Hospitals are filling up with unvaccinated, younger and sicker.

Elective procedures in Florida back on hold…again. We are apparently slow learners. Now a few Republicans are panicking and starting to push vaccination despite anti-vaccines efforts from many in the last months. This report is a bit of a wake up call to the faithful. And losing voters too.

41 thoughts on “Hospitals are filling up with unvaccinated, younger and sicker.

  1. Uh, it’s one hospital, with a unique demographic, not the whole State.

    But in any case, yes cases are up, that was to be expected as we let our guard down, but you can’t stay at Defcon 3 forever.

    Those who persist in refusing the vaccine are making the choice to ride out the disease, IMNSHO, it is a poor choice, but theirs to make, in any case, in a short time everyone will be immune or dead.

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    1. And the folks who can’t get elective surgeries or have to wear masks or are immunosuppressed still should just go screw themselves?

      See my comment below and get a better idea that freedom is not just for anti-vax folks.

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      1. Again, it doesn’t matter.

        The Delta variant is sufficiently contagious(though no more deadly) that those who are not vaccinated will get it soon. So, whether from vaccination or natural immunity, both of which are effective in preventing serious illness, the population will soon be immune.

        The effect on others will be pretty much the same.

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        1. The vaccine is a few bucks a dose.

          Hospitalization for COVID can easily hit 6 figures, but even the lesser affected will cost thousands.

          You and I pay for this whether through Medicare or private insurance.

          Plus, as in LA, mask mandates, limited crowds are back in many places. That affects the economy and drives people who have gotten vaccinated into the same issues we had before.

          I feel like I am being extorted by the jack asses who refuse to get vaccinated and have to bend over backwards to accommodate someone else’s “freedom” while losing mine.

          Besides, the latest news seems to give high immunity from vaccines and much lower, less effective immunity from having been exposed to COVID.

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          1. RE: “I feel like I am being extorted by the jack asses who refuse to get vaccinated and have to bend over backwards to accommodate someone else’s “freedom” while losing mine.”

            You shouldn’t feel this way; it is a mistake.

            Would you blame the victims of a hurricane for your own inconveniences in the aftermath? Something like that is what you’re doing here.


          2. Hurricane victims? At best they may have had 3 days warning. We have had 20 months warning (or would have, so it is more like only 17 months) and a vaccine for 8 months with plenty of supplies for the last 3.

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    2. “In a short time everyone will be immune or dead.”

      Some will deserve to die, many others will not.

      Personally, at this stage, I will not shed a tear over the loss of otherwise healthy but cowardly people who refuse to help stop the pandemic through the simple and safe act of getting vaccinated. Good riddance.

      But it is not just themselves they are killing. We have MILLIONS of people in this country whose immune systems have been compromised by disease and medications. They cannot get vaccinated and every single one of these selfish anti-vax jackasses bears criminal responsibility for each one of them who loses their life because we did not stop the spread of these viruses in our country.

      It should NOT be their choice to kill people. There is ample precedent for curbing the freedom of those who endanger the health of others. It should be a criminal offense for healthy people to remain unvaccinated. We have many areas of law that criminalizes behavior of choice that endangers others – this should be one of those.

      There, now let’s hear some more of the #LIBERATE bullshit.


      1. What happened to “My Body, My Choice?”

        Remember that those who become immune by surviving the disease cease to be a threat to others just as those who are vaccinated. So, if they won’t vaccinate, perhaps they should go ahead and get sick ASAP and get it over with.

        Maybe you could organize some anti-vax rallies.


          1. “That is their right, but choices have consequences”

            No, it is not their right. No one has a right to recklessly risk the lives of other people. If the law won’t stop them from such behavior, it should.


        1. What happened to “My Body, My Choice?”

          I should be asking you people to explain YOUR hypocrisy on that one. A woman is not free harm another “person.” Why should the unvaccinated be free to do exactly that?

