At least one reasonable LTE today

of course

30 thoughts on “At least one reasonable LTE today

  1. What popped up on the link was the letter about a write-in vote by Republicans instead of the “flame thrower” candidate.

    I agree.

    I assume you meant your letter. Well written, as usual.

    I don’t totally agree.

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    1. You can’t target individual letters anymore at the Pilot, just the category.

      Nancy Guy, the incumbent, who Anderson is running against has earned my personal enmity. My son, who is in her district, and I lobbied her on gun control and she admitted we were right on some of the bills, but said she had to vote for them anyway to get her reelection campaign funded.


  2. I’m not following. What’s unreasonable about Tim Anderson? The LTE was written by some sad sack liberal trying to label a Republican as violent and…oh dear…a hater. Yawn…so typical of the left wing drivel spewers.


      1. The “Double Standard” LTE reminded me of another story abt an emancipation statue erected on Brown’s Island. On the statue is the name Nat Turner. So we tear down Confederate monuments but erect a statue that honors a mass murderer of 23 children? Now THAT is a disgusting double standard.


          1. Innocent children are good. Mass murder of children is bad. Glad I could clear that up for you and any other numb nut liberal that doesn’t know the difference.


        1. Slave revolts are always bloody. When you treat humans as chattel and animals for a few hundred years, it kind of takes their humanity away.

          The backlash after Brown’s revolts was a massacre of just about any Black person who might be in the wrong place.

          Thousands of men, women and children suffered and died in Transatlantic crossings, disease and overwork. Along with split up families, balance that against a few dozen innocent Whites and the revolt takes on a new light. Terrible? Of course. Unexpected? Hardly.

          No excuse to kill children? Didn’t seem to bother slaveholders and traders when ripping families asunder to sell fresh “meat” to the plantations.


          1. Nat Turner, when told a baby in its crib had been spared, explicitly ordered the follower to go back and kill it.

            There is no turning back from that, and the idea of a statue in his honor is foul.


          2. And statues honoring, nay praising, the men who defended slavery of children, killing humans during transits, splitting families are fine with you.

            Is there any difference between Brown and Davis other than skin color?


          3. The statue in question is of Nat Turner, not John Brown,

            I am not a big fan of statues, other than those of naked women, but I see absolutely no value in statues of politicians, especially Jefferson Davis.

            Robert E Lee is another matter, as he deserves some study. He was a man of honor and there is much to learn of the concept of duty from him, but as he was opposed to statues I will defer to him.


          4. Thanks for the correct name.

            I guess the difference is that the statues are of people who supported the legal slaughter and abuse of humans as opposed to the illegal murders in the rebellion.

            “The law, in its majestic equality, forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, to beg in the streets, and to steal their bread.” Anatole France.


          5. As I said, I don’t support statues for politicians of any ilk. but I am absolutely opposed to statues to someone who specifically ordered the murder of a baby in its crib.

            If you are aware of any such statues of Southern politicians I will join you in demanding their removal.


          6. Did the Sacklers specifically addict people by name? No, they did addict millions for cash under a legal morass that allowed them to push narcotics as effectively as El Chapo and live openly in gated communities.

            That makes them as evil and odious as the top drug lords, murderers really.

            This seems an apropos comparison if some crazed ex-addict decided to take them and their families put.

            You seemed to agree that the insurrection attempt on 1/6 was “understandable” due to the “last straw” of persecution and suffering of the Trump supporters.

            So what is the difference? Slavery killed lots of children, directly or indirectly. No excuse there either, huh?


    1. …”as violent ”

      Explain to me how a flamethrower is a non violent weapon.

      The only drivel being spewed in his campaign is from the right Wing Trumpists who want to turn over the country to the orange faced boy king in Florida.


          1. Got your attention, didn’t it? Sounds like a success to me. It’s a shame I haven’t seen it so I could smile while I voted for a Republican black woman.


    1. Well, since no one reads the letters in the Pilot any more. it was the only way to raise the issue here. The LTEs have a 250 word limit, so it is simplified.

      So, where is it mistaken?


      1. …”since no one reads the letters in the Pilot any more”…

        I actually try to read them every day. Even “The Buzz” responses on Thursdays, which sadly always have the same characters. (I did forget the emoji😉 intended)

        Your beliefs are based on unicorn thinking, the bane of the Libertarian. You say basically the same thing every time and I (and others) disagree with them every time.

        I am interested as to why you asked me, and not Len, about our disagreement.


      2. Not to speak for any of the others, but we’ve been hearing these same axiomatic arguments for trickle-down economics for 40 years. If your metric for success is anything other than GDP or the share of wealth owned by the top quintile, you’d have to conclude that neoliberalism has been detrimental to this country. Every time we give money back to the private sector it results in massive stock buybacks, not job creation.

        “There are some things that must be funded to be done by government…” Those things include infrastructure, transportation improvements, broadband access for your beloved rural areas that the invisible hand wouldn’t go near, etc.

        Also, I wouldn’t get too worked up about it. Manchin and Sinema will do their jobs and tank it.

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