Devastating and sad stories of people dying who were afraid of the vaccine or disbelieved the severity of COVID.

Where are these families getting their information from? Well here is, or rather was, one source:

Karma. Cruel as this sounds, I hold the right wing media folks, who are making millions off of lies and misinformation about COVID, responsible for untold deaths in this new variant season. Yes, FOX briefly “came to Jesus” probably for pending suits, but the dead folks, old at first, but much younger now, would have been alive except for their sources outside government, doctors and MSM.

Is the new “sound of freedom” a ventilator?


23 thoughts on “Devastating and sad stories of people dying who were afraid of the vaccine or disbelieved the severity of COVID.

  1. You keep trying to make vaccine hesitancy partisan thing. That is counterproductive. The number one demographic for vaccine avoidance is Black men

    But on the bright side, if that many Blacks have become Republican FOX viewers, there’ll never be another Democrat elected again.


    1. I am pointing out the outrageous effects of the conservative MSM. Where do these poor folks get their information? We know there is Black hesitancy. And as much as people try to dismiss this, the Black community has seen a history of issues in our country for centuries. That is passed on from generation to generation.

      The White mistrust is relatively new, maybe a couple of decades, but has been spun to a new level via right wing MSM. Why? Because it makes big bucks for the gurus.

      I accept the concept that you will never, ever see it that way. A shame really. Dismissing all media except right wing is easy to do. I know, some of your best friends read WaPo, but that rings hollow.

      What is interesting is that you say I am making this a partisan issue. You know as well as anyone that the problem of vaccine hesitancy is primarily in heavily Republican states and counties. Yes, there is hesitancy among the 12% Black and some Latino, but that is being addressed for one thing and it involves a relatively small part of our population.

      Government is not perfect. MSM make mistakes. But this is true of all human institutions. Unfortunately now we have a sizeable percentage of Republicans (a recent poll put it at 60%) who won’t get vaccinated. Now that may change a bit since people are dying by the hundreds everyday as Delta spreads among the unvaccinated.

      Spin this if you like, but I stand by my post and my opinion.

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      1. RE: “I am pointing out the outrageous effects of the conservative MSM.”

        What is your evidence that conservative MSM is having any outrageous effects?


        1. Exactly!!! Does,Len actually believe that conservative media has that much influence over the human mind while MSM, according to him, seems to be failing? He’s just trying his best to seem important going into mid-terms.


      2. Again, you persist in trying to link FOX news to vaccine hesitancy, yet those Red southern states that you see as lagging behind in vaccination rates also have much larger shares of the population which are Black, 30 to 35% in LA and MS. Further, they are younger states,

        You see partisanship in everything, but again, matched for age and race the difference is insignificant.

        The real differences come from age and race, not party. Democrat anti-vaxxers may not get the press, but they are just as prevalent.

        I would very much like to see that poll that puts GOP vaccination at 40%. That seems very unlikely with normal age distribution. If it were a poll of Republicans under 30, maybe.


        1. It’s a poor person issue for sure. Black populations (presumably Democrats) are unvaccinated and not rushing to the well, but not because they WON’T. The reasons given are more inconvenience issues, or they are unaware it is free, or they are afraid of the illness side effects keeping from work, etc.

          Sturgis hints it’s not a mobility issue for the whites.

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        2. Today’s Pilot has a new survey regarding who are not getting vaccinated and why.

          There is no doubt that misinformation plays a serious role. My original point was to question who is putting out such stuff and who is believing it.

          Make what you will of this, but I stand by my assertions. Hesitancy among Whites is primarily in the Republican fold.

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          1. So that’s 12% of the population who are even the audience for Farrakhan’s rants. Of those, how many follow him?

            Still, that is a good point. Now where does the rural AK conservative refusing vaccination get his information from? Certainly not the Nation of Islam.

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          2. 12% nationally, but 30 to 35% in the Southern Red states you’re always going on about.

            As for rural AK, what makes you think they’re getting information from FOX? A lot of evangelicals don’t get much information at all, and they’ve been distrustful of government and health care a long time.

            People who handle rattlesnakes in the belief that God will protect them are pretty hard to convnice.

            And don’t discount age. A lot of young people don’t feel they’re at risk from COVID.

            Again, you’re really trying too hard to make it partisan.


          3. RE: “There is no doubt that misinformation plays a serious role.”

            Is that a fact? I doubt it.


          4. RE: “Why?”

            Two reasons. (1) None of your sources provide any evidence of misinformation or of false beliefs held by people exposed to it. (2) A recent Stanford survey reported in WSJ showed that vaccine hesitancy rates today are the same as they were before any Covid vaccines were available.



    1. Forgot, can’t edit. The Delta variant, accordingly to her, is a totally different animal than last year. It’s destroying the vascular system. The patients blood thins like mad, won’t clot, and the organs just bleed. Sounds like a hemorrhagic fever to me.

      It’s political, Doc, only in that one party is far more likely to refuse the vaccines than the other. Like 2:1 more likely. That’s significant. But more a result of their news source. Fox was killing their viewers with slanted vaccine sories, and their viewers were mostly Republicans. That just changed two weeks ago with several of their commenters. We’ll see if that turns the tide.

      BTW, if the come out with a Delta booster, GET OUTTA MY WAY!

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    1. Interesting study. Could it be that the hesitant already have brain damage susceptibility. I think there might be a zoonotic infection from the “domestic red FOX”.

      Just sayin’ 😇

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