Future President Ocasio-Cortez tells it like it is.

At any place of employment posting a “joke” about murdering colleagues would get you fired but today’s Republican Party is unable to simply acknowledge that it was wrong. It is worth noting that since the assassination of JFK, it has been criminal to threaten the President, but Gosar’s “joke” showed him going after President Biden after having killed AOC. Why should THAT law not be enforced?

I am sure that some will claim that it was just a “joke” so why the big deal. AOC directly addresses why it IS a big deal for Congress to accept such “jokes.”

37 thoughts on “Future President Ocasio-Cortez tells it like it is.

    1. Thanks for posting. I was unable to find.

      It was actually worse than I thought – extremely emotional and inciteful. No wonder political violence has become a “conservative” thing. For a member of Congress to post something like this is just plain wrong.

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          1. If the post is a cartoon, then it obviously isn’t reality. Hard to see how AOC or anyone else might feel threatened by obvious unreality.


          2. “Hard to see . . .”

            No, it is not hard at all. A cartoon is a form of communication. If the message in the cartoon is “A hero is needed to kill AOC and Joe Biden” the message is WRONG whether it is a tweet, a LTE, a shout or a cartoon. This is not rocket science. Quit playing dumb.

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          3. I’m accusing YOU of being dumb.

            Mr. Roberts, you are so lacking in self-awareness that you do not know that YOU accusing ANYBODY of being dumb is milk-out-the-nose funny.

            Besides, I did not accuse you of being dumb. I suggested that you stop playing dumb. The message of the cartoon is egregiously and obviously objectionable and that is not changed by the fact that it is conveyed through a cartoon.

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          4. RE: “The message of the cartoon is egregiously and obviously objectionable and that is not changed by the fact that it is conveyed through a cartoon.”

            You seem to think so, but it is not rational to pretend that cartoon physics is the same as real physics.


  1. Propaganda posters have a long history. Not all them are good.

    Mao, Stalin and other favorites used demonized “cartoons” to develop scapegoats.

    This anime is just another tip of the hat to violence as a solution for Republicans.

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          1. Selective memory ignoring the point – repercussions following the issuance of death threats.

            I will see your Kathy Griffin and raise you Ted Nugent. Griffin has been ostracized by Democrats. Nugent is celebrated by Republicans.

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      1. She was a professional comedian, not a sitting member of Congress.

        (I know, some folks would say what’s the difference.)

        Ted Nugent threatened Obama, but he is a performer too.

        But, I know you see and understand the difference, but won’t admit it.

        Congressmen who voted for infrastructure are getting death threats. Just like election officials who refused to fake the count demanded by Trump.

        Either you approve of such behavior or you are just joshin’. Either way, your party is playing with fire.

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        1. RE: “Either way, your party is playing with fire.”

          Here it is the Democratic party playing with fire, exploiting an inconsequential video to trash all Republicans.


          1. Trash all Republicans?

            Uh, no. There is one individual who was rebuked. The damage to the Republicans comes from their not joining in that rebuke. In other words, they trashed themselves. They do that a lot.

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  2. If I understand correctly, Gosar did not produce the video, he simply reposted it. Correct?

    OK then, if he is to be censured and removed from committees, will we now see the same for every congressman and senator who reposted the picture of Kathy Griffin holding a mock severed head of President Trump?

    Or is it different when it’s the other side.


    1. “If I understand correctly . . .”

      He credited his staff for creating it. Of course, being who he is, he might have been lying.

      I would agree that ANYONE in Congress dumb enough to spread Griffin’s stupid image should have been censored. Which members of Congress did that? Or is your question purely hypothetical?

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    2. RE: “Or is it different when it’s the other side.”

      It is different, I think. Today’s WSJ made the important point about this kerfuffle: That Congress is wasting time on such frivolities is a sign of it’s decline.


      1. Decline?

        Under Pelosi’s leadership the House moves efficiently and effectively on important matters. January 6th Investigation. Infrastructure. Build back better. You may not like where it goes, but it goes.

        Censoring death threats against colleagues and the President is hardly a frivolity. IMHO. Especially in the current atmosphere charged with hatred and violence that Trump has created with his Big Lie.

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      2. Congress is wasting time? So why did Gosar post the anime? To waste more time?

        Trump has already condemned the Republicans who voted for infrastructure because he is the loser who couldn’t accomplish much of anything and the bill is a big reminder.

        His minions run to his aid…with a violent cartoon.

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  3. Future president??? He he, ha ha ha, HAR HAR HAR, MWAHAAAHAAAHAAA, that jackass commie doesn’t stand a snowballs chance in hell. Dream on!!!

    Now THAT was funny, got any more??


    1. Laugh all you want. AOC is one of the leaders of her generation. She is smart, articulate, hard-working, attractive and the policies she advocates – as summarized in the Green New Deal – are very popular and especially among younger people. So bray away all you want, it does not change a thing. Your time is past. Hers is coming.


      1. Dream all you want. The only people she appeals to are far left wing extremists like her. You know communists. The right and independents will have nothing to do with it. Got any more jokes???


        1. The people who do not like AOC are mainly the old and the weak-minded, you know, people who literally know nothing about her except they have been told that she is a “communist.”

          Fortunately for the future of humanity such pitiful numbskulls are a shrinking demographic. Shrinking because of advancing years and because so many of them are brainless anti-vaxxers literally killing themselves off.

          As noted earlier, your time – the time of unquestioned old, white male hegemony – is passing and the time of AOC – a time of genuine equality and inclusion – is on the rise. Neither you nor I will probably live to see her in the White House, but that it could happen in the future is a very real possibility. IMHO.

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          1. Thats pretty funny but not as good. Your jokes are losing steam but the pathetic Democrat gender/race card
            try to play is rather comical being a “white male”yourself. Nope, communists won’t win this country and tha smarter middle and right won’t allow,it no matter what Leninist Marxist utopia you desire.


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