Just when one thinks that the GOP can’t top their lunacy…

And now let’s shoot the vaccine outreach workers. Is this really a helpful suggestion in a pandemic?


“What they don’t know is in the South, we all love our Second Amendment rights, and we’re not real big on strangers showing up on our front door, are we? They might not like the welcome they get.”

The irony is that in that same speech she blamed Dr. Fauci for creating the virus, killing millions, for which there is a vaccine that works quite well. She doesn’t suggest taking the jab, but shooting the outreach people trying to encourage vaccination.

Deplorable is not strong enough to describe that ignorant and evil Congresswoman. She is trying to get political support on the threat of violence rather than encouraging pandemic safety.

51 thoughts on “Just when one thinks that the GOP can’t top their lunacy…

    1. We already know that it doesn’t take much to convince a few thousand gullible misfits to send 140 police to the hospital because they were ordered to force Pence to break the law of the land for their own amusement.

      It had to be amusement because none were so persecuted, tortured, or otherwise so miserable that insurrection was their only choice.

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  1. I agree her intemperate rhetoric is improper for a member of Congress. But so long as she does not cross the line to incitement, it is a matter between her and her constituents.

    Whart we should be doing, as she is in a safely Red district, is to contribute to the primary campaign of a more reasonable conservative Republican.

    Contributing to a Democrat opponent would be an exercise in futility, so if you want to be rid of her, you’ll have to support a GOP challenger.


    1. You are excusing violence because it is your side. If BLM told Black neighborhoods to lock and load to kill outreach workers I believe you would be singing another tune.

      Heated rhetoric has consequences and we already know the propensity for Trump followers to play “patriot” and start attacking because they feel “disrespected”. Sound familiar? Often the same excuse for inner city gang violence.

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      1. You mean like the fanatical Republican who shot up a Democrat baseball team practicing for a charity game?

        Oh, wait….

        You are hard to agree with. I wrote that she doesn’t belong in Congress and offered you a strategy for getting her out.

        The GOP leadership has taken away her committee assignments, which, short of criminal activity, is all they can do.

        What more do you want?

        Or is whining about her the point?

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        1. The Republicans love her. She fits the violence oriented political agenda. I just don’t like people who try to tear down our country over minor crap because they are bored.

          That’s my point.

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          1. When did the Democrats say that health care workers may be shot? WHnd. did the Democrats storm the Capitol to overturn the results of the election? When did the Democrats elect the most dangerous politician in the history of this country.

            Take you democratic hatred and plant it elsewhere. The GOP can’t legislate anything that is beneficial to the people of this country. They are not about small government anymore. They are all about kissing the orange ass and making him happy so they don’t get primaried out of office. (See Denver Riggleman, who just happened to do a solid for a couple of his close friends and got ran out of office because of it. AND who is now an adviser to the Jan 6th Committee. MORE bipartisanship from the Democrats. Go figure.)


          2. “When did the Democrats say that health care workers may be shot?”

            A Democrat fanatic actually shot GOP Congressmen practicing for a charity game.

            “When did the Democrats storm the Capitol to overturn the results of the election?”

            And yet they tried to do it in Congress for 4 straight years.

            “When did the Democrats elect the most dangerous politician in the history of this country.”

            Every single time, and they keep outdoing themselves. Biden, for example, just had his CDC head extend an eviction moratorium that SCOTUS had already ruled unconstitutional knowing that it will take longer for the courts to finally rule than the 3 month extension.

            A government that refuses to be constrained by the Rule of Law is far more dangerous than any unorganized insurrection.


          3. The man that shot Republicans was a baseball fan peaceably enjoying the game. Haven’t you heard? He stayed in the stands like a tourist. 😇 History rewrite coming soon.

            When you discuss the Rule of Law, threatening state officials with prosecution in order to change the votes by a specific amount breaks quite a few. That’s for starters.

            The pandemic has brought out the best and the worst in Americans. Interestingly enough, the CDC was an independent monolith that Trump could not control. Not his fault, right? At least according to your past proclamations.

            Now Biden has suddenly gotten full control for every CDC action.

            We are in this mess for this reason:

            Trump politicized COVID to the nth degree. Masks and closures were not palliative, they were reasons to attack Democrats. 5 years of sowing disbelief on everything by Trump has worked it’s evil intent, to confuse Americans so they “won’t know what to believe”.

            It was not just Trump, either. The right wing owned the most pervasive and powerful MSM in radio and cable news to act as surrogates. They did the best they could to denigrate the effects of COVID so well that vaccine hesitaters die in hospitals believing it’s a hoax.

            Now where did that idea come from in its infancy?

            I don’t think you can see that perspective, and there lies the rub.


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          4. “A government that refuses to be constrained by the Rule of Law is far more dangerous than any unorganized insurrection.”

            An excellent assessment of the Trump term. ONE term.

            How many Democratic congresspeople 1) called for that to happen 2) condoned it?

