Full Speech: Biden Announces Measures To Combat Omicron Variant

I was disappointed with the president’s speech, but I’ll give him credit for some things. Stumble Joe came across as confident and focused in his message. He wants all Americans to get vaccinated, and that is a reasonable goal for a president to promote.

It is not, however, enough. The numbers show that vaccination for Covid-19 reduces the risk of hospitalization and death for individual patients. Public health policy must also address prevention and treatment. In an ideal world specific health policy should reflect a coherent theory of the disease. Stumble Joe’s address failed on all these measures.

The administration has continued stockpiling PPE and will add a few doctors and nurses to hospital staffs. That’s good. It will also distribute in-home Covid test kits. That’s probably good, but is more likely a waste. If the plan is to regulate our social behavior on the basis of self-administered home test kit results, we will need many multiples of the 500 million kits currently on order.

Finally, Stumble Joe offered nothing on the topic of therapeutics. The omission was striking, given that some effective treatments are known and others are awaiting FDA approval.

The effect of all these shortcomings is that Stumble Joe’s response to the viral blizzard was little more than a publicity stunt. The upside is that Stumble Joe was man enough to do it.

9 thoughts on “Full Speech: Biden Announces Measures To Combat Omicron Variant

          1. You brought it up. You got called out for it. You have two choices. 1) Be honest with yourself and deal with it accordingly, or 2) Go take a real long look in the mirror and try to deny your sanctimony.

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          2. I’ll take the third choice: Noting that you and Mr. Murphy wasted an opportunity to shine because you both made me the issue.


          3. YOU made YOU the issue with your display of childish stupidity.

            Maybe you are too dull to understand, but ANY criticism you may offer of the President’s speech – valid or invalid – is denigrated when wrapped in childishness. Which is why I noted that it was too bad that you did exactly that.

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  1. “I was disappointed with the president’s speech”…

    Not surprising from you, but, whatever.

    It is still a LOT better than the response from the previous occupant of the Oval Office. Several disturbing tidbits of FACTUAL information directly quoted form the source.


    I am even more disappointed now with Mr. Trump’s response in the early days of the pandemic. In the link is proof of what several of us were saying back then. But what did we know? We just kept our eyes open to the TRUTH and not shielded them in defense of the incompetent, dangerous, and possibly CRIMINAL acts of Mr. Trump.

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