good or evil to an inanimate object is a reflection of your world view, not objective reality.


        1. Uh, typical oversimplification of a complex subject.

          I have NOT said that Assault weapns, Tommy guns or M60s have ANY inherent moral character – neither good nor evil. Context matters. In the context of a Christmas card in a society bedeviled by gun violence and threats of militia violence, I have opined that displaying such weapons as part of a Christmas greeting by a member of Congress is in extremely poor taste. That is my opinion.

          You, on the other hand, think this display of deadly firepower is just dandy. Fine. That is your opinion and you need not concern yourself that decent people everywhere – including around the world (this story was from India) – find it to be rather appalling – BECAUSE OF THE CONTEXT.

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          1. Paul, I am afraid that some folks on this site were supportive of the attempted overturning of the election through violence and were summarily disappointed that it failed. Hence the backpedaling to minimize the attack and support the jerks who scaled the wall with murderous intent and are now facing justice through the Rule of Law. How supposed Americans would turn on their own nation and call it patriotism is truly sad.

            Merry Christmas.

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          2. Don, January 6 was a pivot point of whether or not we will continue as a country with centuries of peaceful transfers of power in a democratic republic under the rule of law.

            We know now that the attempt to overturn the election was planned with meticulous detail among the core of presidential supporters. The obvious expectation of gangs to “be wild…” is not a secret even though a direct “order” was not given.

            The underlying threat of armed violence from the right is also there as election officials and other legislators around the country are threatened and resigning.

            Guns are at the core of this. The right knows this and stunts like this card underlie this movement.

            Please don’t act ignorant and try to be honest.

            Thank you.

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          3. No one arrested on Jan 6 had a gun. The only gun employed was used by a policeman to kill a harmless woman.

            Neither JAn 6 or Trump is in any way relevant to this thread.


          4. You refuse to understand. A Christmas card by a sitting member of Congress with heavy weapons in the hands of his family, a video of gun shooting, the armed insurrection attempt, (and it was armed with weapons, even some guns, so don’t lie please), elected and appointed officials with security for them and families…is this the norm? Is this what you want? I am afraid it is and you are both enjoying it and encouraging it.

            This is my country. I swore an oath, took a test, paid a fee, served in the military. I am old, but if it comes to civil war, I will do what I can to support and defend my country against the traitors.

            Like I said, you do not understand. Because this is what you want. You as much have said so with the denial of 1/6 and constant drumbeat of guns are just tennis racquets, etc.

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          5. There was no Christmas card, That was a fake mockup of a twitter post.

            I surmise the twitter post by the Congressman was to express his support for 2nd Amendment rights, and is entirely appropriate.


          6. Like I said, you are in a silo and refuse to understand because, I my opinion of course, you are supporting the overthrow of our government. You hate Democrats so badly that the rule of law is no longer valid. You just cannot accept changes.

            4 days after a child slaughtered fellow students because his parents gave him a gun as a present the Congressman sends out a digital card to thousands. Many more than a written card would ever get to. And you dismiss that. If you had sent the digital card, no big deal, but this was from a sitting member of Congress.

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          7. I wish my Congressional representative would show some support for the 2nd amendment, that he will not is why I will be working to replace him.

            The same applies to Luria if redistricting puts me in that district.


          8. I have much more respect for supporters of modern infrastructure, universal healthcare, decent wages with affordable daycare for hard working Americans.

            Our obsession with guns is almost surreal and it won’t get us better roads.

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          9. It’s a canary in the coal mine.

            A politician who seeks to disarm me must be suspected of intending something I would shoot him for.

            If a politician doesn’t trust me with the means to protect myself, I can’t rrust him.


          10. A man who supports violent overthrow of my country’s government is a lot more dangerous than reasonable laws to keep guns put of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill.

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          11. …”a harmless woman.”

            Once again mnimizing the fact that the “harmless woman” was at the head of a murderous mob looking to kill the sitting VZP, the Speaker of the HOuse and ANYONE who didn’t see things their way>

            Or maybe the harmless woman was PUSHED to the head of that mob so the big brave patriots behind her used he as a human shield, (A war crime by the way)

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          12. “Has anyone been charged with attempting to murder Pence? That is a left wing urban legend.”

            Were you listening with deafened ears while the crowd was chanting “Hang Mike Pence”? Or are you just trying really really hard to show how ignorant that statement is?

            Either way, your continued denial of the truth of what happened on Jan 6gth is disturbing for someone who believes so deeply in the Constitution. Or is just the parts you like?

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          13. Angry chants are not indicators of true intent.

            If there was any evidence anyone actually intended to hang Pence, don’t you think they would have been charged?

            That doesn’t infer approval of the break in, but exaggerating what happened is just partisan propaganda.


          14. “Angry chants are not indicators of true intent.”

            So if Len, Paul and I start marching in front of the compound chanting “Hang Don Tabor” you won’t feel threatened? You just think we are chanting to hear ourselves chant?

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          15. How many were arrested on January 6 out of the 600 plus charged so far? How do you even know that many didn’t have guns but were either smart enough or afraid to use them, preferring to beat police half to death. You don’t.

