Federal Court Blocks Biden Vaccine Mandate

Source: Frontpage mag.

This story is good news for those seeking sanity in our system of government.

Mandated Covid-19 vaccinations have never made a lick of sense as a public health policy. Sure, there is a theoretical argument to be made that public health concerns may at times override concern for liberty, but the practical argument that the Covid-19 pandemic is one of those times has never been strong. Moreover, with new therapeutics coming online (and old ones remaining viable), the need to rely singlemindedly on vaccination is weakening.

Thus, we can begin again to weigh liberty as a factor in shaping public policy. We need this focus because liberty is a core value of our national creed and founding. If we allow it to erode, we destroy ourselves.

5 thoughts on “Federal Court Blocks Biden Vaccine Mandate

  1. Well, it was unconstitutional on its face from day one, so no surprise, but Democrats have become to testing the constitutionality of a policy by seeing how long they can get away with it before the courts take it out.


    1. …”it was unconstitutional on its face from day one”…

      Funny how something that was done before (precedent) is all of a sudden unconstitutional.

      Historically inaccurate statement from the right…again.


      1. The emergency provision in OSHA has been rejected by the courts every time it has been invoked.

        In this case, and emergency order that doesn’t take effect for 4 months in ludicrous.


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