Yes, ICU beds are filling up.

I think DeSantis and Abbott are hoping voters will forget this by next year. Unfortunately there might be a lot of Republicans voting for their dead relatives, not just the few in OH and PA. πŸ˜‡

One of the new laws is you have to bring the body or a death certificate to have the vote counted. πŸ˜‡

17 thoughts on “Yes, ICU beds are filling up.

  1. The disease is a great equalizer. The States that voted for Trump are the States with the highest rates of hospitalization, infection, and death.

    BTW, it’s DeathSantis

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    1. Again making it partisan without supporting data.

      Those southern states also have a much higher portion of their population who are Black. LA is 35% Black, almost 3 times the national average. Do you think they are all Trump voters?

      Comparing states without adjusting for race and age is statistical malpractice.


      1. “LA is 35% Black, almost 3 times the national average”

        Talk about malpractice. Len specifically called out TWO states: Florida and Texas. Brining LA into the discussion is disingenuous and tries to skew the discussion to a state with 1) increasing vaccine rates and 2) DEMOCRATIC Governor.

        FL and TX are becoming a big problem. Are you going to bring up that many people may flee those states to get away from the surge the way you blamed a lot of the original spread of the vaccine on those from NY?

        By the way, I saw a report this morning that the number of deaths in FL has now surpassed Desantis’ margin of victory in his gubernatorial election. Yay Team Desantis!

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      2. It’s in the polling data. Some 40% of identified Republicans state they will not vaccinate. That’s 20% for Democrats. In States that are largely Republican, that almost guarantees you ain’t gonna make 75% vaccinated.

        LA is only 60% vaccinated. That’s 4 million unvaccinated. Then there’s Orange County.

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  2. The Pilot article should be taken with a grain of salt. Nationally, around 70% of ICU beds are occupied, with far more unoccupied beds than ICU beds in use by Covid patients:

    Local ICU bed usage may vary from the national measurement, of course, but there is a more important question to be answered: How many current Covid hospitalizations are due to vaccine breakthrough infections? The CDC claims to be tracking this number, but hasn’t yet begun reporting it.

    For the time being, it is unclear what we should make of the hospitalization statistics.


      1. Yes, I consulted your link before posting. Notice that the 7,001 hospitalized breakthrough cases is a cumulative number that goes back to the beginning of the pandemic. At issue, however, is the current ratio of breakthrough hospitalizations to non-breakthrough hospitalizations. That ratio is the number that will tell us the extent to which recent variants of the virus have evaded immunity. Some localized anecdotal reports put the ratio at 50% or higher (as with the Bear Week incident).


        1. Hospitals are reporting that 95% or more of hospitalizations are non-vaccinated.

          Unless, of course, all the doctors, nurses and administrators at hundreds of healthcare facilities around the country decided to lie and back each other up.

          I saw a figure of 125,000 positives of the vaccinated nationwide. But few are hospitalized or died.

          The next few weeks will tell a tale of either woe or wonder. So far woe is ahead by many lengths.

          I think DeSantis, and Abbot are banking on UK style of drop in Delta infections. In which case they hope that the voters will forget. Or more precisely, the gaslighting by the right will convince their constituents that COVID never happened, but still Biden caused the pandemic.

          Some right wing governors are betting that the body counts will not exceed the vote count. Unfortunately, I believe the number of hospitalizations in FL have exceeded DeSantis’ winning margin.

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        2. RE: “Hospitals are reporting that 95% or more of hospitalizations are non-vaccinated.”

          I have seen those reports, too, but context is important and usually absent. When a hospital spokesman says “95% of our Covid patients are unvaccinated,” does he mean since the beginning of the pandemic, or in the last seven days. To my knowledge, no one is reporting the tracking number and the CDC is the only aggregator collecting the data from which it could be produced. Everything else is hearsay.

          If gaslighting the public is so important to you, read your CDC link very carefully. It masterfully creates a false or at least tenuous impression of the breakthrough infection story.


          1. The 95%+ is all about the current crisis in certain states. Last year, before the vaccine it was 100%.

            Hospitals in Texas are shipping some patients out of state. A parking garage has been converted to a COVID ward. Staff shortages are a serious problem.

            But the right just keeps bashing Wallensky for votes.

            WSJ did a piece on her and it is pretty obvious she is trying hard to keep people well and alive in a toxic political atmosphere.

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          2. RE: “The 95%+ is all about the current crisis in certain states.”

            Believe what you want, even when there are no actual statistics to support the belief.


    1. I have heard of mad cow disease and swine and bird flu. Haven’t heard about getting flu from sheep.

      Could you give us a cite for that? Can you catch it from a wool Christmas sweater, ugly or not?


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