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          16. Benghazi!

            Every bit as relevant to the thread.

            Seriously, is this going to be the new Godwin’s Law? When there is nothing relevant to back your statements, you guys will bring up something about Trump or Jan 6?


          17. The relevance of this “Christmas card” to the events of January 6th is clear. The culture of violence that this Congressman represents is the same culture that says . . .

            “We don’t have to accept the election if our guy did not win. We can go “wild” and “stop the steal.”

            As for your claim that there were no guns on those arrested on January 6th, your statement is FALSE. Why do you keep doing this?



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          18. Two people were arrested at the protest for carrying a handgun unlawfully ON THE CAPITOL GROUNDS. Neither of them were arrested in the building.

            The only guns in the building were in the hands of the police, and the only shooting was by the police of an unarmed 110 pound woman.


          19. …”unarmed 110 pound woman.”…

            So was she a human shield for the so-called patriots attempting to ILLEGALLY enter the House Chamber, or was she the lead dog in the pack?

            Either way, while a terrible tragedy, she should NOT have been there.


          20. Who’s playing the race card now, Don?

            And answer my question honestly: Was she a human shield, unwilliingly thrown to the front of the mob, or was she there voluntarily (and illegally)?”

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          21. Uh, your statement was . . .

            “No one arrested on Jan 6 had a gun.”

            That statement is FALSE. Your attempt to defend your LIE with modifications and conditions is extremely undignified. Why do you keep doing this? The answer is clear. The simple truth does not serve your purpose.

            As for that tiny, unarmed woman, she should not have been attacking the Congress with a bunch of cowards who shoved her through the last breach in the defenses first. Right into the line of fire of police doing their best to save the lives of our elected representatives.

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          22. “Has anyone been charged with attempting to murder Pence? That is a left wing urban legend.”

            That may be your silliest argument in a day of silly logic. No one has been charged with attempting to murder Pence because no one was able to reach him. In spite of trying very hard to do so.

            It may be a “left wing urban legend” in your Bizarro universe, but in this universe, VP Pence was singled out for harm BY NAME, and he had every reason to be in fear for his life.

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          23. As I speculated earlier I am now more convinced than ever that you were cheering the assault and hoping for the autogolpe to succeed.

            A bit shameful in my opinion.

            The mob screaming “Hang Mike Pence”, carrying zip ties, weapons and beating police so savagely that 150 were hospitalized some with life threatening injuries.

            Change the channel once in a while if you dare.

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          24. “Singled out by whom?”

            Good grief! Are you really so uninformed about events that day? Or just pretending to be?

            The mob was chanting “Hang Mike Pence.” And your hero said later that it was only common sense that they would want to harm him.

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          25. Oh, they were just going to hang him in effigy. Okay, why did they have to catch him to do that? There was a gallows, a rope, and zip ties but no effigy. Bummer! Someone forgot the effigy.

            Those silly Capitol policemen and Secret Service agents! They actually believed that the drooling mob of haters actually had ill intent. Heck, were they blind? The mob proved its goodwill by coming prepared for a hanging. You know, just like your favorite gun brandishing protesters that you explained to us prove their peaceful intent by bringing weapons.

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          26. The drooling mob that walked between the velvet ropes and took care not to damage any of the antiques and art?

            Might there have been a dozen or so among them with serious intent? Maybe, but there were thousands there who would not have allowed it.


          27. ” . . . but there were thousands there who would not have allowed it.”

            Again, simply NOT TRUE. The thousands who chose to go home, NOT break the law, and NOT assault the Congress might well have behaved that way. But of the less than 1,000 who illegally and violently entered the Capitol the presumption of such restraint is not well-founded.

            “velvet ropes”
            Yes, I have seen videos of some people acting like tourists that day. Even though in the Capitol illegally, some committed no further crime. Good for them. Such people are not being charged with serious crimes. So, I guess you missed the countless videos of hundreds of people smashing the place up, trashing offices and assaulting the police with deadly violence? Check it out. It happened.

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          28. If Nancy Pelosi had been executed by that mob, you would have been the first to stand and cheer.

            Policy disagreements are one thing; a raving mob looking for the Speaker of the House to do her harm (or any other member of Congress) is NOT what this country is supposed to be about.

            You believed in the Rule of Law at one time. I respected that. But your constant drumbeat of denial shows that only the laws you agree with are worth defending and upholding.

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          29. Has anyone been charged with trying to kill Pelosi? Do you think the FBI is protecting anyone? If they can’t find any evidence there isn’t any.

            In this forum, numerous people wrote “Fuck Trump” Are we to assume they had actual intint to have sex with him?


          30. Your desperation is so palpable it is frightening.

            Your continuing defense is why this country is going to hell in a handbasket. You CANNOT stand the truth that people who stormed the Capitol on January 6th, if given the opportunity would not have done harm to Pelosi or any other member of COngress they got their hands on.

            Tourists and trespassers? I have never seen a tourist threaten to kill anyone in the property they were trespassing on or touring.