          For me, it is not a problem because I follow the law. A zygote is not a “person.”

          The problem with “just let them get sick” is that it will take too long, cost too much money and kill thousands of them AND innocent people in the process. Universal vaccination can be done quicker, cost hundreds of billions less and will kill almost nobody.

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          1. There is every bit as much scientific support for the humanity of a fetus, especially after the first trimester, as there is for an unvaccinated person initiating a chain of infection leading to an immunocompromised person, Especially since there are ways to keep them separated and protected.

            So, what do you propose? Send storm troopers door-to-door to demand vaccination papers and forcibly vaccinating any who can’t produce them?

            Your inner totalitarian is showing.


          2. “There is every bit as much scientific support for the humanity of a fetus blah blah blah”

            That is one of your patented made up facts with your own undefined terms. What is the scientific definition of “humanity” that you say there is proof of? Never mind – it is a rhetorical question.

            Storm troopers? Totalitarian? What part of public health and economic crisis that has killed well over 600,000 people and still counting flies over your head?

            But no, I would not physically force vaccinations. I would add to the consequences of not getting vaccinated.

            I would start by not shielding them from the consequences of their choices. Any business should be legally able to discriminate against them. Florida’s attempt to force cruise lines to accept them is a good example of what we should NOT be doing. Businesses should be allowed to require that their customers and employees be vaccinated. Laws blocking vaccine passports should stop.

            Another possible measure would be to require all otherwise healthy unvaccinated people to personally pay every red cent of the cost of treating them for Covid. No insurance, no Medicaid, no Medicare. Why should the general public pay for such painlessly avoidable costs? If fear of death or killing others won’t motivate them, maybe fear of the poorhouse will.

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    I handful of Letters to the Editors at the LA Times puts into words the sentiments of some Angelinoes rather than pundits and pols. They are not happy about the unvaccinated surge causing another mask mandate and limited crowd venues.

    “ People: The virus will not go away because you want it to or because you are tired of it. Get the vaccine, wear a mask, have a clue, give a damn.

    And grow up.”

    Kinda sums up what many of us are feeling.

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  3. I dont see how a story clearly stating that vaccination among the 20 to 40 year olds as a problem suddenly morphs into an anti-republican tirade….again. They are not related unless you are saying all of these 20 to 40 year olds are Republican. Wait, I think I have said that, along with blacks, before several times. Concentrate your disdain on the young and/or black.

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    1. I agree. This story doesn’t say much, but it makes for a good excuse to indulge in scapegoating and witch hunting.


        1. RE: “People are getting weary of # LIBERATE politics.”

          Then they are fools. Politics doesn’t cause virus mutations, and the unvaccinated are not to blame for the surge in Covid hospitalizations.

          If the witch hunters really cared about stemming the pandemic they would support non-vaccine medical treatments. They’d rather hunt witches.


          1. “… unvaccinated are not to blame for the surge in Covid hospitalizations.”

            97% of the new hospital admissions are unvaccinated.

            “ If the witch hunters really cared about stemming the pandemic they would support non-vaccine medical treatments.”

            Like masks, social distancing and small public events? Even those caused fights.

            So what “treatments” other than the vaccine are effective?

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          2. Politics is certainly affecting our course through this pandemic. Masks were politicized since #LIBERATE. School openings debates are Red v. Blue. Outreach v. “brown shirts”. Greene, and forcing “experimental” drugs. Carlson intimating thousands of deaths directly related to vaccination.
            Death threats to Dr. Fauci since Trump “dumped” him politically.

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          3. RE: “So what ‘treatments’ other than the vaccine are effective?”

            One developed at our own EVMS is called the “Marik Cocktail.” It contains a number of ingredients, notably Ivermectin. Another is the much- and wrongly-maligned hydroxychloroquine. There are others.


          4. If these other treatments are so damn effective why thousands of unvaccinated people dying of Covid every week? Hundreds of millions of people have had the vaccines with very few deaths caused by it.

