Democrats show their true colors.

White Supremacists at Youngkin rally exposed

When a band of White Supremacists, complete with Tiki torches, showed up at a Youngkin rally to show their support, the pictures went viral and gullible news media spread the word.

But it turns out they were paid Democrat staffers in a false flag operation. Democrats just can’t win without lies and deception.

42 thoughts on “Democrats show their true colors.

  1. Laughable! That black man was not trying to pass for a white supremacist. It is pretty clear that those people were there to remind voters of Charlottesville. It was a dumb stunt but they were not trying to fool anybody.

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    1. I told you so.

      So, once again you have been eager to be hoodwinked by the lying liars of the right wing media bubble. Not only was this not a black flag operation, it was not done by “paid Democratic staffers.” It was a group of Republicans trying to save their party.

      If you had applied a little bit of common sense and critical thinking you would not have ignored the fact that a black man was not trying to pass himself off as a white supremacist. But why waste the effort to do a little thinking if spreading a slander serves your purpose? Right?

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      1. I’m surprised ISIS hasn’t taken credit too.

        Note that the Guardian article states “the Lincoln Project says” but names no spokesman.

        The Western Journal article positively identifies 2 of the participants

        “Virginia Young Democrats financial director Camden Layton and Democratic Party of Virginia staffer Colleen Wachenfeld were among the alleged participants in the stunt.”

        It is possible the Lincoln Project was also involved, which would tell is that it has become a Democrat false flag as well.


        1. Hopeless. Again and again the facts Trump the falsehoods, slanders and distortions you spread but you are NEVER man enough to just say “Whoops!”

          The obvious flaw in your original hair-on-fire claim was pointed out to you and now evidence from a reliable source confirms that your claim was bogus. Your response – Double down on the false narrative – you have learned well from the Master, Grasshopper!

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          1. “Did you even read the Western Journal article?”

            Which version? It has changed substantially since you first broadcast it. It now includes a link to the Lincoln Project press release but keeps the same false headline and speculative narrative. Some “source” you got there. Their evidence consisted of speculation and tweets from random people and their main declarative statements are hedged with words like “former”, “alleged” , “it is unclear” and “People are saying . . .”

            Your original post was bullshit.
            This was not a false flag operation designed to fool anyone.
            The people are not “paid Democratic staffers”
            The McAuliffe Campaign and the Democratic Party had nothing to do with it.

            Spreading false, misleading, distorted and slanderous bullshit is a thing with all you people. Just like your Dear Leader.

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          2. and this emotional response tells you everything you need to know about the D side, not just that, but its amazing how this same mindset goes after Trump for having a potty mouth, etc.
            … people are averse to inconsistencies within their own minds.
            … When one learns new information that challenges a deeply held belief, for example, or acts in a way that seems to undercut a favorable self-image, that person may feel motivated to somehow resolve the negative feeling that results”
            “When someone tells a lie and feels uncomfortable about it because he fundamentally sees himself as an honest person, he may be experiencing cognitive dissonance. That is, there is mental discord related to a contradiction between one thought (in this case, knowing he did something wrong) and another (thinking that he is honest).”

            Your original post was bullshit.
            This was not a false flag operation designed to fool anyone.
            The people are not “paid Democratic staffers”
            The McAuliffe Campaign and the Democratic Party had nothing to do with it.

            Spreading false, misleading, distorted and slanderous bullshit is a thing with all you people. Just like your Dear Leader.


          3. “and this emotional response . . .”


            There is nothing particularly emotional about my comments on the “source” or my listing the falsehoods in the original post. And it is a fact that Trump is a con man whose only skill consists of selling bullshit to eager buyers. People who support him do the same. There is no better example than the Big Lie.

            Your link to cognitive dissidence as if it relates to me raises an obvious question – what “inconsistency” is it that you think is triggering this malady? What evidence is assaulting anything that I believe? In reality, it is you people who are in a constant fight with evidence.


          4. Your source tentatively and speculatively identifies two of the people as “former” staffers. Perhaps they were. So what? That does not change the bullshit you posted into the truth.

            This was not a false flag operation.
            The people are not “paid Democratic staffers” being paid to do this.
            The McAuliffe Campaign and the Democratic Party had nothing to do with it.

            There were no lies.
            There was no attempt at deception.
            And that was your main point . . . “Democrats can’t win without lies or deception.”

            Bottom line, you too eagerly jumped on an inaccurate and incomplete slander delivered to you in your right wing propaganda bubble and just cannot admit it.


