How Long before Mexican Cartels Set Up Their Own States in the USA?

Source: American Thinker.

It’s a fair question. One can certainly imagine the process: First black markets exploit security weaknesses to become profitable; the profits fund black market security, resulting in military-style control of territory; then, confronted with a choice between open warfare and assimilation, a feckless sovereign (us) grants statehood.

Migration is indistinguishable from war.

11 thoughts on “How Long before Mexican Cartels Set Up Their Own States in the USA?

    1. How would that change anything?

      Even if federal legalization occured, squatting on unowned land, water theft and slave labor would persist.


      1. LOL!

        So most people are defective but you are not?

        It is fitting that you channel Vox Day who calls himself a “Christian Nationalist.” He is widely reported to be a leader in the Alt-Right Movement. As you know, “Alt-right” is an attempt to re-brand White Supremacy.

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        1. RE: “So most people are defective but you are not?”

          In this case, yes. Migration and war have the same basic economics. Whatever is gained in productive capacity is offset by an equal consumption.

          RE: “As you know, ‘Alt-right’ is an attempt to re-brand White Supremacy.”

          I know that you are a bigot, as you demonstrate here.


          1. LOL! Again.

            So I am a “bigot” and you are not?

            As for what the Alt-Right is all about, I am simply telling it like it is. You can call that “bigotry” if that floats your boat. I do not mind.





            I could go on and on and on, but you get the idea.

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          2. RE: “You can call that ‘bigotry’ if that floats your boat.”

            OK, but I called you a bigot because here you demonstrate utter intolerance of a creed, belief, or opinion that you don’t like. Claiming to be justified in your intolerance only makes you a deluded bigot.


          3. Uh, the actual bigots are the people who try to cast desperate people lured here by economic opportunity as an invading army. The actual bigots are people who say truly stupid and bigotted things such as “Migration is indistinguishable from war.” Those are the actual bigots and you clearly are one of them since you are proudly channelling one of the leading bigots of the Alt-Right.

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  1. So long as recreational and addicting drugs are illegal, there will be cartels, gangs and violence. The profit margins are incredibly high with respect to the cost of production.

    Also, the potency of drugs today, like crack, meth, fentanyl laced heroin is very strong, making small amounts easy to smuggle and transport. And the addictive qualities are very high making addicts sooner and more desperate.

    The war on drugs is a total failure. It has increased corruption throughout the world, created many failed states and funds cartel armies.

    We should stop criminalizing addiction and treat the whole problem as a public health issue. That may mean supplying addicts with cheaper and more reliable drugs as a start. Dry up the profits for drug sales.

    Then, as we gain a modicum of control of the problem, start spending all that DEA and prison money on effective treatment programs.

    Keeping drugs illegal is the lifeblood of cartels and their endless violence.

    We can do better if we just think outside the box.Treat drug addiction like cancer instead of a moral failing.

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