Brazil’s rough lesson regarding Ivermectin.

Even though many took the drug early on, doctors saw them fill up hospitals and morgues. And this was a nation that actively promoted the drug and even sold “kits” to battle COVID that included Ivermectin. Conclusion for Brazilians? Take the vaccine.

14 thoughts on “Brazil’s rough lesson regarding Ivermectin.

  1. Again?

    Yes, Vaccination is better.

    Regneron is better, but there isn’t enough of it and it is expensive.

    The new Merck pill is probably better, but you can’t get it yet. How available it will be in poor countries we don’t know.

    The window for Ivermectin to be effective is short. As a prophylactic it is only useful shortly after exposure. As an early treatment, a few days. more.

    Interviewing ICU doctors about Ivermectin is about as useful as interviewing house painters. By the time patients are hospitalized, the useful window has closed.

    Even your cite admits Ivermectin has its place, especially where better alternatives are not available.


    1. The issue is that using Ivermectin as a substitute for the vaccine is probably killing people. If there is a tiny window of efficacy, then missing those few days could send a person to the hospital.

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      1. RE: “missing those few days could send a person to the hospital.”

        How many people are we talking about? Most people who get Covid-19 suffer no consequences.


  2. RE: “Conclusion for Brazilians? Take the vaccine.”

    Your source is manipulating you. Try learning about ivermectin use in India.


          1. You are saying that you would rather self-medicate than follow a doctor’s advice (be it your own or a government one.) All I said was what I have always said; it isn’t the prescribed medication, it is those who run to the local feed store, grab a tube of horse paste and ingest it. And then get very sick and/or die.


          2. @Roberts A lot of us has been wondering that, I think he’s having a little twinkie fit because his pivot man Murphy took his ball and went home.


          3. “A lot of us has been wondering that,

            You must think highly of yourself if you think you are “a lot”. Or maybe your just schizophrenic.

            Speaking of pivot men, how does JTR taste?


          4. There you go with that Boy shit again. Listen to me little man. You ain’t got shit to say that is worth while so all you do is insult and attempt to denigrate.

            You are welcome to come find me and this “boy” will show you what a true man is all about. You little prick.


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