          1. The Lincoln Project has been a group of publicity seeking liars from the beginning.

            Of the 5 in the photo, 2 have been positively identified as Democrat activists,

            Can you identify even one of the remaining three as a Republican?


          2. With all due respect, you are ridiculous. You goofed. Admit it. This was NEVER a false flag operation intended to deceive anyone. That was obvious from looking at the picture. It was a poorly conceived publicity stunt which the Lincoln Project has claimed responsibility for. Even your rabid right wing source has done serious backtracking from their original hair-on-fire report.

            I disagree with your slanders of the Lincoln Project – they are among the few actual patriots remaining in the GOP – and I have no reason to believe they would claim to have done something they did not do. All your shucking and jiving won’t change a thing – your original post was bullshit. Either you were fooled in your haste to repeat a slander or you really do not care about the truth.

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          3. “So, you cannot identify even one of the remaining three as a Republican.”

            Uh, still ridiculous. The Lincoln Project is an organization of Republicans. YOUR source linked to their press release saying that it was their doing.

            But to answer your question, No, I cannot. I do not know the names nor the possible other affiliations of ANY of the Lincoln Project members who took part. But not being stupid, I know that the names of the individuals are irrelevant given that a well-know group of Republicans go on the record taking responsibility. And I also know that your original post was partisan bullshit without even the usual smidgeon of truth.


          4. But the 2 of the 5 who can be identified are Democrat activists. Are we to believe they infiltrated the Lincoln Project? Or that the Lincoln Project has been a Democrat front from the beginning?


          5. “But the 2 of the 5 . . .”

            They may have been “former” Democratic staffers. Even your source is IFFY about the speculative identifications made by random Twitter posts. But assuming that they are, so what? People with a common purpose – stopping the march of fascist Trumpism – might well be in touch and work together on various projects. No grand conspiracies need be postulated.

            Of course the real point is that WHOEVER these people were and WHOEVER sent them, it was obviously NOT a false flag operation designed to deceive as your bullshit post claimed.

            And speaking of bullshit, your conclusion “Democrats just can’t win without lies and deception” is not just insulting, it is stupid. As a matter of fact, Democrats have repeatedly won elections based on the popularity of their ideas and the character of their candidates. It is the Republicans year after year who fail in both those regards and end up with the kind of dishonest campaign such as the one you are cheerleading for this year.


  2. Interesting that you said nothing about Project Veritas being deemed to be political spying, but when those on the left try to remind people about the deplorable actions by some on the right, you think it is terrible.

    And if you are looking for winning through deception, you need to look no further that the GOP.

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  3. RE: “But it turns out they were paid Democrat staffers in a false flag operation.”

    That may have been true of the original Tiki torch event in Charlottseville, as well. I remember commentators at the time who drew parallels between Soros-sponsored protests in Ukraine and the Virginia demonstration, right down to the shouted slogans. To be fair, I never saw smoking-gun proof of that allegation, but in this case we have it.

    I agree that “Democrats just can’t win without lies and deception.” Just look at Stumble Joe pretending to be president.


    1. You remember that “commentators” invoked Soros, Well there we have it. And Heather Heyer was just another one of those “crisis actors” that he sends everywhere.

      President Biden is doing a creditable job in his office in spite of the never ending road blocks thrown in his path by the running dogs – Republican and Democrat – of the monied interests. Your lame overuse of the epithet “Stumble Joe” says much more about you than it does about him.

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      1. The epithet is literally accurate, as you apparently agree by admitting that Democrats are among the running dogs the man trips over. Stumble Joe can’t even govern his own party.


        1. “Stumble Joe can’t even govern his own party.”

          As I have noted many time, the Republican Party has so marginalized itself that all major decisions about the future of the country is for Democrats to work out among themselves. Republicans are bit players as different wings of the Democratic Party wrestle with the issues. You may not understand this, but a party completely in the thrall of one Dear Leader is a dead party. The Democratic Party is not such a party.

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  4. The only media that was fooled were the right wing echo chamber. Do a search (I used duckduck) and it is all right wing with a few minor exceptions, and they understood the event to be political theater.

    But that echo chamber sure fooled some of the people (all the time?).

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    1. I guess I missed the part about Republicans showing up at Democrat rallies dressed in deceptive garb, Why is it that Democrats have a need to deceive?

      For example, Herring is running as ad right now claiming 5 policemen were killed in the Jan 6 riot. A blatant lie that the MSM let slide.


      1. At least 5 died by suicide or effects of the violence. Over a hundred were hospitalized, some with serious, life altering injuries.

