Maybe the partisan divide is solvable after all.

South and parts of West for Republicans, Northeast and West Coast for Democrats. Midwest a bit tricky, but doable. Make it amicable, establish trade deals, border controls and see what happens.

A fly in the oil could be global warming and drought. Louisiana might be a tough place to live in 50 years from sea rise and tropical diseases. Arizona could be uninhabitable from heat and lack of water. But those folks won’t have Biden to kick around anymore.

One twist is that as climate change heats up, droughts turn to desertification, the new nation may send refugees to the North. Will they be accepted at the border?

8 thoughts on “Maybe the partisan divide is solvable after all.

  1. I would divide it a bit differently. I’d start with the northern border states from Minnesota east to New England, then down the East Coast ending in Virginia at Fredericksburg. Call it Noreasterland. The West Coast three plus Hawaii could be Pacifica, and the remainder, Heartland.

    But you have a basic misunderstanding of how Greenhouse Warming works. A 2C warming would not mean a uniform 2C every place at every time, it would be average. Warming would occur more in Winter than in Summer, more at night than during the day, and more toward the poles than toward the equator.

    In the tropics. nights would be warmer, but daytime temperatures little changed because the cooling thunderstorms would start earlier. Nighttime polar temperatures would increase most of all, but they would still be colder than temperate regions. In general, areas already warm would increase less than those that are colder at the same latitude. Changes in rain patterns would be more complicated.

    The transition zones(the gaps between the trade winds and the Westerlies and Easterlies) would move toward the poles a little, interacting with mountain ranges and such differently. There should be fewer tropical cyclones, but their paths would not be the same as now. Drought would not be much different, but the areas affected might change some.

    All in all, the range between hot and cold, wet and dry, should decrease.


  2. Of course after the west coast burns to the ground and can’t even provide electricity for an EG (go kart), where will the Democrats go? We will have secured our borders and shoot trespassers.


  3. One of the problems no one has addressed is that even red states have huge numbers of Democrats and Independents.

    In fact, according to Pew Research Center, on Utah, Alabama, South Dakota and Wyoming have Republican majorities and Wyoming is the largest at 57%, big, but not huge.

    Mississippi was only 44% Republican. Democrats were 42% and Independents 14%.

    So secession movements may be mostly bluster bolstered by the current advantage through computer gerrymandering.

    Reminds me of the classic comedy routine of a man about to fight a big brute and shouts “come on boys, let’s get ‘im” then turns around and he is alone.

    On top of this, over 60% of Southern Republicans favor secession. Well simplistically, but revealing, is that 60% of less than 50% in all states but 4 is less than 30%.

    Maybe we can gather all the Republicans in a couple of Gulf states and let them go. At least then they would be a majority for the first time in recent history.

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    1. They can have Texas. Plenty of room and a lot of folks there want to try and succeed without Washington D.C.

      And while we are at it let’s merge the Dakotas (why do we need 2 that don’t have the population to fill Connecticut?) Montana, Idaho, and Eastern Oregon can also be merged. So that is five states into 2. That will lower the number of Senators to 94. THen grant statehood to Puerto Rico and D.C. ANd them split New York into 2 states: NYC up to Kingston and then straight across to Lake Erie, with a cutout up to Buffalo somewhere along the way. There, we are back to 100 Senators, we won’t have Ted Cruz or John Cornyn to deal with And DJT can be the leader of the “free” Republic of Texas.

      That was fun on a Saturday Morning. But The Open is on and I have better things to do than to divide up the country.

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      1. Texas is only 39% Republican, 40% Democrat 21% Independent. Staying Red is only possible through gerrymandering and voter suppression. Which is the strategy.

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        1. But they don’t see it that way. The GOP has the power through gerrymandering and now they are doing everything they can to prevent those who don’t vote for them to have their votes nullified if the GOP doesn’t like the way the votes were counted in places like Harris County and Arlington (as an example).

          It is not just voter suppression they are working to perform; nullification of results that don’t suit them. Not based on evidence, just based on “our candidate lost” mentality.

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