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    2. I know you are upset about lumping republicans with Blacks, but for some reason, the red states are the ones with the highest infection rates among the unvaccinated. Is that where all the Black Americans live also?

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      1. It ain’t what you don’t know that will get you so much as what you do know that ain’t so. (Mark Twain, I thnk)

        You assume that vaccine resistance is concentrated among Trump supporters but age and occupation are better correlations.

        Some resistant groups will surprise you. Nationwide, only 51% of front line health care workers have had at least one dose, much less than the average for adults.

        You want to make it a simple political gripe, but it isn’t

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          1. statistics based solely on which counties went Red or Blue don’t really mean much unless adjusted for age and race.

            We already know that vaccinations are being rejected more by young people and, oddly, by Blacks but not Hispanics.


          2. Correlation, etc?

            Coincidental to the three states, FL, TX and MO that account for a huge percentage of the new surge they all are anti-mask, anti-distancing, and anti-less crowded venues.

            Now admittedly, two of those states are heading towards purple and blue, but they ain’t there yet.

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        1. “ 15 of the country’s largest hospitals reported vaccination rates ranging between 51% to 91%, according to a survey conducted by USA Today.”

          Yes there are issues, but I wonder what is driving the wariness of the vaccine? We were so proud of OWS and it’s results. Distribution early on was a mixed bag, but once that was resolved it should have been full court press for vaccination rather than smearing the science.

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          1. I think a number factors soured vaccine acceptance.

            First, too many people expect absolute guarantees of safety. They fail to balance the risk of action against the risk of inaction.

            Reports of a small number of vaccinated women getting blood clots flooded the MSM, but not once did I hear the risk of blood clots from vaccination compared to the risk of blood clots from COVID infection.

            If you read further in the available literature, you would know that the vaccination risk was miniscule compared to the disease, but many young people get their news solely from TV or Facebook and haven’t read anything longer than 2 paragraphs since school.

            On the other hand, there are also well read people resisting the vaccine because they fear the genetic basis of the most common vaccines. I have tried here to explain the difference between messenger RNA, RNA based retroviruses, and DNA but have you seen that explained anywhere else?

            Even had someone tried, how many of those Facebook scholars would have read through the details I provided?

            And don’t discount the Farakhan factor, his Nation of Islam newspaper is in every Black barbershop and he has more influence than you would think.

            So, there are many more factors than Red vs Blue.


      2. Making up tripe again??? Of course that is what you guys do best. Why exactly would I be “upset” of you supposedly lumping blacks with Republicans and exactly where did you get that from my statement (rolling eyes…again). Blacks and the young account for a significant portion of the unvaccinated but you want to claim it’s Republicans. So I ask, AGAIN, are they all Republicans?

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          1. This article proved nothing but its partisan reporting. Are they saying all people in “Trump” counties are republican? How many were black or between 18 and 40? The differnce between counties wasnt that great either. Try better than some Podunk rag.


          2. Podunk rag?

            The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation was established in 1948, And remains one of the most trusted sources for healthcare policies and information we have.

            Do you have a better source?

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          3. Bobr, do you still not understand that you can be both black and/or youngish and still be a Republican?

            Whatever group you are in, if you are a Republican you are more likely to be a vaccine dodger than people in that group who are not Republican.

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        1. “I ask, AGAIN, are they all Republicans?”

          I will answer AGAIN. Of course not. There are overlapping sets of people. Think Venn diagrams. In each of these groups – everybody, whites, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, men, women, young people, front line health workers etc. If they are a Republican they are MORE likely to be vaccine hesitant than other people in THAT group. That is the fact of the matter.

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  4. Missouri — The Slow Me State.

    Is it any surprise that in Missouri people are asking for the vaccine as the ER staff are intubating them? After all, Missouri famously executed a prisoner who decided to save the dessert from his last meal until after his execution.

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