Day One Powers of the Governor – Removal of Members of Boards and Commissions

Source: Bacon’s Rebellion (BR).

I saw Glenn Youngkin on TV last night promising action on Day One of his new job. James Sherlock at BR takes up the practical question, What are the Day One powers of a Virginia governor? He finds that Youngkin can, if he wishes, fire all the members of the Board of Health and the Board of Education.

That would be fun, but I don’t recommend it, and I don’t think it is likely. In the TV spot Youngkin attributed his success in the race to the unexpected transformation of his campaign into a “movement.” I expect he will want to nurture that sensibility by avoiding radical action.

5 thoughts on “Day One Powers of the Governor – Removal of Members of Boards and Commissions

  1. Some kind of transition might be wise and some board members might be worth keeping long term.

    But the Parole Board should go day one and be replaced by retired cops disabled in the line of duty.

    Every State official with “equity” in their title should go unless they are attached to the mortgage regulation field and not be replaced.

    During the COVID vaccine rollout, I read a lot of the Board of Health meeting papers, which required all of the participants to state their preferred pronouns, Whoever is responsible for that should be fired and ridden out of town on a rail. In fact, that was so badly botched up there are probably few on that board who can be salvaged.


    1. Those all sound like good executions, so to speak. It is not unusual these days for new management of large organizations to make bold changes. Youngkin may have the team to pull it off.


  2. I am reminded by conservatives that Biden and the Democrats don’t have a mandate. A split Senate, tiny majority in the House and close races in the electorally significant states.

    Governor-elect Youngkin has about the same numbers in Virginia. He will most assuredly have to reach across the aisle to get things done.

    Can he disavow Trumpism and still maintain conservative cred?

    It will be interesting to see if the GOP will go along or will they follow the policy of eating their own dead.

    I think the strategy was smart. Dump Chase as a losing nutjob, put forth a charismatic, photogenic family man. Yes, a little help from McAuliffe phrasing about parents and education probably sealed the margin of victory. We will know in a few months whether he is a puppet for the Trump-Bannon-Stone syndicate, or has a mind of his own.

    My own instinct says he might be a decent governor. He can ride the crest of the infrastructure spending in VA (when it comes) and take credit and that might save him from the extremes of the Big Lie tent.

    We’ll see.

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    1. Remember that Northam had only a 55-45 House and a 21-19 Senate but he lurched the State far to the left. I don’t know what the House will settle out to, but it should be close to the same. The Senate is 2 years away.

      So, we will have divided government at least for a while. But that often isn’t a bad thig.


      1. Northam “lurched” BACK from the “lurch” to the extreme right under the GOP.

        Seriously, what happened in this state that you take to be “far to the left?” Tapping into available Medicaid funds to help fellow citizens, maybe? Marginal changes in gun laws? What?


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