        Several attackers died also. If people die as the result of a crime, the criminals are often held liable. Not in this case, so far. The attackers are getting every break in the book.

        Again, it was political theater. Elect Youngkin and you elect White supremacist surrogates. Sort of like PETA dressing in lettuce leaves or red painted fur for protests.

        But the right wing echo chambers care not a whit about truth or our Constitution.

        You too?

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        1. The combined Capitol and DC police force numbers more than 10,000. 5 deaths in several months is not exceptional.

          You claim they were connected to the riot. How? Do you have the autopsies?


          1. The colleagues of these unusual suicides by healthy young men attribute them to the PTSD created by the violence and events of January 6th. Nobody can know for sure. We do know, however, that reputable reporting in the media is the basis for the bullet point in the Herring ad. Your accusation that it was an outright lie was mistaken.

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          2. No. I am not mistaken.

            Unless there is strong medical evidence of a connection, it is a lie to attribute those deaths to the riot, much less to a candidate who received a contribution from an organization which encouraged people to attend the Jan 6 demonstration, but otherwise had no part in the riot.

            Are you going to hold a Democratic politician accountable for arson if he received a donation from someone who also donated to Black Lives Matter? That would be a far stronger connection, yet I’m sure you would object.


          3. “… a candidate who received a contribution from an organization which encouraged people to attend the Jan 6 demonstration, but otherwise had no part in the riot.”

            Trump money flowed to the organizers of 1/6.


            The commission is investigating the depth of involvement. So far it seems pretty intense with the Willard Hotel command center for overturning the election.

            Mafia chieftains distanced themselves from the hits, but eventually the truth came out.

            It will here too.

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          4. Perhaps, but until there are facts to support the ad, it is a lie.

            In order for the ad to not be a lie, the following must be supported by evidence.

            1 the officers who committed suicide must have been free of those tendencies prior to that trauma. Suicide is not a spur-of-the-moment decision. Generally, there is a long history of depression,

            Officer Sidnick had longstanding atherosclerosis and was well on the way to a stroke long before Jan 6.

            2 RAGA would have to have had more involvement than a call to supporters to attend the rally.

            3 Miyares would have to have had knowledge of that involvement.

            As yet there is evidence for none of those, and the ad remains a lie.


          5. We will have to disagree. You say you are not mistaken. I say you are. On just about everything where evidence matters. Five officers are now dead who very likely would not be except for the psychological trauma of the violence inflicted on them in the coup attempt. In his pandering to win the Trump base Youngkin completely failed to stand for democracy and the rule of law. The ad is fair and accurate.

            You demand “medical evidence.” When did medical evidence ever explain the cause of a suicide? Just another of your patented dodges.

            I cannot respond to your specious claim that BLM commits arson with offending your delicate sensibilities, so I will not even try.

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          6. I didn’t say BLM commits arson. I said that arson occurred at their protests.

            But your interpretation of the Jan 6 events as related to that ad would require that we hold any politician supported by BLM responsible for those arsons.

            I don’t do that.


      2. You do realize that the majority of the ads for Youngkin, Sears and Miyares contain misinformation, delusional takes on reality and outright bullshit.

        Based on his advertisements, I don’t think Miyares even knows what job he is running for.

        And again you missed the part where Project Veritas has been deemed political spies. And pretty inept a they get caught almost every time manipulating what they have “uncovered”.

        “Deception is on page 1 of the GOP playbook. Funny how you don’t see it. I guess you have been deceived.😇

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  5. The funny parts of this left wingnut debacle are the inclusion of a black white supremacists while Paul and Len try to claim it was a right wing set up when 2 members of the group were positively identified as left wing activists. As Paul always says, lying liars lie and we now all know he was speaking of himself.


    1. A right wing setup?

      Are you not able to read a follow simple English?

      The simple truth is that this was NOT a black flag operation mounted by the Democrats to make it look like White Supremacists were there to support Youngkin. That was Tabor’s claim and it was obviously bogus from the start.,

      And that was BEFORE The Lincoln Project – a group of Never Trump Republicans – issued a press release making it clear that it was a bit of political theater to highlight Youngkin’s failure to push back against White Supremacists, domestic terrorists and the Big Lie.

      So, please tell us – what lie are you accusing me of in this matter?


      1. You are expecting an admission of error?

        I suspect that the modern Republican mindset is so used to dirty dealings in their own party that they think it is the norm for everyone else.

        Sort of like cheating on taxes is a virtue because it “makes me smart”.

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