          31. “If you think the thousands in that crowd would have allowed murder, you are projecting.”

            I should be angry at your stupid and baseless insults but then I realize that you don’t have much else to offer.

            And, I guess it was too hard to follow when I pointed out that the “good people” dropped out of the equation when they obeyed the law and went home leaving behind what could rightfully be called a lynch mob lusting for blood – for hours on end.

            Maybe if the mob had caught up with Pence, Pelosi, AOC, or Romney cooler heads would have prevailed but there was no reason for those defending our elected leaders to assume that would be the outcome.

            It is clear that Kevin McCarthy and other Republicans were not comfortable with that assumption. Even Trump Junior was pleading with Great Leader to call off the dogs. Were THEY projecting too?

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          32. “If there was any evidence anyone actually intended to hang Pence . . .blah blah”

            Now you say that since no one was arrested because they intended to harm Pence, they must not have intended to harm Pence. You tell me – is that not a ridiculous argument?

            Actions are crimes. Intentions are not. If I walk into a bank intending to rob it but I run into a big security guy and do not go through with it, have I committed a crime? The answer is obvious. No.

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          33. Conspiracy is a crime.

            If you assemble a gang to rob that bank but get frightened off at the last moment, you committed a crime before you even entered the bank.

            The FBI certainly looked for such conspiracies, but other than those they instigated themselves, didn’t find any.


          34. The testimony and messages from the investigation have establish an unprecedented effort to unconstitutionally overturn the election from day one. The truth will out, I just hope justice is done also.

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          35. “Conspiracy is a crime.”

            Yes? So?

            Obvious dodge not in the least bit relevant to your “logic.”

            There was a drooling crowd of people chanting “Hang Mike Pence.” You say – with no evidence – that they really would not have harmed him. And how do you know that? Because nobody was arrested for intending to harm him. Even as you now seem to admit we cannot charge people for bad intentions.

            Whether there was a chargeable conspiracy to harm anybody, we do not know. And if such charges are not forthcoming, we STILL will not know. However, given the preparations to do harm, it seems highly likely that there was such a criminal conspiracy.

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          36. Yes, let’s look.

            No trap door, not tall enough to hang anyone more than 4 feet tall without one.

            Pence is tall, he would probably bump his head on the crossbar.


          37. Look again.

            The platform is higher than the heads of the people standing around. If there is no trap door, (which I cannot tell from the picture) then just push the victim over the edge.

            This contraption is FAR more robust than would be needed for a hanging of an effigy. And, you have not answered – where was the effigy it was built to hang if that was its only purpose?

            If you are charged with protecting the life of Pence, Pelosi, AOC etc. and you saw a rampaging mob erecting this thing you would not dismiss it as simply symbolic.

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          38. Nope. rope’s too short to push him over the edge. You’d have to push his feet off the edge and then have people hang on them to keep him from simply picking his feet back up under him.

            The effigy is traditional but not required.
            it is clearly just for show.


          39. Racist hanging a noose from a tree on a Black families lawn is a direct threat of violence.

            Funny, no?

            30,000 screaming fans, with thousands climbing the steps to Congress armed with a variety of weapons and beating police half to death after a rally given by a president and his minions, at least one wearing body armor, is kinda like that.

            Just a good ole time was had by all.

            Face it, what you cannot win on policy and politics, you will use violence and deceit. It’s the right wing way, don’t you know. And they are pushing threats, implied and real. Twitter feeds with children armed and Dad holding a heavy machine gun is true to form.

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          40. ” . . . but other than those [conspiracies] they [the FBI] instigated themselves”

            You have evidence to support that claim? And by evidence I do not mean the fact that the FBI may have infiltrated some of the racist terrorist gangs doing the President’s bidding. That is their job and most of us want them to do it.

            If not, you should shut the fuck up. That is a serious and grossly unpatriotic LIE to be spreading around based on some shithead’s bullshit on some scurrilous conspiracy theory website.

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          41. Yeah, I figured that was the bullshit you would bring up.

            It is NOT evidence to support your charge that the FBI “instigated” a conspiracy. IF he were a terrorist militia infiltrator working for the FBI going with the flow at the Capitol would be important to keep his cover and bona fides intact.

            You may not like it, but these domestic terrorists need to be contained

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          42. Again?

            You keep throwing out bullshit and when called on it, try to change the terms.

            In this case the fellow is at the Capitol inciting people to enter it. That is clear. But that is NOT instigating a conspiracy as you claimed. Even your laughable source – Infowars – uses the word “incitement.” Further, there is nothing I have seen besides conjecture about the status of this fellow. Is he an FBI agent? Is he an infiltrator? Or is he a cooperating witness?

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          43. “If that isn’t instigation what would be?”

            Funny how you would say that, but that the chants of “Hang Mike Pence” were merely symbolic.

            Scary rhetoric coming from an intelligent person like yourself is still scary. And dangerous.


      2. You keep repeating that penis/rape analogy.

        Makes me wonder: Do you pose for family Christmas pictures while brandishing your penis?

        BTW, and not that it matters but for future reference, Kentucky is not in the Midwest.

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