            Yeah, ZERO! How many GOP congresspeople are calling for attacks on health care workers sharing information to help counteract the anti-vax crowd that resides in the GOP side of the aisle? Vaccines that you personally wish everyone would get.

            Your completely biased hatred for Democrats blinds you to the reality of what has become the GOP.

            “Intemperate rhetoric” is so eerily similar to the phrasing you used for over 4 years to defend Trump’s LIES. If ANYONE individual is shot while trying to share LEGITIMATE information about the vaccines, MTG is responsible. And YOU are an accomplice for poo-pooing her language.


          5. Importantly, the speech was encouraging and praising not getting vaccinated.

            So shooting local volunteers or healthcare outreach workers will pale in comparison to the death toll among the unvaccinated.

            Greene is just the most visible of the ignoranti. FOX and friends like OANN or NEWSMAX have been bad mouthing the vaccine and masks until a little hiccup a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, Ingraham just can’t let it go. So there is that, too.

            What’s ironic is that these folks are riding the anti-government bandwagon so hard, that they are killing their own voters.

            Ignorant or just evil?

            Or both.

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      2. “But so long as she does not cross the line to incitement”

        You people accused Maxine Waters of far worse for far less. As always, the racially-tinged double standard that permeates Trumpdom is on display.

        If a mob of black people had stormed the Congress, attacking police, planting pipe bombs, trashing, looting and trying to murder Congressmen ALL of you people would be singing a different tune. You, for example, would not be dismissing such a mob as mere “trespassers.”

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          1. She did not.
            She said to get confrontational.
            Here are her words that lying liars like you lie about . . .

            “If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere”

            To put it bluntly, you are a fucking liar and you never stop lying.


          2. Assault is threat or intimidation combined with demonstration of the ability to carry out the threat. Superiority of numbers is considered demonstration of that ability.

            There is no need to land a blow, that’s battery.

            So, yes, Waters was inciting assault, but Democrats are rarely held accountable.

            Consider this a yellow card. Constantly calling people liars for having a different opinion than you is uncivil, and tiresome.

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          3. There is a difference between calling an individual a liar or calling out the opinion based on lies.

            You are smarter than that and we all know it.


          4. Dr. Tabor. I direct your attention to post by nivlac that are demeaning and LIES. The most personal attack on anyone on this forum by another member. I call for direct action.

            Or because he attacks ME and not someone on the same side of most debates as you, he gets a little slap on the keyboard.

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          5. Are you referring to the ‘licking’ comment?

            I didn’t much like it but since you had opened that door with “You are so busy licking the Trump backside, you just can’t believe the truth.” it is kind of hard to make a distinction.

            But I do agree that civility has been deteriorating. That happens with the anonymity of the Internet. I would like to see our discussions held as though we are sitting around a table in person, all of us armed.

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          6. My reply to him was in counter to him referring to Mr. Murphy as a “self licking ice cream cone”. I used HIS phrasing to call it out for what it is.

            OK, civility is out the window. But his was a PERSONAL ATTACK.

            And as expected ZERO threat of moderation as is thrown around by you and Mr. Roberts to EVERYONE that disagrees with you.

            Thank you for once again showing how hypocritical the Right tends to be.


          7. Have I ever moderated a comment from you, or from Mr Murphy?

            I have appealed for civility and mentioned the possibility that should the decline continue I might have to, but so far I have not had to go beyond a warning.


          8. Well, don’t worry. We have now lost a poster who backed up facts and called out lies when he saw them. And he was familiar with English grammar. Too confrontational I suppose.

            But we still have Smith and Calvin who drop in from time to time to fling insults. And not to leave out the one who sees a communist behind every light pole and actors faking dead children at every school shooting and pizza parlor sex rings.

            Your site, your rules.

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          9. You have maintained a balance…to a point. One of your moderators has threatened Mr. Murphy several times. And while he can be caustic, his attacks have been on the ideas and not the individual, for the most part.

            However, what nivlac posted was beyond the pale. He did not attack what I said; he attacked me personally. And while I have moments of incivility, I have tried to keep my rhetoric pointed at the ideas and the hypocrisy of some who throw them out there.

            You DID threaten to close down the blog once or twice, but I have NEVER seen a warning from you to ANYONE but those who disagree with you or Smith, or Roberts. But nivlac’s comments were uncalled for.


          10. Only if Smith goes first.

            You boys on the right just hate it when truth is thrown at your feet. You are so busy licking the Trump backside, you just can’t believe the truth.


          11. @AGreen You seem to use the term “licking” a lot. You obviously have much more experience at it than most. Must have been your days of being the pivot man in the circle jerk.


        1. Consider it a red card.

          What is tiresome is responding to the never ending stream of insults, slanders, nonsense and alternative facts that pass for analysis among you people. This case is a good example. Your slanderous lie turns into an “opinion” based on an imaginary definition of a common English word. An assault is a physical attack. Period. Look it up.

          This lie about Maxine Waters comes on top of a string of ugly slanders and falsehoods addressed at the people at CDC doing their best to save lives. Gleeful at news of sick children? Really?

