17 thoughts on “Chairman Donald

  1. So. in Jan 2025, will Trump be #47, or #45 again?

    Personally, I hope he doesn’t run, and chooses to be a king maker instead.

    However, that you think that those inside the Salon bubble have any concept of what goes on inside the Trump bubble says a great deal about your lack of perspective.


    1. My “lack of perspective.”

      I am not sure what you think I am missing or where my perspective is not as good as yours. We both think that we are representative of mainstream thinking. The difference is that I can provide a great deal of evidence to support the fact that I am and you cannot.

      As for the “Salon bubble” if you actually read the article, it includes a long list of facts about Trump’s behavior that support the opinion presented. And here is the part that is alien to you people – they are not “alternative facts.”

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  2. Interesting question: Does Trump = Mao?

    You could make a case:

    • Both are political leaders.
    • Both wanted to change their countries.
    • Both could be ruthless.

    On the other hand, Mao killed tens of millions of his countrymen and was a communist. It would be a stretch to say that Trump killed so many people and he is anything but a communist, so perhaps the equation is meaningful in some other way.

    I suspect it is meaningful as fear. That is, the Salon writer is afraid of something, so afraid that he is lashing out irrationally.

    Such extraordinary fear should be met with compassion, not anger. Let us try to understand it, not ridicule it. Let us offer hope to the hopeless.

    The incompetent Biden/Harris administration will end one day and the country will survive. The Democratic Party can reinvent itself and refurbish it’s brand. The challenges may be great, but they can be overcome.


  3. Actually, no, they can’t.

    The Democrats are really a combination of several single-issue blocs.

    The Commie Bloc, the BLM Bloc, the Union Bloc, the Abortion Bloc, the Environmental Wacko Bloc and so on. Each of those blocs has a my-way-or-the-highway attitude. The moderate Democrats can’t do anything that doesn’t kiss the ring with each bloc.

    Every bill has to have goodies for each bloc, so everything comes as a package that enrages more people than it wins over.
    So, pull up a lawn chair and watch the train wreck.


    1. RE: “The Democrats are really a combination of several single-issue blocs.”

      Yes. The Salon writer apparently is an Alpha Centaurian.


    2. In spite of your typically nasty presentation, it is true that the Democratic Party is the only remaining “Big Tent” party where the issues of the day are hammered out. The Republicans have become a real, honest to goodness “cult of personality” where fealty to Dear Leader is the only thing that matters. And that was the legitimate point of article.

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      1. There is a difference.

        For example, I regard gun control as a canary-in-the-coal=mine issue. I will not vote for a candidate who supports it. But I do not insist that every bill that is considered contain pro-gun elements.

        But the Democrat blocs will withhold their votes unless every bill has something in it for them. That’s how we wound up 2ith a trillion dollar “infrastructure bill. It had to contain equity, CO2 reduction, giveaways and such to get support from all the blocs


        1. “There is a difference.”

          Horse trading in politics is as old as this country. It used to be that the trades crossed party lines. Thanks to people like Gingrich, McConnell and Trump that does not happen much anymore. So now, the horse trading is between different groups and different interests within the Democratic Party.

          As Mr. Roberts might say . . . So What?

          If the Republicans ever again succeed in putting together a governing coalition, rest assured the different elements that make it up will do the same sort of deals to advance the causes they believe in the most.

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  4. The comments are the puddings proof. Centrists and liberals are looked down upon by the right wing rural elite. They don’t even bother to understand any view point than their own.

    Universal healthcare, whether private with subsidies for modest and low income, communist. Affordable higher education, even at community colleges or state universities, communist. Economic safety nets to protect workers from the roller coaster economic impacts by investor classes, communist. Gay marriage, communist. Affordable daycare and preschool for working parents, communist. Immigration, a communist plot to garner votes. Even though Latinos, as just one example, are by and large conservative in many communities.

    Trump tells them he will purge the heathens. And they fall in line like army ants.

    As the article points out, the real dictatorial blood lust lies among them.

    Bottom line, the right is so afraid of even thinking outside the bubble, box, silo or hole in the ground.

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    1. Well said!

      The kind of “thinking” that these people present has been present in our country since forever. Look at the Know Nothings from the 1850’s. Look at the KKK in the 1920’s. Look at Father Coughlin in the 1930’s. Look at McCarthyism from the 1950’s. Look at Trumpism today. All cut from the same cloth of insecurity, nativism, fear, and hatred. Different names. Same old tune.

      For example. . . https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/12/second-klan/509468/

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  5. Lefties are so stuck on Trump, Trump, Trump that they believe idiotic garbage such as this screwy opinion piece. That’s fine though, keep it up. Worked great for McAuliffe. I seriously doubt Pelosi’s predetermined “investigation” will produce much fruit either except in the eyes of loony left wing extremists. It’s easy to reverse engineer a perceived result with rhetoric as “proof” like this piece attempts to do.


    1. …”Pelosi’s predetermined “investigation” “…

      Mr. Smith, if you cannot prove your assertion about this, then I suggest you stop posting it. Just because you keep repeating the same lie (ie, The election was stolen) does not, nor will it not make it true.

      And when your boys end up at Club Fed resorts, will you continue your incessant BS or crawl back into the hole that spawned you?

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      1. If you honestly believe Pelosi didn’t write down “Trump is responsible” on day one and submitted that to her house peons as a tasker to “prove” you really are an ignorant jackass. Everyone has known the outcome of this “investigation” before it even started. Are you really going to deny that this is a partisan political game being played with an obvious result?


        1. You got one thing right.
          “Everyone has known the outcome of this “investigation” before it even started.”

          In broad terms, that is probably true. What is not known is the identity and crimes of all the individual conspirators. They must be held accountable. War on the Constitution cannot be brushed under the rug.

          And why does everybody know that? Easy. That is because the EVIDENCE of our own eyes and new EVIDENCE that is already public is overwhelming that this was not a spontaneous rally that got out of hand but a planned and coordinated attempt to interfere with the lawful conduct of Congressional business.

          It is only “political” in the sense that most of the Republicans have put loyalty to Trump ahead of loyalty to the country. In that sense, it is politcal.


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