          I apologize for the profanity. It was written in anger that was provoked by the ugly smears and gross dishonesty directed at the CDC. However, the substance of my response was accurate. Enough is enough. So red card it is.

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        2. @Green……Seems you have a different idea of what the phrase “self licking ice cream cone” actually means. I’m really surprised you haven’t heard it before with your military/naval background. I’ve been around a few enlisted personnel and officers in my career and, while it’s a new term, it has nothing to do with sexual actions, preferences or desires. It’s a term used to describe flag officers that have forgotten their days in/on the boats and say anything to advance their career. In other words…..while still wearing uniform they have become politicians. The person I singled out with that term, while not military, does just that in that he’ll would say anything to advance his position.


          1. There are a lot of terms that I may have heard over my 24-plus year career. That one does not come to mind. We usually referred to them as “morons”, “idiots”, or just plain stupid.

            That being said wrt …” it has nothing to do with sexual actions, preferences or desires”… I was not referring to your ice cream cone comment; I was referring to your comment directed AT ME wrt to a circle jerk.

            And calling me Sonny, while showing that you are just an old fart who wants kids to get off his lawn, was used in a derogatory fashion. My father doesn’t call me Sonny, or anything else in that manner.

            Your comments to me were way out of line. I called you out for it. You are free to GFY, but if your post above was an attempted apology, it fails miserably.

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    1. Explain how it is a “witch hunt” to call out a member of Congress campaigning NOT IN HER DISTRICT, or even STATE, HINTS at condoning the shooting of individuals tasked with providing INFORMATION to help SAVE LIVES and PREVENT SERIOUS DISEASE.

      It is not. It is pointing out the dangerousness of her rhetoric and using her own words to show how dangerous she is to the democratic principles this country was founded and built on. Principles that Republicans used to hold in high regard, but now because some reality show BS artist has them convinced to keep feeding the people horse manure, they disregard and in some cases demean.


      1. He’s your hero, not mine. So you don’t think he should have his day in court? You rats sure turn on your own in a second, eat any kids lately??


      2. You mean Democrat perverts are getting rid of the Democrat perverts that got caught while continuing to be perverts. Gotcha!!!


        1. ANd the GOP perverts are still running around in Congress and then there is the one that the Chairwoman of the GOP said is still running the party.

          At least Democrats take action. The GOP idolizes their perverts.


          1. You questioned my assertion that you use the term “licking.” You state you’ve never used it. Look at your posts on this thread. Here, let me refresh your memory…..did you or did you not say this, “You boys on the right just hate it when truth is thrown at your feet. You are so busy LICKING the Trump backside, you just can’t believe the truth.” Now my question is…..ah, never mind. It ain’t worth it.


          2. Not worth it? OK. So I used a term that YOU used to describe the idiocy of Trumpists such as yourself.

            Call me SONNY again, or infer some sort of homosexual tendency and you may find yourself challenged.


          3. Ya know, you’re right. I never really liked the term sonny so I won’t use it anymore. Not because of you….just that I don’t like the term. I’ll substitute another word…….boy sounds good. Is that better for you? As far as using that term “licking,” Well it really didn’t matter to me if you used it or not, could care less, except you stated that you’ve never used but yet you used it in this thread. Denying a fact that is true has a name….but I would be borrowing from Murphy if I used it which I would never want to do. As far as implying a homosexual tendency maybe, you get points for understanding, but for you to criticize is rich since you have questioned others about their alleged preoccupation with genitalia. Alrighty boy, go ahead and challenge me…..anyway you like. Just be safe……


          4. Come visit this boy. But you better bring lotsa friends.

            …”you have questioned others about their alleged preoccupation with genitalia. ”

            Considering there is a poster who does have a preoccupation with the genitalia of others, it is only pointing out that they have a problem with people being who they are.

            AS far as boy goes. You can still GFY.

            And when you get your head out of your ass, (or realize that Trumpkins like yourself are cult members who can’t think straight) maybe, just maybe, you’ll realize how stupid you sound.


          5. @Geen…..Like I’ve said before…..just give me a time and a place and I’ll be there. Hell, you can hit me in the head with your laptop when I show up. And believe me, I won’t need friends…..not for a man/boy like you.


    1. Let me know when Matt Gaetz, who is involved with MINORS, like the ones you are so concerned with when it comes to taking a leak, gets HIS sainthood.

      And Cuomo should go. PERIOD.


    2. A few dozen women accusing assault and rape. Bragging about how to grope women (make sure to have TicTacs, a “pro tip”.)

      Being president has advantages over being governor.

      And he, who shall remain unnamed, is the de facto head of the entire Republican party. Except a few with a modicum of integrity.

      There ae more than enough folks in positions of great political and financial power who are not behaving themselves. Why? Because they can.

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      1. This constant drum beat of every Republican being a mindless drone of Trump shows you are slipping in originality. It used to be funny but its just pathetic now. Time for some new material while y’all are eating your young…


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